Thursday, March 25, 2010

a questionnaire for pro westerners in sri lanka

these queries will separate independent rational sri lankan pro westerners living in reality from pro western unthinking slaves living in fantasy world.

do you think it is legitimate for some western governments to interfere is sri lanka on any ground?

good examples (among many) for such interference are uk minister david millband's attempts at interference here; his attempt to force sri lanka to declare a ceasefire during last stages of fight against terrorists, which would have saved tamil tiger ltte terrorist murderers, his continued patronage of racists in tamil diaspora such as global tamil forum.

is that acceptable to you? even though such a ceasefire would have been totally against interests of sri lankans, and would have allowed terrorists to keep on depriving sri lankans their rights, justice, freedom, and democracy, not to mention lives? even though plans of racists at global tamil forum, if unchecked, would end in sri lankan deaths ?

what do you think motivate ppl like miliband to interfere here? good intentions on our behalf? or purely short term selfish motives, such as pandering to racists in uk tamil voters in the case of david miliband ?

even if such interference is in good faith, made under the impression that they know what is good for us (lol), isn't it still a violation of our political rights as members of a democracy? should we not also object to such presumption on their part ?

do you deny existence of interference and call them merely conspiracy theories propagated by present sri lankan government? in spite of factual evidence for such interference as in david miliband's visit and statements ?

do you object to and denigrate, sri lankan government and others aggressively exposing, objecting to, and countering, any such interference? why? is it not our right to do so?

on the other hand,
if you do object to such interference should you not not make it clear by expressing it and supporting others who are objecting ? did you stay silent and ignore such interference? why?

do you agree that pro westerners in sri lanka should confine themselves to propagation of ideals (of various western ideologies they happen to espouse) and culture? do you agree that ppl who go beyond that and support and justify particular western governments and individuals when they interfere here should be called their slaves? why not?

for instance, it is very admirable to defend human rights, but it is despicable to support some foreign gov that try force us to obey what they consider right, esp so when we know what they advocate will lead to violation of human rights here.

ppl who consider themselves pro western (and others too) should answer these publicly or in their own minds.

i think anyone reading this blog will know my answers to these questions.

answers of ppl like indi padashow samarajiva and sanjana hattotuwa (and lot of their suckerboys in kottu cocoon) are not hard to find out from their previous writings. they either remained silent or supported foreign interference (in fact some even called for it). they claimed such interference was made in good faith for our own good. they sometimes denigrate aggressive countering of such interference as mere conspiracy theory mongering, when in fact there is no theory involved but undeniable facts, which they ignore .

as i said in yesterday's post, their very frame of reference is limited and narrow. almost every one of them is also either directly or at second hand dependent on western funded ngos for their income.

anyway due to all those factors it is reasonable and justified to call them pro western slaves.

if anyone object to their being called pro westerns slaves by all mean answer the questions raised so that all can judge . :-)


btw indi padashow is bitter that his opportunity to earn something through akon and maharajas by devoting his blog for publicity came to nothing now that no visa will be issued to akon. he is still preaching bana on the subject, though he is contradicting his own words written when some foreign govs allegedly denied visas to some sri lankans. to him, in cases of western govs vs sri lanka. west govs win. always.

in all probability, i will get attacked using despicable tactics at second hand blogs yet again for this. they always resort to that when they cannot deny truth of what i write and cannot use reason and facts to refute me.

if anyone want to honestly dispute what i say, comments below (never censored) is open to all.

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Anonymous said...

All people who consider themselves to be libertarians shoul ask themselves, should the government give one-off cash grants with no strings attached to victims of natural disasters.

Anonymous said...

Btw, I wonder what kind of conspiracies happen out in the open. I thought they're about covert operations... I also wonder who the hell a pro-westerner is. Someone who thinks America's a better country than Iran?

sittingnut said...

how irrational can some ppl get?
see above. lol

well the person above never never was clear in his head ( esp when indi .padashow who he worships is involved )


btw as everyone can see even despicable irrational censors have freedom of expression here .

very libertarian of me. huh? lol

Anonymous said...

Congrats SN. Bull's Eye! You have a HIT!

Anonymous said...

All I wonder is why in a country whose people have been stealing and killing each other since the white man let us off the leash we are so obsessed with what western countries say? Perhaps if we could stop acting like such bastards to each other we wouldn't be such an easy target for those white bastards.

sittingnut said...

anon @ 3/25/2010 3:56 pm:
lol. seems so .

anon @ 3/25/2010 4:16 pm:

this is not about what 'white men'( more correctly western gov. which could hardly be called that) say.

it is about whether it is acceptable to support actual interferences here even if you admire their culture and ideals.


whether we are 'being bastards' and 'steal and kill' each other gratuitously ( and like animals off a 'leash' ), as you seem to imply, is our business.

even if all that is true ( hardly) it is not their business to interfere.

btw we are not 'easy targets' bc of our actions alone, bc they too act like we do here (and like all humans). there is no difference ( a fact we should always aggressively point out ) .

only hypocrites willfully blind to what goes in the world at large, will think there is some moral superiority on west to validate their targeting us .

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that all those who turned into Buddhists overnight when the Mahanakayas wanted Gonseka freed and called for a Sanga meeting (before going on to attack the Government claiming Rajapakse threatened the monks when the meeting never materialised) are now pouring scorn on Buddhism over Akon?

What a despicable bunch of manipulating losers. They truly do emulate their white masters well.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Akon was banned, while they both have their cloths on this is just sick:

Bardo Flanks said...

Iirc, Indi wasn't too happy with foreign intervention and the apparent bias of the British media. He's still an idiot, but a reformed one.

NGOs have an interest in encouraging R2P and that sort of thing.

anti indi said...

You should link directly to Indi padashow's blog and identify him as Indi Samarajiva so that whoever Googles him is exposed to his real face through your blog. When you don't link it doesn't help much with SEO, then the purpose is lost.

I appreciate your good work in exposing that idiot, but you should do it technically well so that more people will benefit from your blog. Please directly link. Indi will pee in his pants :)

sittingnut said...

claims of censorship here are totally unfounded.

as every one can see above, even personal attacks against me and totally nonsensical comments were published.

and as everyone can also see a person unable to make a coherent argument and got spanked here is making the claim .

if anyone has a real comment that was not appearing here for some reason all they have to do is notify me in email or post in it another public place like a blog and link to here .

i will post the comment myself with a note of that claim .

Mango said...

Pictures say more than words :)

The Labour Party – Looking for the Bus Bomber Vote

The UK politicians are simply shameless in their hypocrisy.

Just remember their weasel words when the next Al-Quaeda inspired bomb explodes in London.