Monday, March 22, 2010

to poojitha jayasinghe(timeseye); who is the 'online thug'? what about those naked male pics? why do you admire both?

there is an online thuggery blog devoted to attacking me in all possible ways, including by posting fake naked pics (see details here). i have ample reason to believe that this is done on behalf indi padashow samarajiva and family, bc i exposed them with facts and evidence, and who have promoted and defended that blog in variety of ways. they also want to intimidate anyone else from exposing them in a similar fashion.

that blogger and one of his fans, poojitha jayasinghe (timeseye), are now calling me an 'online thug' there. (lol these ppl are so unoriginal).

bc i will not sit quietly by while i am being attacked. and bc i asked questions from ppl who admired that blog and its tactics.

i always like openness and sunshine. that is why i will clarify the issues here.

in order to do that, i will ask poojitha jayasinghe,

who is the 'online thug' here?

the blogger who attacks me using fake naked pics?
poojitha jayasinghe who repeatedly posts appreciative comment on those posts and pics?

above is one of his latest appreciative comments published in a post in that blog attacking me (note that this comment was published after my post on type of attacks made on me)


me, sittingnut, who asks that he, poojitha jayasinghe(timeseye) explicitly state where he stands on that blog, its attack tactics, and his own appreciative comments on those blog posts.
me, sittingnut who merely repeat the undeniable fact that he, poojitha jayasinghe(timeseye) appreciates blogs that post naked pic of males .

will poojitha jayasinghe (timeseye) have the courage to answer above questions. or will he run from his own responsibility for his own comments.

i posed similar questions to timeseye (and 1 or 2 others who left appreciative comments in the blog mentioned) in comments section in his blog (several times bc there was no response and bc they were not published).

(btw i never asked anyone to stop posting comments in that blog, if anyone says otherwise they lie. rather i wanted to know whether they explicitly acknowledge their comments and approve the attack tactics used in that blog)

here is the type of comment i left
" i will ask again, do you approve of blogs that attack ppl by posting fake naked pics, etc?.

is that acceptable to you?
do you want to be treated thus? would you moan if you were attacked in a similar fashion by ppl who disagree with you?

or is reason for your admiration that you like looking at naked male pics? lol.

why not answer the questions openly?
don’t run from your own comments like a dirty dog."
in some i linked to my post here,the only one up to now where i refer to the attacks.
all of my comments were similar more or less.

iow, they are questions that refer to his own actions, occurrence of which can be proved with evidence. is asking questions like that 'online thuggery', while posting fake naked pics and admiring such attacks, is not? lol. blatant hypocrisy and dishonestly of timeseye here is amazing.

basically why does he expect me to stay silent and ask nothing in face of despicable attacks and his admiration of them, but he feels he has a right to get worked up over my asking him questions, and my description of his actions strictly according to facts? lol.

i will continue to ask such questions from bloggers who leave appreciative comments on a blog that post fake naked pics to attack me. i will also describe the same bloggers according to their actions. why not? anyone who objects, do explain why i shouldn't. anyone? anyone ? bueller? bueller? lol.

btw i did not initiate any email. after some days he did send me an email without any definite word on questions i raised. i replied asking him to be explicit and conduct the exchange in the open where both sides can respond. instead he chose to post lies in the same attack blog where comments now appearing under name sittingnut are not by me, as i have already stated.

i think whole exchange and his lack of answers to questions i raised indicate he has no problem with attack tactics like posting of fake naked pics.

as such, i will continue to refer to poojitha jayasinghe as a person, who likes looking at, and reading with appreciation, blogs that post naked male pics, bc that is in fact what he did.

is that online thuggery? imo no. on the other hand, posting fake naked pics to attack ppl they disagree is online thuggery. admiring such thuggery, if anything is worse.

poojitha jayasinghe does not seem to get the difference.

poojitha jayasinghe can always disagree with me and correct me if he want. unlike him i don't censor comments here.

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javajones said...

Once a twat always a twat. Twat more can one expect??

Anonymous said...

Sittingnut, the reason you are getting attacked his beacause you exposed the NGO crowd for what they are. They still dominate kottu under the tutelage of Indrajit Samarajiwa. But I thank you for exposing them and not giving up. Really admire that.

sittingnut said...

thanks for the comments.( esp anon @3/22/2010 9:13 pm)
there is a claim that above javajones (unlinked to his blog ) comment is not by javajones in the attack blog. however i have not been so informed by javajones and one cannot trust anything in the attack blog used by indi padshow samarajiva.

i don't copy and paste comments. why should i ? lol

[btw mr javajones, if it is you who is commenting on that blog, while clarifying authenticity of above comment here , why not say what you think about the posting of fake naked pics there . isn't that at least a 'twaty' thing to do? lol. will you have the courage answer or will you as usual run like a dirty dog from my raised stick. lol ]

isn't it funny when ppl who post fake naked pics to attack me ( on behalf of indi padashow samarajiva ) pretend moral outrage and call me 'heart of darkness' and 'evil' , etc !. all bc i stuck to truth and facts and nothing but truth and facts. as i challenge, tell me anything false or non factual in what i say

notice how they avoid elephant in the room issue of those fake naked pics in their attacks on me. anyone who dare to criticize me on this issue has to address that issue and other despicable attacks/forgeries etc there. failing to do that only expose critic's hypocrisy .


Anonymous said...

Hey there B/O Boy aka Satan's armpit, one of the NGO chicks described you as "that fugly bugger who smells really bad"

HA HA HA...!

And this was at a party where there were quite a lot of people present!

P.S. I see you're continuing to censor my comments like the ass licking coward you truly are!

Times Eye said...

This is called black-mailing people ;-) ... its time to remove it

sittingnut said...

timeseye the admirer of naked male pics :

how is it blackmail? lol

did i conceal/promise to conceal anything ( in return for something)? no.
so where is the blackmail?

was i attacked in despicable ways? yes. did you leave appreciative comments in same place ? yes

am false in any facts, ie. am i slandering you ? no

so where is the 'blackmail'?

i was open about my objections to attacks on that blog including posting of naked pics .

i objected your supporting of such attacks. i asked that you explicitly state your position on such attacks given your comments that appreciate them.

i was open about that too. it is you who censored my comments to that effect in your blog .

so again where is the 'blackmail'?


why do expect me to stay silent when i am attacked?

you (who censored my objections to your comments in your blog ), shamelessly come here to make silly irrational allegations about 'blackmail', when all i am doing is objecting to attacks made on me and your support for them, while sticking firmly to facts and truth.

you do that, but you expect me to say nothing (and 'remove' my objections ) when i am attacked (using fake naked pics etc ) and disgusting ppl like you admire such attacks ? lol