Thursday, February 04, 2010

sri lanka the truly independent

sri lanka is free.

free of terrorists. free of foreign of interference.

we defeated evil time and again.

we refused to pay the price of human rights, freedom, justice, and democracy, to get 'peace' with evil, even when interfering foreigners wanted us to. we rejected with contempt cynical attempt to fool us.

we did the 'impossible'.

we will glorify that and celebrate that with pride.

to remain free
we will remain free as long as democratic wishes of ppl who supported the great effort to defeat evil, rules.

we will remain free as long as those who sacrificed are remembered and honored with pride.

we will remain as long as we reject the rule of unrepentant supporters of murderous terrorists, corrupt peaceniks who wanted us to appease terrorists, cowards who chose to do nothing running from responsibility, and slaves working on behalf of foreigners.

to future!

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Anonymous said...


Magerata said...

Be Wise, Be Proud, Be Kind! Enjoy the Freedom.

Serendib_Isle said...

LOL. (I just read my post again and then read yours, that’s why).

We are part of the world community and we are heavily dependent on other countries. From physical things like oil, to intangible things like education. What’s important is the free-will, which I must say, begins to show in some places - fortunately.

But as long as we are incapable of producing home-grown thinkers and leaders of great calibre, as long as we are dependent on Australian MBA’s – we will never be free.

sittingnut said...

were we dependent on australian mba’s to be free of terrorists and foreign of interference? no

in fact those who put much value on those or similar failed both as governing and at elections

we showed or free will to be rid of terrorists and we did what foreigners said was impossible

Anonymous said...

Totally agree.

So fucking proud to be Sri Lankan today! As proud as the folks in 1948 must have been! Still cannot believe that we managed to destroy one of the world's most vicious terrorist groups, and even get the leader. Never did I think this would happen in my lifetime! Like you said, history has shown that we do not back down. For more than 2 millenia the people of the island have stood against anything that threatened their existence or their land. Sons and daughters have risen to rid the land of terror. Today is a testament to the indomitable spirit of the islanders.

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA......!!! What a load of fucking horse shit...!!

Do you get a hard on while writing shit like this??

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