Monday, August 31, 2009

justice served - jayaprakash tissainayagam racist hate monger and terrorist supporter gets 20 years rigorous imprisonment

justice prevailed today as colombo high court sentenced jayaprakash sittampalam tissainayagam for 20 years rigorous imprisonment.

he was found guilty of inciting violence and racial hatred, and collecting money in support of terrorism.

we should thank the court for seeing through his facade of being a journalist. it was used to cover his murderous activities. label "journalist" should not serve as a blanket immunity for dastardly crimes.

he had legal counsel and had all the opportunity to challenge the charges and evidence. he and his lawyers failed. he is appealing as he has a right to do .

unsurprisingly his supporters (to a man same ppl who opposed defeat of ltte terrorist murderers using violence if needs be) are protesting this and usually mention only the racial hatred charges, conveniently forgetting the other charges. much good such lies will do them (beyond generating some sympathy from tamil tigers' useful idiots in west who are too lazy to find facts) when faced with truth. if they want to make a case they should make it in proper form with facts and evidence in court. they already failed.

i personally hope his appeal fails and he gets to serve most of his sentence, and no unwarranted sympathy or amnesty is shown by sri lankan authorities. justice for all those innocents (including children) killed by terrorists he supported cry out for that.

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Anonymous said...

Also sittingnuts we appreciate a post on Sanjana Stupid Haththotuwa, the yellow journalist who runs gripeviews. That bugger should be sentenced to death unlike his pal Tissanayagam who got only 20 years RI. Please write and expose these idiots.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

It seems the only defence used for this criminal is the "because he's a journalist he can write whatever he wants".

That is what this all boils down to and is the basis for all the hyopcrits, traitors, kalu-suddhas and closet terrorists whinning and complaining. To show "media oppression".

A load of bs.

Anonymous said...

It is clear you have no understanding of media freedom. A free and impartial media help to keep the various branches of government honest. So, yes, journalists should be free to write anything. The media are the last line of defence against dictators - silence the media, my friend, and you can be rest assured that your freedoms (regardless of whether you are tamil, singhalese or whatever) will follow very closely behind. Remember the words of Pastor Martin Niemoller...

"In Germany, the Nazis first came for the communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, but I didn't speak up because I was a protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak for me." (add to that when they came for the journalists etc.).

Anonymous said...

You're next. You may try to kill the Government's ass now, but we know where you really stand and we're coming for you. We love torturing people who can't keep their mouth shut. Be seeing you soon.

sittingnut said...

anon @ 9/02/2009 8:00 pm
i know what media freedom is and why this is not question of that . you willfully turn a blind eye to certain facts .

friends of this terrorist helper want to make it a a question of media freedom. when it isn't .
facts say a different story and court was judging based on facts .

he was propagandist for terrorists and spread racial hate and collected money and info for terrorists.
what for ?so that his friends the tamil tiger terrorists can come and kill innocent sri lankans .

he was no more a journalist than goebbels.
this criminal tissainayagam was one of those urging on facist ltte terrorists with hate info and money to come for sinhalease, tamils and others ( as in that poem you qoute ) . that is what facts say .

why do you forget the facts ?

anon @9/02/2009 8:16 pm
your ip address says you are from canada. the country where they collects the most money for terrorists here .
your pathetic attempt at sarcasm on behalf of terrorists only betray your ignorance and idiocy .

Pablo (yo) said...

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Gane said...

Not sure what facts you are talking about here.

The confession that Tissanayagam gave under duress? :)

The judiciary is partial and confuses justice with revenge.

See a better analysis here.

sittingnut said...

facts such as his hate mongering articles and his collection of money and info.

your claim that his conviction was based on his confession alone is false . read the court records.

you have no real idea of the case except what is written by his friends

"The judiciary is partial and confuses justice with revenge. "
that says what is wrong with your claims .
only way your point can be valid is to believe that everybody and everything except tissainayagam is a criminal bent on sending an innocent man to prison .
and to do that they forced confession, tampered evidence corrupted judges etc. etc.

in order to claim that a terrorist helper is innocent you call everyone else evil.

so much for your insight. do you believe in alien conspiracy theories too?
is that why you keep your blogger profile hidden ?
lol@gane the conspiracy theorist

sittingnut said...

gane :
as for your link

i posted the following comment there challenging what you called a "better analysis". that politician has censored my earlier comments on other topics . let us see whether he has the courage to publish a dissenting opinion . and if he doesn't whether you have the courage to ask him to do so .
here is the comment

you have not published almost all my earlier comments in your blog . hope you have the courage to do so today. why suppress freedom of expression ?

you say,
"What was the basis of conviction? Let me quote from the press release of International Press Institute ...."

what makes you think that obviously sympathetic international press institute got it right when it says the conviction was based solely on confession? what make you think that others, who say justice was served based on all the evidence in which so called confession was only a small part, are wrong ?

have you read the court records ? have you read the hate mongering violence inciting articles of tissainayagam ? have seem his records of monetary transactions ? have seem evidence about who he met to provide info ? you say no .
but instead of coming to the logical conclusion that you don't know the facts to make a judgment , you say court is wrong and this man is innocent
typical of you to be such irrational. no wonder you are now a politician instead of a lawyer.

