Tuesday, March 09, 2010

attack blogs, naked pics, fake comments, and indi padashow samarajiva's hypocrisy and online thuggery

as readers of sl blogs may have noticed a particular blog (named after the loser who did not marry jane austen) has taken to attacking me on a regular basis. even during last few weeks during which i was inactive. also note that up to now i have not made any reference to that blog here in spite of repeated attacks.

i am documenting that blog in detail, with screen shots etc. perhaps if i find it necessary i will make a more detailed exposure in the future but some recent comments there from some third parties, prompted me to write this post as a clarification.

[ i will also point out absurdities in an attempt made by indi samarajiva to disclaim his padashow identity in a note below]


the above screenshot (intentionally blurred by me) is an example of attacks made on me.

do the few bloggers who recently made (authentic) appreciative comments in that blog approve this tactic? they should answer. it will be unfortunate (i promise them that) if they do not make their disapproval explicit.

in addition to posting naked pics of unknown males falsely entitled sittingnut, the attacks made against me there range widely; to unjustified abusive ignorant silly lies (all the way from 'forty something' to 'pedophile'!, lol ), to claims about alleged content of my statcounter account, to censorship of comments, etc. etc.

to be fair, once in while what appear to be straight forward arguments against what i say in this blog are also made, though closer examination show blatantly distorted quotations and lies. in those posts given the need to cover the truth of what i actually said, there is no link backs or screenshots of my posts criticized. most of my attempt to expose the lies and provide the links were censored.

fake comments
recently blog also features fake comments under the name sittingnut

only comments i made in that blog in recent weeks merely detailed the attacks made on me there, and that blog's connection with indi padashow samarajiva. i will continue to repost that rather lengthy comment even though it is continually censored and substituted by fake comments. all other comments under sittingnut there are fake.

this is of course typical of ppl like indi padashow and sanjana hattotuwa who used similar tactic in now deleted moju blog when i exposed a ngo plagiarism in 2006. they don't have anything solid to attack me so they make up things and use such blogs and tactics to spew them out.

such attacks merely confirm their inborn inadequacies, irrationality, and moral bankruptcy.

of course most ppl will recognize the fake comments but there are born idiots who don't; such as the blogger who goes by the name of chavie. who actually started arguing with the content of a fake comment under the name sittingnut there. this chavie is known among other things to be slavish devotee of rahan samarajiva father of indi. as they say there is no cure for stupidity.

btw i will consider any blogger who makes any authentic appreciative comment there as approving attack tactics used in that blog. (this is of course valid only after after the attacks started.)

indi padashow samarajiva connection
that attack blog, actively promoted from the first day by sunday leader columnist and indi.ca blogger indi samarajiva (no stranger to such blogs given he runs padashow blog. see note below on latest laughable attempt of indi disclaiming his padashow identity) started attacking me in a vicious way only after i exposed indi padashow's hypocrisy, paid unp propaganda, and corrupt political connections, during presidential elections. all those claims by me were based on evidence so cannot be disproved. you will also notice that it is not attacking other bloggers who may share some of my political views objected to there, but then those other bloggers did not expose indi padashow samarajiva, son of corrupt (at the very least by the same standards that indi claim others as corrupt) former political appointee rohan samarajiva.

i will also point out the double standard in kottu run by indi padashow, which, in contrast to referred attack blog, banned among others, tamilnet.tv blog, bc it used some of the same tactics to attack tamil tiger terrorists and their supporters.

btw i am not recommending any ban on any blog even ones that attack me in vicious ways, rather pointing out that kottu run by indi samarajiva has clear double standard. guess why? :-) in fact i would not be surprised if if i get kicked off kottu but blogs that post fake naked pics to attack what indi's consider his opponents remain in kottu.

the blogger concerned is also very active in posting comments in other blogs defending indi padashow samarajiva and his father .

online thuggery
if indi padashow samarajiva and his suckerboys think that such a pathetic attempt at online thuggery will prevent me from exposing their hypocrisy and corruption with evidence they are sadly mistaken. lol

i am also happy to note that it has not prevented at least one other blogger from raising some questions about conduct indi padashow in another blog. but then again, such attacks on me, may have intimidated others who remain silent due to fear of offending indi and his suckerboys.

to counter that probability by indicating that i will continue to be active, and to dispel any future claim to cluelessness on the part of moronic third parties like chavie and timeseye who appreciate the forgeries in that blog is the reason for this post.

as i always say, i appreciate the usefulness of sunlight to confound liars and cowardly thugs.

refuting indi samarajiva's silly attempt to disclaim his padashow identity

indi samarajiva while defending his 'good name' (lol) in indi.ca from some charges made in another blog claims rather irrelevantly that my identification of him with padashow blogger was a mistake due to his making some joke that padashow made.

