Wednesday, March 31, 2010

australia - the terrorist sponsoring state; all murderers of sri lankans welcome

in australia, you can help murderers and walk free. just make sure that those murdered are sri lankans. that is us. and our children. include an indian prime minister as well. it seems such victims have no weight in scales of australian 'justice'.

an australian court allowed some despicable criminals to walk free after they have admitted to helping fund and equip tamil tiger (ltte) terrorist murderers .

"Tamil community newspaper editor Sivarajah Yathavan, 39, of Vermont South, Aruran Vinayagamoorthy, 35, of Mount Waverley and Sydney accountant Arumugan Rajeevan, 43, each pleaded guilty to providing more than $1 million in cash to the Sri Lankan Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, otherwise known as the LTTE or the Tamil Tigers.

Vinayagamoorthy, also pleaded guilty to making electronic components available to the Tamil Tigers.

At least one of those components was used to make and detonate a bomb used in a terrorist attack in Sri Lanka."

all this time austarlia did not find all the deliberate targeting of innocents by ltte grounds enough to classify it as a terrorist group. what are they then?

same austarlia is participating in american coalitions is iraq and afghanistan fighting terrorists (rightly so imo). so what is the difference in official australian eyes between al qaeda and tamil tigers; one is not called terrorists, but other is. oh that is right! one kills westerners, other only sri lankans (+ few indians). iow this is australian official racism in action.

so much for australian justice.
so much for australian respect for human rights, freedom and democracy.

what a country. huh?
will they dare to preach to us about respect for human rights after this? or rule of law? what hypocrites!

this is no isolated incident. there has been continuous attacks on sri lankans abroad (esp in in australia, canada, and united kingdom) during whole of last year (also see), perpetrated by racists supporting defeated ltte. there has been almost no action on the part of authorities on those countries to bring those responsible to justice. a culture of impunity due to western racism and political pandering to racists in tamil diaspora prevails.

after this, it's official, australia is now harboring terrorists. isn't that what taliban was doing in afghanistan. do we, sri lankans have the right (if we can) to treat australian government and ppl like americans did to then afghan gov and ppl. why not?

will the amnesty international or human rights watch condemn this outrageous violation of our rights? will the foreign funded ngos in sri lanka (almost all of them pro appeasement during effort to defeat ltte)?

after all they were all too ready to condemn decisions of sri lankan courts. but racists in ai, hrw, and their like, as well as assorted paid slaves of west, working for, or dependent on, ngos here will not condemn this.

will their counterparts in sri lankan blogosphere? or will they ignore this (after claiming in multiple posts that sl gov denying a visa to akon was a great violation of rights and indication of extremism in sri lanka, etc., etc. lol).

anyway, this is one more indication (as if we needed more) that it is we sri lankans and nobody else who have the responsibility to preserve and secure of our lives, human rights, justice, freedom, and democracy.

everybody else is only paying lip service.
that is why they should not be allowed or tolerated when they try to pass judgment on our actions to preserve and secure the same.

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Anonymous said...

Australia founded mainly by former British convicts. No surprise.

Anonymous said...

Yet another frog in the well rant by the king of frogs! LOL...! Get a life Kermit, the Aussies don't give a damn about your hot air!

sittingnut said...

typical rational confusion of slave @ 5.57 pm above.
(how is it that commenting on actions of foreign court indicative of a 'frog in the well' mentality ? lol )

i know that aussies don't give a damn about us getting killed . that is the point .

but they can't stop us from surviving with our lives and rights.

they may harbor our murderers there, but we will catch and deal with our murderers , here .

we will also point out the hypocrisy when they ( and their slaves here ) try to preach us about rights and law .

it may not have any effect on them but showing where we stand is important here. it is by each sri lankan individual( however small and insignificant ) standing up for them that we will preserve our lives and rights .

anon above does not care for all that , he just want to obey his masters in west, even if obedience ends in death and loss of rights.
anything else he calls 'frog in well'. lol

Anonymous said...

Isn't this more an indication of the incompetence of the Aus police? Its not really sri lanka or even terrorism specfic. Heres another example of them acting in an incompetent way:

They were released due to a failure to follow due process in arresting them. Theres no state of emergency in Australia after all.

Also given that terrorists who have actually been on the battlefield against our soldiers are welcomed into the ruling party, i dont see how we can get so uptight about what the Australians do.

Anonymous said...

quoting you sittingnut - they may harbor our murderers there, but we will catch and deal with our murderers , here .

really? how about Karuna? Cabinet member and Minister of National Integration?

sittingnut said...

always fun to observes ppl trying to excuse injustices and violations of rights in west, esp when victims are in poor countries.

it is clearly not a case of mere incompetence of australian police. crime was admitted after all.
it was a clear case of setting sri lankan victims at zero in scales of justice. there can be no excuse for it . sri lankans should condemn it.

in addition, we should, as i said in post, realize that we cannot expect help from racists and hypocrites in west, if we are to preserve our lives and rights .


as for false argument used above with a silly comparison of these unrepentant criminals with terrorists who left tamil tigers and help defeat them,

1/ one injustice ( if there is one ) does not excuse another .

2/ as mentioned, ppl who, after working for ltte, later left it and helped defeat it, should not be compared with unrepentant criminals who never helped defeat it.

(while imo former should face justice for their crimes. they also deserve some equitable treatment for their later actions.

karuna may have been in battlefield against our soldiers, but he was also with our soldiers later.)

3/ what we do with ppl who harm us according to law here is our decision, and ours only.

we have a right to decide taking all the factors in ground situation in to consideration, including how to preserve lives, peace and rights.
we can if we want give an amnesty if ppl are willing to renounce violence,lay down arms, and help bring other criminals to justice and defeat.
that is justice.

none of that is true in australia.

how they (australains) deal with ppl who harm us indicate their attitude towards preserving rights and lives here. they did not do us justice.

it is not them who are harmed as such they don't have a right to decide on an amnesty.

Magerata said...

Ausies never declared ltte as terrorists so prosecutors had hard time proving them as terrorists. The UN charter that safe guards entities against terrorists recognized by UN, makes it not necessary for prosecutors to prove that ltte is a terrorist organization. So I wonder what happened and if UN is working at all or it works only for rich nations.
Most charges were dropped last year, I think because they were sympathetic to those murders after the lttes defeat and subsequent mudslinging on Sri Lankan government by NGOs and people like Milliband. May that moron SF's statements had some effects on leniency and last judgement too.
Ausies will wonder one day what did we do wrong when these same people go against them, harass other Tamil people and Australians.

TropicalStorm said...

SL or a shadow group should adopt selective assasination of threats abroad. Recently the Obama adminstration approved a similar measure to deal with overseas Americans who may turn hostile to their motherland.

Anonymous said...

“Tamil newspaper editor Sivarajah Yathavan of Vermont South, Aruran Vinayagamoorthy of Mount Waverley and Sydney accountant Arumugan Rajeevan each pleaded guilty to providing more than $1 million in cash to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).”

Whats going on? An editor of a newspaper arrested? What happened to media freedom? Why no cries for media freedom such as when pissanaygam was arrested?

Anonymous said...

Oh come on machan ... what's going on with you!

Do you know what I think? I don't even think it's the real sittingnut anymore. I think Mahinda has "killed" the original Sittingnut and replaced him with a total and complete paranoid schizo!

Come on you've got my email address, send me an email and prove to me that you are who you are.


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know Lefroy is none other than Dinidu De Alwis himself. and are using same wordpress account.

Because people know finem is dinidu he is using lefroy blog to attck you, but the bugger didn't have the brain to use a different account :)

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