Wednesday, March 31, 2010

australia - the terrorist sponsoring state; all murderers of sri lankans welcome

in australia, you can help murderers and walk free. just make sure that those murdered are sri lankans. that is us. and our children. include an indian prime minister as well. it seems such victims have no weight in scales of australian 'justice'.

an australian court allowed some despicable criminals to walk free after they have admitted to helping fund and equip tamil tiger (ltte) terrorist murderers .

"Tamil community newspaper editor Sivarajah Yathavan, 39, of Vermont South, Aruran Vinayagamoorthy, 35, of Mount Waverley and Sydney accountant Arumugan Rajeevan, 43, each pleaded guilty to providing more than $1 million in cash to the Sri Lankan Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, otherwise known as the LTTE or the Tamil Tigers.

Vinayagamoorthy, also pleaded guilty to making electronic components available to the Tamil Tigers.

At least one of those components was used to make and detonate a bomb used in a terrorist attack in Sri Lanka."

all this time austarlia did not find all the deliberate targeting of innocents by ltte grounds enough to classify it as a terrorist group. what are they then?

same austarlia is participating in american coalitions is iraq and afghanistan fighting terrorists (rightly so imo). so what is the difference in official australian eyes between al qaeda and tamil tigers; one is not called terrorists, but other is. oh that is right! one kills westerners, other only sri lankans (+ few indians). iow this is australian official racism in action.

so much for australian justice.
so much for australian respect for human rights, freedom and democracy.

what a country. huh?
will they dare to preach to us about respect for human rights after this? or rule of law? what hypocrites!

this is no isolated incident. there has been continuous attacks on sri lankans abroad (esp in in australia, canada, and united kingdom) during whole of last year (also see), perpetrated by racists supporting defeated ltte. there has been almost no action on the part of authorities on those countries to bring those responsible to justice. a culture of impunity due to western racism and political pandering to racists in tamil diaspora prevails.

after this, it's official, australia is now harboring terrorists. isn't that what taliban was doing in afghanistan. do we, sri lankans have the right (if we can) to treat australian government and ppl like americans did to then afghan gov and ppl. why not?

will the amnesty international or human rights watch condemn this outrageous violation of our rights? will the foreign funded ngos in sri lanka (almost all of them pro appeasement during effort to defeat ltte)?

after all they were all too ready to condemn decisions of sri lankan courts. but racists in ai, hrw, and their like, as well as assorted paid slaves of west, working for, or dependent on, ngos here will not condemn this.

will their counterparts in sri lankan blogosphere? or will they ignore this (after claiming in multiple posts that sl gov denying a visa to akon was a great violation of rights and indication of extremism in sri lanka, etc., etc. lol).

anyway, this is one more indication (as if we needed more) that it is we sri lankans and nobody else who have the responsibility to preserve and secure of our lives, human rights, justice, freedom, and democracy.

everybody else is only paying lip service.
that is why they should not be allowed or tolerated when they try to pass judgment on our actions to preserve and secure the same.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

a questionnaire for pro westerners in sri lanka

these queries will separate independent rational sri lankan pro westerners living in reality from pro western unthinking slaves living in fantasy world.

do you think it is legitimate for some western governments to interfere is sri lanka on any ground?

good examples (among many) for such interference are uk minister david millband's attempts at interference here; his attempt to force sri lanka to declare a ceasefire during last stages of fight against terrorists, which would have saved tamil tiger ltte terrorist murderers, his continued patronage of racists in tamil diaspora such as global tamil forum.

is that acceptable to you? even though such a ceasefire would have been totally against interests of sri lankans, and would have allowed terrorists to keep on depriving sri lankans their rights, justice, freedom, and democracy, not to mention lives? even though plans of racists at global tamil forum, if unchecked, would end in sri lankan deaths ?

what do you think motivate ppl like miliband to interfere here? good intentions on our behalf? or purely short term selfish motives, such as pandering to racists in uk tamil voters in the case of david miliband ?

even if such interference is in good faith, made under the impression that they know what is good for us (lol), isn't it still a violation of our political rights as members of a democracy? should we not also object to such presumption on their part ?

do you deny existence of interference and call them merely conspiracy theories propagated by present sri lankan government? in spite of factual evidence for such interference as in david miliband's visit and statements ?

do you object to and denigrate, sri lankan government and others aggressively exposing, objecting to, and countering, any such interference? why? is it not our right to do so?

on the other hand,
if you do object to such interference should you not not make it clear by expressing it and supporting others who are objecting ? did you stay silent and ignore such interference? why?

