Tuesday, March 23, 2010

akon, promoters, protesters = cheap publicity stunt

the obscure probably untalented so called musician akon is coming to sri lanka.

even though 99.99%+ sri lankans don't know and care about him there is supposedly some 'vast movement' (consisting of a fell-from-the-sky facebook group of few ppl) objecting and protesting against him, bc akon has supposedly insulted buddhism.

that is the spin. most of it coming from same media group that is promoting akon here.

stones were in fact thrown at offices of media group promoting the moron, by ppl who definitely did not look like they were practicing buddhists but looked more like few jobless idiots hired to throw stones.

seriously look at any pics of the incident and decide whether ppl throwing stones look like 'fundamentalist buddhists' or some drug addicts picked off the street to throw stones for few bucks?

unlike in past protests conducted in the name of buddhism, no monks were to be seen actively protesting. one group of monks had a media conference.

iow , imo all this looks like a cheap publicity stunt.

so cheap that ppl who are promoting this spin online are bloggers and websites who are known to repeat any lie as long as they get to create some non existing controversy and perhaps some rupees.

anyone want to bet that jobless who made few bucks here were not all throwing stones? lol

which 'news' website was trying unsuccessfully to make a big story about the ' vast protest movement ' aka above mentioned facebook group? hmmm.

which blogger is excitedly writing multiple posts about the same akon one after another, (while advising others to 'chill out' no less) ? hmmm

[a screen-shot of indi.padashow's twitter feed with its exclusively akon tweets and blog post announcements . 'chilling out' or excitement at at last getting a 'job' after fonseka ended up in prison? lol]

who got exclusive pics and quick access (to supposed target) before, during, and after, the 'stone throwing' ? hmmm.

did anyone say dinidu de alwis @ perambara and indi padashow samarajiva @ indi.ca? lol.

anyway in spite of all that 'preparation', excitement, pics, and access, they were so out of material to make this into some sort of big incident with any significance that they resorted to silly lies.

for one instance among many, indi padashow says "the last big star to come to sri lanka got grenades thrown at him. shah rukh khan escaped..."

in the first place akon is nowhere near a 'big star'. other 'big stars' (including shah rukh khan himself) did come to sri lanka after the incident referred, which happened half a dozen years ago.

here (click to enlarge) is the screen-shot of his confused argument trying to make present akon publicity stunt antics into a fundamental right to life issue using that long past shah rukh khan incident.

anyway what are facts when indi.padashow and ilk want to put their 'talents' and online assets at the service of a pr machine and pontificate about something or other while insulting sri lankans. huh?

will i get attacked through second hand blogs for pointing out who is helping out in cheap publicity stunts? lol

screenshots and captions etc added later. also few changes to text were made.

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Anonymous said...

Who is the blogger who sent flowers to Subha?

Anonymous said...

I had the same thoughts.

Anonymous said...

http://www.facebook.com/pages/We-Hate-AKON-Abuse-Music-Video-Against-Lord-Buddha/262702627464 11,000 plus people (growing at approx a 1000 a day). It's significant in terms of the SL internet and the people there certainly aren't from the elite Colombo classes you constantly rail about. At the very least they are more representative of the nation than indi and co. Perhaps it's jsut that you don't like what you see?

Much of the content there seems entirely consistent with the "international western conspiracy" theory that is a staple of the current govt. That's of some interest too in terms of how our society is headed. It wasn't MTV that invented the idea that Sinhala Buddhism is under threat from a vast local and international conspiracy.

sittingnut said...

i don't doubt the growth of that facebook group and that most ppl there are real ppl .

but some facts must be kept in mind

facebook groups are easy to grow . chain messages and emails are going round asking ppl to join it .

and i can see why some buddhists are angry at the video. so when sri lakan buddhists on facebook gets the email they will prefer to join, than not join.

they have a perfect right to do that.
i don't object to that.

however facebook group by itself is not the story. nobody cares for other facebook groups of sri lankans

this group was singled out and made into part of the publicity stunt. that is what i am commenting on .

joining that group says nothing about conspiracy theories. those ppl are objecting to the video.

as for conspiracy theories.
what exactly do you mean ?

most sri lankans don't believe in any .
they know when we are really insulted by west and what is rhetoric.

for instance there are undeniable facts of several real instances of interference by foreigners in sri lanka.
divid milliband and co trying to force ceasefire on us to save terrorst murderers last year . that is no conspiracy theory that is a fact .

ban ki moon's on going attempt at interference is another .
etc etc.

are you calling those conspiracy theories too? do you think it is against country's interest to expose and oppose them ? why ? do explain. :-)

if you want to preach about 'anti west conpircay theories' here you have to be more specific about what you mean

sittingnut said...

publicity stunt backfires !

gov not issuing visa to akon.

Anonymous said...

So wait...the visa is refused, which by judging by the rhetoric of 11,000+ sri lankans mostly of non-Colombo 7 elite backgrounds is their minimum wish. And you think this is a defeat for MTV and like minded organizations?

This conspiracy theory "PM calls for strong mandate to fight conspirators" http://www.dailynews.lk/2010/03/23/pol02.asp which is just from today's government newspaper.

sittingnut said...

anon @ 3/23/2010 10:23 pm
typical of your kind to run from issues.

are you saying that gov was looking at facebook to decide?
where do you live? in moon?

that group ( which has it seems lot of spammers ) don't even have any wish list, as far as i can see . it is merely expressing disapproval of akon video .


gov decision is one thing.
highlighting facebook group in extraordinary way, and multiple blog posts are another thing . they were part of a publicity campaign.

as such publicity campaign has backfired.

i asked you to say what you mean by conspiracy theories.

instead of answering like a honest person, you post a news article. lol

anyway lets see,

in it pm says "Foreign nations should not meddle with the internal affairs of our country. ...
He stressed that certain European countries are under the impression that Sri Lanka is still a colony.

He said that the European countries should not teach us how to rule this country.

We are an independent and sovereign nation and we have self respect as a nation"

etc etc .
where is your anti western conspiracy theory ?

as i said with examples above , there were/are real attempts at interference in sri lanka .

are those real incidents what you call conspiracy theories ?
do answer that clearly next time you comment here .

as those interferences are in fact real and not theories , why shouldn't we and our gov expose and object to them ?
again, do answer that clearly next time you comment here .

don't run, just answer. lol

Anonymous said...

Hey there you cowardly piece of shit, why are you still censoring my comments?

Are you scared that people will see you for the stinky little pervert you really are?

P.S. Do you hear the NGO chicks derisive laughter in your sleep?

sittingnut said...

i am not censoring any comments as everyone can see . lol

Anonymous said...

Guess what B/O boy? I have saved all the comments that I posted previously and were censored by you. (These include screen captures of your comment page for each comment)

Wonder what your avid readers will think of your so called libertarian stance when i start publishing these in my new blog??

You're soon gonna get caught with your pants down! :)

Watch the Kottu page for new developments soon...

sittingnut said...

go right ahead. why wait. lol

i will like to learn the content of the comments i supposedly censored.


btw if someone claims a real comment was not appearing here for some reason and let me have the content and post, i will myself post it with with a note.