not so. and he knows that.

that is why he will not publish my reply comment to his claim. (other comments after mine were published while mine is yet to appear. i delayed this post on purpose to make sure of this. hence the screenshot instead of link )

(click to enlarge)

while (as i made clear from from first) my identification of indi with padashow was not dependent solely on both making same 'joke' as he implies, it should be pointed out that even the claim he makes above can be disproved.

fact is, the alleged 'public' incident that resulted in the 'joke' did not occur as he describe it now or when he first made the claim. as such to claim 'that information was pretty much public' is absurd. lol

even the details he try use to support the alleged 'public' incident actually support the fact it was a lie. i was indeed in the audience of some play that some other blogger referred was playing in. but the play was at a different theater than the one referred to in original 'joke'. so he was not 'at a public play' where i was at. (if anyone else is interested (why?) these facts can be easily checked through visiting the actor's blog, padashow blog, and indi.ca blog at the time. i am course not linking to false 'jokes')

why would anybody use totally wrong locality when describing an allegedly eye witnessed incident? and why would 'public information' get the name of theater so wrong? lol

that is just one of obvious falsehoods. there are lot of other details he got wrong but which would violate privacy of third parties to disprove in detail here. obviously he is spewing falsehoods or his 'friend' fed him falsehoods for some unknown reasons. lol. i will leave third parties out since they have not made 'jokes'.

iow indi made most of it up.
funny thing was person who writes padashow blog made up the exact same thing almost 12 months before him.

lol indeed!

why would two different ppl make up same detailed falsehood? wrong in both the main fact and in details? year apart too? nor was he merely repeating it after padashow (as some other bloggers did long afterward), bc (1) he disclaims that himself , and (2) he differs in some minor detail from padashow's story.

no! the 'joke' was coming out of same birdbrain full of some rather ignorant and strange misconceptions and prejudices about me and my situation is life, and like all liars' brains forgets the details of his own lies every time he repeats it .

so quite apart from other facts that identify indi samarajiva with padashow, this clumsy attempt at disproving it only help confirm the identification.

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this blog's twitter - http://twitter.com/llibertarian


Anonymous said...

"n fact i would not be surprised if if i get kicked off kottu"

You keep saying this everytime you attack Indi, but you seem to be still here. Obviously Indi does treat all bloggers with equal respect.

Anonymous said...

"n fact i would not be surprised if if i get kicked off kottu"

You keep saying this everytime you attack Indi, but you seem to be still here. Obviously Indi does treat all bloggers with equal respect.

sittingnut said...

after publishing this i made following comment in indi' post where he disclaimed his identification with padashow.
it also has not appeared as yet

since you did not have the decency to publish my comment in reply to your direct claims made about me in main post, instead of repeating it i will try to post link to my blog where i attached most of what i said in that comment as a note at the end.


even the yellow rag sunday leader you work for gives right of reply when direct claim are made against ppl . but then you are your father's son .


interesting & telling fact-
while my comments challenging his claims about me are not published , comments of the blogger who publish naked pics to attack me are approved. ( as usual that blogger is licking indi padshow samarajiva's ass. )

did anyone say blatant hypocrisy?


if by any chance my comment is not published due to a technicality ( what exactly ?) . i give him leave to repost my comment between '>' signs above
if he don't want even that, he can merely link to this post with his own short note.

i write above bc i don't want him to have that 'technical fault' excuse.

after all that , if he still doesn't post my reply comment or link to this post, after to his direct references to me, he is doing so by deliberate choice.

there can be no further doubt on that score.

sittingnut said...

anon @ 3/09/2010 4:09 pm
yes i make a point of saying that.

why ? bc it will make my kick from kottu if and when it comes morally indefensible.

indi padashow may be aware of that.

even if not it is important to me.

"Obviously Indi does treat all bloggers with equal respect."

not true . as said in post if that is so tamilnet.tv will be in kottu. but it was banned, as well as some other blogs.

clear double standard is obvious when the blog that posted fake naked pics to attack me is still there but tamilnet.tv is banned.

what do you have to say about that? mr/ms anon defender of indi padashow samarajiva?


Harsha said...

Indrajith Samarajiva is a liar. That is all there is to know.

Perera said...


Nice to see your back. Keep up the good work. Your doing something right to warrant such hate and defamation.

Sanjana, Indi and the rest of those Colombians who loudly proclaim themselves to be the biggest "democrats" and "freedom lovers" in Sri Lanka are the biggest dictators and oppressors there are, their concept of the "freedom" is their freedom to dominate, control, censor, manipulate and abuse others.