do you agree that pro westerners in sri lanka should confine themselves to propagation of ideals (of various western ideologies they happen to espouse) and culture? do you agree that ppl who go beyond that and support and justify particular western governments and individuals when they interfere here should be called their slaves? why not?

for instance, it is very admirable to defend human rights, but it is despicable to support some foreign gov that try force us to obey what they consider right, esp so when we know what they advocate will lead to violation of human rights here.

ppl who consider themselves pro western (and others too) should answer these publicly or in their own minds.

i think anyone reading this blog will know my answers to these questions.

answers of ppl like indi padashow samarajiva and sanjana hattotuwa (and lot of their suckerboys in kottu cocoon) are not hard to find out from their previous writings. they either remained silent or supported foreign interference (in fact some even called for it). they claimed such interference was made in good faith for our own good. they sometimes denigrate aggressive countering of such interference as mere conspiracy theory mongering, when in fact there is no theory involved but undeniable facts, which they ignore .

as i said in yesterday's post, their very frame of reference is limited and narrow. almost every one of them is also either directly or at second hand dependent on western funded ngos for their income.

anyway due to all those factors it is reasonable and justified to call them pro western slaves.

if anyone object to their being called pro westerns slaves by all mean answer the questions raised so that all can judge . :-)


btw indi padashow is bitter that his opportunity to earn something through akon and maharajas by devoting his blog for publicity came to nothing now that no visa will be issued to akon. he is still preaching bana on the subject, though he is contradicting his own words written when some foreign govs allegedly denied visas to some sri lankans. to him, in cases of western govs vs sri lanka. west govs win. always.

in all probability, i will get attacked using despicable tactics at second hand blogs yet again for this. they always resort to that when they cannot deny truth of what i write and cannot use reason and facts to refute me.

if anyone want to honestly dispute what i say, comments below (never censored) is open to all.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

stance about military defeat of ltte terrorists should and would define politics for a generation

indi padashow samarajiva before he got a job as part of a backfired akon publicity stunt and devoted his blog for that, wrote "i really hope that the war isn’t, like, our vietnam. as in, something that defines and defines politics forever. ..."

so typical of the clueless one to take another false analogy from history of usa. before the tamil tiger murderers got defeated he was repeatedly saying that sri lanka will not defeat the terrorists through military means and sri lanka government was only conquering territory, comparing fight against terrorists here to american efforts in iraq(which he thought was failing) and vietnam.

he stuck to it when it was pointed out by me (before he started censoring me) that many countries, ranging from indonesia to peru to turkey to algeria, have in fact successfully defeated terrorists and guerrillas (only difference from groups defeated in those countries; ltte was larger and more vile).

this happened several times in and other blogs. search there.

likes of indi padashow (lot of them in kottu cocoon) seem to be stuck in a box with only american frame of references. (or more correctly liberal american frame of references); resulting in a narrow minded and uneducated worldview.

if anyone want to compare the military defeat of ltte to anything in american history, it should be to american civil war (1861-1865). even there the analogy fails. south aka confederate states of america, in that war was more than a mere armed criminal gang as ltte was.

[btw did you know what indi padashow and ilk know but fail to mention in their american analogies while criticizing present sri lankan government? that during civil war abraham lincoln suspended habeas corpus, imprisoned thousands of ppl for suspicion without trial, violated constitution when he spent money as he wanted against the wishes of congress, etc. etc. i think i will keep that unmentioned comparison to another post]

anyway back to the topic.

should various stands about militarily defeating ltte terrorists define sri lankan politics for another generation?


quite simply, bc politicians' stances reveal their character.

anyone who opposed military defeat of ltte bc they thought it cannot be done, displayed a lack of judgment and proved themselves unpragmatic dreamers. should voters consider that? yes.

anyone who preferred appeasement of terrorists to defeating them were worse. they chose an immoral course of action, they preferred to sacrifice rights, justice, freedom, democracy, and even lives, of sri lankans for a unsustainable 'peace'. should voters consider that? you bet!

unrepentant ppl in above to two categories should not be (and imo would not be) allowed to hold real power in sri lanka.

however opposite is not true. ppl who believed and even contributed to defeating terrorists shouldn't and wouldn't necessarily get real power automatically. that depends on other matters. a misconception about this point is what led some clueless idiots (and some foreign reporters too lazy to think and find out truth) to propagate the myth that those who appreciate victory over terrorist (racists termed these 'sinhalese') will split their votes more or less equally between mahinda rajapaksa and sarath foneska. election results vindicated my refutation of this myth.

