Sunday, April 04, 2010

jvp's lankatruth & sanjana hattotuwa's groundviews caught promoting a false 'news' story to attack sri lanka & prez

jvp/sarath fonseka run lankatruth and terrorist parroting sanjana hattotuwa's groundviews were promoting a false completely made up 'news' story within last 24 hours.

it slandered both the president and sri lanka, branding both as racists through a made up qoute maliciously attributed to president. this propaganda was taken up and spread further by tamil tiger terrorist supporters in foreign countries.

clearly the intention was to damage sri lanka in general and president mahinda rajapaksa in particular.

note the timing too; weekend (in fact saturday) before election, meaning, their aim was to get the story on sunday and monday newspapers and other media here and in foreign countries. that way government will not have time to correct it if it was picked up by 'mainstream' news institutions. we will see how many such institutions will repeat such an obvious lie without fact checking. fact check can easily be done and require only a video of president's jaffna speech (and a translator).

actions of the 2 websites will not be a surprise to those who know their history. sanjana hattotuwa has a long history of parroting terrorists after all (he had to delete groundviews predecessor moju bc it was so full of pro terrorist promotions and statements, from terrorist fronts like now internationally banned tro). he also arbitrarily censors corrections and criticisms of lies published in groundviews. everyone knows that no credibility can be placed on so called lankatruth which is closely associated with once terrorist jvp and some ppl arrested and released on bail (not to mention sarath fonseka). both websites actively participated in anti sri lanka slander mongering on january 27th.

now that truth is coming out, groundviews is trying to reverse its own words, we will see how far they will go. will they go so far as to delete own words? i have and will document the actions of these despicable liars. anyone interested pl do the same.

we will also check whether any of the so called real 'journalists' are sloppy and moronic enough to repeat this lie. so far nobody has, as far as i can see.

today is easter (btw happy easter!) and i have various obligations, so will write a detailed post (with screen-shots etc.) if necessary (in some cases it is not wise to give publicity to lies immediately) tomorrow or later. i will certainly write some time.

anyway as i always say, remember to ask for sources and verify through independent channels before you believe anything, esp when stories originates from such criminally habitual liars like the two mentioned.

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Anonymous said...

LankaENews has the same story.

sittingnut said...

so i heard. but i did not see it. can you send me a screen shot or exact url (for lankaenews). i have what i need for other two.

Anonymous said...

Smoking Gun visible! Gripeviews blowing smoke to cover up now.

Magerata said...

yes this article made me mad but before I could react they corrected themselves.
The Sunday Times had the right story from the beginning.
I am aware of what they are up to do not mistake that. This election is very crucial for all of us. So people seems to be resorting to all sort of behavior. One thing is there is no chance for Ranil to win, what ever the way they try.

Indi Samarajiva said...

Surnga Ponaya !