Currently this lot are having major problems because they are not in power, so the screeching and "we want freedom" nonsense has reached new heights, well tough luck -there obsession to hold onto power (backing LTTE) resulted in them loosing it for the next 6 years at least LOL.

By the way what is your take on the GTF, disgusting Western interference and UN Chief Moon mooning us again? Latest joke from Mooner is arresting Gonseka and dissolving Parliament are now crimes which fall under his purviews. It is clear that the West is pushing the UN (poorly masked through NGOs and the like) to be their latest tool of interference in Sri Lanka, after loosing the LTTE then Gonseka, now it’s the UN.

In your last blog post someone in the comments section posted this link:


And indeed it is funny as hell to see the responses from Colombians, seems their cages were rattled.

Anonymous said...

Look at this manipulated load of BS from the BBC:

Soldiers 'victimised by government'


BBC never gave a shit before now crying on behalf of their latest pet because anything is better than Rajapakse, be it the LTTE or Military dictatorship and any old lie or complete fabrication will do when demonising Sri Lanka and a popular Government but does what is in Sri Lankas interests.

It is absolute rubbish that has been published here.
During the war the BBC never gave a flying toss not just about our soldiers but any Sinhalese, we’re all criminals who deserve death. Every bomb blast every village hacked to death was all justified. But now there are tears for our soldiers. Fascinating that.

Now who the hell went to Kilinochi to "get arrested soldiers from the LTTE during the war"? Nobody. The LTTE did not "arrest" soldiers, any Sinhalese be they civilians or service personal they got close to would be executed. So that in itself is bogus claim from the BBC. Furthermore during the war no one went to Kilinochchi, not because it was forbidden but because it was common sense.

They are shedding tears for soldiers (retired and serving) that took part in Fonsekas election campaign. The fact he had many serving soldiers in his campaign (along with convicted criminals he had sprung out) is illegal, furthermore he was plotting a coup with them. The whole idea was to seize control of the Military/ensure its loyalty to seize power. He was rejected by the masses and his coup plot flopped and now he has to face the music. No one is being “victimised” they brought it onto themselves. And if Sri Lanka wants to arrest anyone that is its bloody choice, not the BBCs.

This is despicable reporting and gross exaggeration, but like I said “anything goes” with these clowns so long as it means projecting a fraudulent image (that of Rajapakse being dictator and deeply unpopular and Sinhalese live in fear of him, which not only is blatant lie it is violating the will and freedom of the thumping majority of people in Sri Lanka who voted for him and like his policies and Government because *shock horror* he is a popular leader that has thus far done what is in the interests of the nation, ended a war and brought economic empowerment).

All in all BBC Sinhala service lives up to its reputation as a vile racist Sinhala hating piece of garbage that NEVER has anything good to say. I have never seen it mention say hmz the weather, cricket, landscape, art, there are plenty of things you would expect this crap to report for it is called BBC Sinhala service but performs its duty as a giant anti-Sinhala service spewing bile against Sinhalese.

Then there is the BBC Tamil service which is an extension of the BBC Sinhala service, it also forgets that there are 60 million Tamils in India with a state named after them, along with Tamils in Malaysia, Fiji and Mauritius, but noooo only Tamils in the world are from Sri Lanka.

sittingnut said...

my comment with link ( referred above in my comments ) has appeared in indi.ca blog .
....... hours later .


original comment referred by me in main post is still missing.

sittingnut said...


perera :
thanks for the link . it was funny.

another reason why tamilnet.tv should be in kottu if not for the indi.padshow samarajiva's double standard.

i will try to give my take on various issues during next few days.

you should create a blog of your own too .

anon @ 3/09/2010 8:55 PM:
thanks for the link.

bbc's sri lanka coverage is totally biased and unreliable. i have made that point with evidence and examples here too, during effort to defeat ltte tamil tiger terrorist pussies.

as i said some time ago, we should always try to point out such bias and lack of standards in foreign media against sl whenever we see it .
aggressively .

that is the only way to change it however slowly.
or failing that score a moral victory, bc if they ignore such concerns it is only by disregarding basic ethics and standards, that they can maintian their claims.

such moral victories however small and however unnoticed do accumulate and will have an effect on reputations of media institutions on the long run .

you too should start a blog.

Asvajit said...

Is it true you sent flowers for Subha?

Hooo Hooo Hooo

You know what? You've got such bad taste in women.

Subha? You mean that Subha? Hoo Hoo Hoo..
Pathetic taste Sittingnuts. I would've thought you had TASTE

Anonymous said...

OMG Subha with an electrifying portrait.
ha ha haaaa

Bad taste indeed. Man i wouldn't sleep with her even if she was the only female species living on this planet.

Why this bad taste, aney?
Wait, let me ask u this? what is it u found so electrifying about that portrait?