iow a politician's stand on military defeat of terrorists is a basic qualification of entry. if you did not support it and is still unrepentant you have no chance, but supporting it does not mean you will get the job. imo this will be true for a generation.

of course even politicians without that qualification will get elected (esp due to probational representation) but they will not get real power. ppl who openly repent their opposition to military defeat of ltte may get through to real power, though their earlier stand will always be a rightful part of their opponents' arsenal.

to give a concrete example. present ranil wickremasinghe led unp leadership will not get real power. second or third tier of unp (say sajith premadasa) do have a chance once they can get rid of present leadership and publicly and officially renounce unp's peacenik stance.

to conclude, if you want a successful career in sri lankan politics in the next 20-30 years make sure to check you were in the right side about defeating terrorists.

too bad (or i should say too good) that former political appointee rohan samarajiva's patrons are in the wrong side and are unrepentant. no wonder his son, who is still living off his parents, don't want this issue to define politics.

will i get attacked through second hand blogs (which i have never advocated banning btw) for this post too. lol.

changes made and republished @ 4.15 pm.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

akon, promoters, protesters = cheap publicity stunt

the obscure probably untalented so called musician akon is coming to sri lanka.

even though 99.99%+ sri lankans don't know and care about him there is supposedly some 'vast movement' (consisting of a fell-from-the-sky facebook group of few ppl) objecting and protesting against him, bc akon has supposedly insulted buddhism.

that is the spin. most of it coming from same media group that is promoting akon here.

stones were in fact thrown at offices of media group promoting the moron, by ppl who definitely did not look like they were practicing buddhists but looked more like few jobless idiots hired to throw stones.

seriously look at any pics of the incident and decide whether ppl throwing stones look like 'fundamentalist buddhists' or some drug addicts picked off the street to throw stones for few bucks?

unlike in past protests conducted in the name of buddhism, no monks were to be seen actively protesting. one group of monks had a media conference.

iow , imo all this looks like a cheap publicity stunt.

so cheap that ppl who are promoting this spin online are bloggers and websites who are known to repeat any lie as long as they get to create some non existing controversy and perhaps some rupees.

anyone want to bet that jobless who made few bucks here were not all throwing stones? lol

which 'news' website was trying unsuccessfully to make a big story about the ' vast protest movement ' aka above mentioned facebook group? hmmm.

which blogger is excitedly writing multiple posts about the same akon one after another, (while advising others to 'chill out' no less) ? hmmm

[a screen-shot of indi.padashow's twitter feed with its exclusively akon tweets and blog post announcements . 'chilling out' or excitement at at last getting a 'job' after fonseka ended up in prison? lol]

who got exclusive pics and quick access (to supposed target) before, during, and after, the 'stone throwing' ? hmmm.

did anyone say dinidu de alwis @ perambara and indi padashow samarajiva @ lol.

anyway in spite of all that 'preparation', excitement, pics, and access, they were so out of material to make this into some sort of big incident with any significance that they resorted to silly lies.

for one instance among many, indi padashow says "the last big star to come to sri lanka got grenades thrown at him. shah rukh khan escaped..."

in the first place akon is nowhere near a 'big star'. other 'big stars' (including shah rukh khan himself) did come to sri lanka after the incident referred, which happened half a dozen years ago.

here (click to enlarge) is the screen-shot of his confused argument trying to make present akon publicity stunt antics into a fundamental right to life issue using that long past shah rukh khan incident.

anyway what are facts when indi.padashow and ilk want to put their 'talents' and online assets at the service of a pr machine and pontificate about something or other while insulting sri lankans. huh?

will i get attacked through second hand blogs for pointing out who is helping out in cheap publicity stunts? lol

screenshots and captions etc added later. also few changes to text were made.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

to poojitha jayasinghe(timeseye); who is the 'online thug'? what about those naked male pics? why do you admire both?

there is an online thuggery blog devoted to attacking me in all possible ways, including by posting fake naked pics (see details here). i have ample reason to believe that this is done on behalf indi padashow samarajiva and family, bc i exposed them with facts and evidence, and who have promoted and defended that blog in variety of ways. they also want to intimidate anyone else from exposing them in a similar fashion.

that blogger and one of his fans, poojitha jayasinghe (timeseye), are now calling me an 'online thug' there. (lol these ppl are so unoriginal).

bc i will not sit quietly by while i am being attacked. and bc i asked questions from ppl who admired that blog and its tactics.

i always like openness and sunshine. that is why i will clarify the issues here.

in order to do that, i will ask poojitha jayasinghe,

who is the 'online thug' here?

the blogger who attacks me using fake naked pics?
poojitha jayasinghe who repeatedly posts appreciative comment on those posts and pics?

above is one of his latest appreciative comments published in a post in that blog attacking me (note that this comment was published after my post on type of attacks made on me)


me, sittingnut, who asks that he, poojitha jayasinghe(timeseye) explicitly state where he stands on that blog, its attack tactics, and his own appreciative comments on those blog posts.
me, sittingnut who merely repeat the undeniable fact that he, poojitha jayasinghe(timeseye) appreciates blogs that post naked pic of males .

will poojitha jayasinghe (timeseye) have the courage to answer above questions. or will he run from his own responsibility for his own comments.

i posed similar questions to timeseye (and 1 or 2 others who left appreciative comments in the blog mentioned) in comments section in his blog (several times bc there was no response and bc they were not published).

(btw i never asked anyone to stop posting comments in that blog, if anyone says otherwise they lie. rather i wanted to know whether they explicitly acknowledge their comments and approve the attack tactics used in that blog)

here is the type of comment i left
" i will ask again, do you approve of blogs that attack ppl by posting fake naked pics, etc?.

is that acceptable to you?
do you want to be treated thus? would you moan if you were attacked in a similar fashion by ppl who disagree with you?

or is reason for your admiration that you like looking at naked male pics? lol.

why not answer the questions openly?
don’t run from your own comments like a dirty dog."
in some i linked to my post here,the only one up to now where i refer to the attacks.
all of my comments were similar more or less.

iow, they are questions that refer to his own actions, occurrence of which can be proved with evidence. is asking questions like that 'online thuggery', while posting fake naked pics and admiring such attacks, is not? lol. blatant hypocrisy and dishonestly of timeseye here is amazing.

basically why does he expect me to stay silent and ask nothing in face of despicable attacks and his admiration of them, but he feels he has a right to get worked up over my asking him questions, and my description of his actions strictly according to facts? lol.

i will continue to ask such questions from bloggers who leave appreciative comments on a blog that post fake naked pics to attack me. i will also describe the same bloggers according to their actions. why not? anyone who objects, do explain why i shouldn't. anyone? anyone ? bueller? bueller? lol.

btw i did not initiate any email. after some days he did send me an email without any definite word on questions i raised. i replied asking him to be explicit and conduct the exchange in the open where both sides can respond. instead he chose to post lies in the same attack blog where comments now appearing under name sittingnut are not by me, as i have already stated.

i think whole exchange and his lack of answers to questions i raised indicate he has no problem with attack tactics like posting of fake naked pics.

as such, i will continue to refer to poojitha jayasinghe as a person, who likes looking at, and reading with appreciation, blogs that post naked male pics, bc that is in fact what he did.

is that online thuggery? imo no. on the other hand, posting fake naked pics to attack ppl they disagree is online thuggery. admiring such thuggery, if anything is worse.

poojitha jayasinghe does not seem to get the difference.

poojitha jayasinghe can always disagree with me and correct me if he want. unlike him i don't censor comments here.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

un secretary general ban ki-moon's latest attempted interference in sri lanka

united nations secretory general ban ki moon is engaged in an effort to interfere in sri lanka, again.

bc he thinks there should be 'accountability' for alleged human rights violations and 'war crimes', wants 'reconciliation'. etc

problem with his stated motives is that he seems to be hypocritically and willfully blind to the fact that he is violating law, un principles, and human rights, by his actions. nor is this the first time.

you cannot ask for lawful accountability from sri lanka when you are exceeding your legal mandate.

un secretary general is trying to appoint an arbitrary 'expert panel' to advise him on action to be taken about sri lanka. by exceeding the powers and violating the charter of united nations, which does not allow him to interfere in internal affairs of member nations, he is violating our, sri lankans, political and legal rights as members of a sovereign democracy.

if there were human rights violations and war crimes there are legal channels to seek justice and present evidence.

sri lankan courts, including the supreme court, are accessible. if the courts here are refusing to hear cases with credible evidence or dismissing cases out of hand arbitrarily, there may be a point, but no such thing has happened. fact is ppl who claim human rights violations, etc occurred here are unable to make and present a credible case with judicially acceptable evidence. that is no excuse to treat sri lankan legal system with contempt or bypass it.

there is also the united nations human rights council, if there are any concerns about human rights situation in sri lanka, they should be raised through that body and not through some arbitrary panel convened at the personal whim of ban ki moon. but he knows that an attempt to pass a resolution against sl in unhrc failed, with good reason.

in other words, un sec.gen. is refusing to accept judgments of legal bodies and trying to impose his personal judgment arbitrarily.

that is a violation of law and our rights. all those sri lankans who want our rights respected should condemn his actions.

there is also the question of double standards, why is ban ki moon not acting similarly with regard to alleged human rights violations in iraq and afghanistan committed by united states, united kingdom and other western powers? so far this question continues to stay unanswered. anyone who support ban ki moon's actions on sri lanka or refuse to condemn them must answer it. otherwise they are simply racist hypocrites and slaves of west.

as for ban ki moon and some of his subordinates, their past actions have shown that they are no friends of sri lankans and not interested in securing rights, justice, democracy, and freedom ( indeed even our lives) to us. remember he wanted to us to declare a ceasefire in order to save our murderers; ltte terrorist pussies. as i said then, anyone who did that is no friend of sri lanka. nor does anyone, who called for such a ceasefire on that moment, have any moral right to pass any kind of judgment on any action of ours.

he and his subordinates are acting thus because they are suffering from racist misconception that ltte terrorists and their supporters are representatives of tamils and that 'ethnic grievances' caused ltte terrorism (by that perverted logic un should act to ban prison terms for thieves bc they probably think theft is a result of poverty etc. lol). this became very clear when he asked us not to celebrate the defeat of armed criminal gang ltte.

anyway, all those who want law and our rights respected should condemn ban ki moon and his actions with regard to sri lanka.

especially, all those sri lankans who vociferously claim to be interested in preserving human rights and rule of law in sri lanka, must do so. if they don't they should defend why they don't. silence in the face of such a violation of our rights is not an option.

i will predict that ppl who support ban ki moon or stay silent will be the same ppl who openly adapted immoral peacenik position (and their fellow travelers) during effort to defeat terrorists. their mindset is inherently slavish and corrupt and/or they depend on their western financed ngo salaries and benefits too much. they did not act according on their professed principles then and will not do so now.

i will be watching reactions of their underlings in sri lankan blogosphere. will they too stay true to their inherited despicable and hypocritical characters and stay silent while rights of sri lankans are violated? will their slavishness extend to supporting such violations?

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

attack blogs, naked pics, fake comments, and indi padashow samarajiva's hypocrisy and online thuggery

as readers of sl blogs may have noticed a particular blog (named after the loser who did not marry jane austen) has taken to attacking me on a regular basis. even during last few weeks during which i was inactive. also note that up to now i have not made any reference to that blog here in spite of repeated attacks.

i am documenting that blog in detail, with screen shots etc. perhaps if i find it necessary i will make a more detailed exposure in the future but some recent comments there from some third parties, prompted me to write this post as a clarification.

[ i will also point out absurdities in an attempt made by indi samarajiva to disclaim his padashow identity in a note below]


the above screenshot (intentionally blurred by me) is an example of attacks made on me.

do the few bloggers who recently made (authentic) appreciative comments in that blog approve this tactic? they should answer. it will be unfortunate (i promise them that) if they do not make their disapproval explicit.

in addition to posting naked pics of unknown males falsely entitled sittingnut, the attacks made against me there range widely; to unjustified abusive ignorant silly lies (all the way from 'forty something' to 'pedophile'!, lol ), to claims about alleged content of my statcounter account, to censorship of comments, etc. etc.

to be fair, once in while what appear to be straight forward arguments against what i say in this blog are also made, though closer examination show blatantly distorted quotations and lies. in those posts given the need to cover the truth of what i actually said, there is no link backs or screenshots of my posts criticized. most of my attempt to expose the lies and provide the links were censored.

fake comments
recently blog also features fake comments under the name sittingnut

only comments i made in that blog in recent weeks merely detailed the attacks made on me there, and that blog's connection with indi padashow samarajiva. i will continue to repost that rather lengthy comment even though it is continually censored and substituted by fake comments. all other comments under sittingnut there are fake.

this is of course typical of ppl like indi padashow and sanjana hattotuwa who used similar tactic in now deleted moju blog when i exposed a ngo plagiarism in 2006. they don't have anything solid to attack me so they make up things and use such blogs and tactics to spew them out.

such attacks merely confirm their inborn inadequacies, irrationality, and moral bankruptcy.

of course most ppl will recognize the fake comments but there are born idiots who don't; such as the blogger who goes by the name of chavie. who actually started arguing with the content of a fake comment under the name sittingnut there. this chavie is known among other things to be slavish devotee of rahan samarajiva father of indi. as they say there is no cure for stupidity.

btw i will consider any blogger who makes any authentic appreciative comment there as approving attack tactics used in that blog. (this is of course valid only after after the attacks started.)

indi padashow samarajiva connection
that attack blog, actively promoted from the first day by sunday leader columnist and blogger indi samarajiva (no stranger to such blogs given he runs padashow blog. see note below on latest laughable attempt of indi disclaiming his padashow identity) started attacking me in a vicious way only after i exposed indi padashow's hypocrisy, paid unp propaganda, and corrupt political connections, during presidential elections. all those claims by me were based on evidence so cannot be disproved. you will also notice that it is not attacking other bloggers who may share some of my political views objected to there, but then those other bloggers did not expose indi padashow samarajiva, son of corrupt (at the very least by the same standards that indi claim others as corrupt) former political appointee rohan samarajiva.

i will also point out the double standard in kottu run by indi padashow, which, in contrast to referred attack blog, banned among others, blog, bc it used some of the same tactics to attack tamil tiger terrorists and their supporters.

btw i am not recommending any ban on any blog even ones that attack me in vicious ways, rather pointing out that kottu run by indi samarajiva has clear double standard. guess why? :-) in fact i would not be surprised if if i get kicked off kottu but blogs that post fake naked pics to attack what indi's consider his opponents remain in kottu.

the blogger concerned is also very active in posting comments in other blogs defending indi padashow samarajiva and his father .

online thuggery
if indi padashow samarajiva and his suckerboys think that such a pathetic attempt at online thuggery will prevent me from exposing their hypocrisy and corruption with evidence they are sadly mistaken. lol

i am also happy to note that it has not prevented at least one other blogger from raising some questions about conduct indi padashow in another blog. but then again, such attacks on me, may have intimidated others who remain silent due to fear of offending indi and his suckerboys.

to counter that probability by indicating that i will continue to be active, and to dispel any future claim to cluelessness on the part of moronic third parties like chavie and timeseye who appreciate the forgeries in that blog is the reason for this post.

as i always say, i appreciate the usefulness of sunlight to confound liars and cowardly thugs.

refuting indi samarajiva's silly attempt to disclaim his padashow identity

indi samarajiva while defending his 'good name' (lol) in from some charges made in another blog claims rather irrelevantly that my identification of him with padashow blogger was a mistake due to his making some joke that padashow made.

not so. and he knows that.

that is why he will not publish my reply comment to his claim. (other comments after mine were published while mine is yet to appear. i delayed this post on purpose to make sure of this. hence the screenshot instead of link )

(click to enlarge)

while (as i made clear from from first) my identification of indi with padashow was not dependent solely on both making same 'joke' as he implies, it should be pointed out that even the claim he makes above can be disproved.

fact is, the alleged 'public' incident that resulted in the 'joke' did not occur as he describe it now or when he first made the claim. as such to claim 'that information was pretty much public' is absurd. lol

even the details he try use to support the alleged 'public' incident actually support the fact it was a lie. i was indeed in the audience of some play that some other blogger referred was playing in. but the play was at a different theater than the one referred to in original 'joke'. so he was not 'at a public play' where i was at. (if anyone else is interested (why?) these facts can be easily checked through visiting the actor's blog, padashow blog, and blog at the time. i am course not linking to false 'jokes')

why would anybody use totally wrong locality when describing an allegedly eye witnessed incident? and why would 'public information' get the name of theater so wrong? lol

that is just one of obvious falsehoods. there are lot of other details he got wrong but which would violate privacy of third parties to disprove in detail here. obviously he is spewing falsehoods or his 'friend' fed him falsehoods for some unknown reasons. lol. i will leave third parties out since they have not made 'jokes'.

iow indi made most of it up.
funny thing was person who writes padashow blog made up the exact same thing almost 12 months before him.

lol indeed!

why would two different ppl make up same detailed falsehood? wrong in both the main fact and in details? year apart too? nor was he merely repeating it after padashow (as some other bloggers did long afterward), bc (1) he disclaims that himself , and (2) he differs in some minor detail from padashow's story.

no! the 'joke' was coming out of same birdbrain full of some rather ignorant and strange misconceptions and prejudices about me and my situation is life, and like all liars' brains forgets the details of his own lies every time he repeats it .

so quite apart from other facts that identify indi samarajiva with padashow, this clumsy attempt at disproving it only help confirm the identification.

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