only way to believe that this convicted criminal was innocent is to believe that all others in that court were criminals bent on sending an innocent man to prison . in order to do that they conspired to force confession, tamper evidence , corrupt the judge etc. etc.
it seems you believe in such conspiracy theories .

i am not a sinhalese racist ( you are free to quote me and prove that i lie, if you can, but mere accusations will not do ) but i am jubilant that justice was served and that this terrorist helper of murderer went to person as deserved by his actions.

we sri lankans should base their actions on what is right and according to principles of justice , human rights, democracy and freedom. and not on what what you term "civilized world " (inaccurately given their own actions) says . if we listened to them, we would be still trying to appease the violent racist terrorist murderers helped by this convicted criminal.

Anonymous said...

hey - don't be blaming racism on the Sinhalese!
Don't be saying that just because you are Sinhalese that you are racist.
I know that's not true ... that's why I know...

You are racist because of your inferiority complex. You always have been and you've inherited it from your parents.


sittingnut said...


seems like you have completely lost it and sunk to incoherent insults
maybe you will understand this-
what you say makes no sense,and i did not say what seem to say i said .


LazyOwl said...

I’m no freedom fighter. I say, what I feel right. And, ready to change my view, if proved otherwise.

This is what I don’t get:
If it is OK to grant a minister post to Karuna Amman, despite of his pedigree, don’t you think 20 years of hard labor is too much for speaking out, even we do not agree with him? Put yourself in their shoes, what will you do, if you are a Tamil?

Besides, this is your heading:
Lanka Libertarian
lib•er•tar•i•an n. 1. One who advocates maximizing individual rights and minimizing the role of the state. 2. One who believes in free will.

Do you honestly believe, you live up to, what you claim? Forgive me for raising these questions, criticizing you is not my intention. I just want some reasonable justifications from you.

sittingnut said...

why do you persist with your despicable lie that he got 20 years just "for speaking out". he got that for helping terrorist murderers with racist , hate mongering propaganda, and for collecting money and info .that is what evidence presented in court proved. that is what called for that sentence

your deliberate ignoring of that says a lot about your blinkered mind.
( your claim to have an open mind is belied by this )
i don't need to put on shoes of particular community to know what is the principled thing to do . i think most ppl, whatever their ethnicity, are like me .
you on the other hand show a type of inherent racism when you say things like "Put yourself in their shoes, what will you do, if you are a Tamil?"
are you implying that tamils cannot but be supporting murderous ltte? why?

nothing, certainly no grievance( even if they are completely real, as exaggerated racist propaganda say they were ), can justify supporting of of tamil tiger terrorist's deliberate killing of innocents, . so i don't think anybody decent can support them and i am sure vast majority of tamils did not (unlike this criminal )either actively or passively .
so explain your statement if you don't want to be called racist .
next what does karuna has to do with this case?
i do think that karuna being free is unjust, but that does not have anything to do with justness of this case .
that is similar to petty criminals getting prison while some big criminals never getting convicted. that kind of thing, as you know, happens world over . however petty criminal getting prison is still just . don't you agree? if not why?

in any case karuna fate is a separate issue from this particular case . so next time you should clarify your thinking first . that way you will not make silly arguments like that.

"lib•er•tar•i•an ....Do you honestly believe, you live up to, what you claim?....I just want some reasonable justifications from you."

yes i am a libertarian . and all i say is compatible with libertarian principles .
since you have failed to point, show, or quote, anything from me that indicate that i am failing in this, there is nothing to justify .

please do not hesitate to point, show, or quote, etc. if i fail in being a libertarian.
feel free anytime! :-)

but your tactic of just implying that i am not a libertarian, while not being able to be specific, won't do. to do that is irrational, cowardly ,and dishonest, on your part

you are free to comment and criticize me in any way possible, if you can. nobody is censored here .

i will however reply, as i did here
if such criticisms are based on stupid , racist , irrelevant, irrational, cowardly ,and dishonest, tactics and arguments, i will point them out one by one as i did here . so i suggest that you try to be none of those things if you can , when you reply as you should.

but you are free to be stupid etc. again too, if you want to. i find it fun to refute and show up stupidity etc . . :-)

LazyOwl said...

Got the picture. I have nothing else to say. By the way, try to control your temper, as name calling will not lead you anywhere. You write in English,so everybody will see it .How do you suppose to convince others, if you can't convince your own people? As far as I'm concern,Sir, this conversation is over.

Have a nice day.

sittingnut said...

so you don't have any rational counter arguments?

you are unable to explain why you ignored his collection of info and money for terrorists , and his racist hate mongering?
you are unable to explain why you made a racist statement here?
you are unable show how karuna is relevant to this case ?
you are unable to show even one specific instance where i went against libertarian participles, as you implied i did?

unable to justify your own comment on any point , you run away like a coward?

lol@ lazyowl
i do call names, correctly.
when i call names, i justify them in great detail as did in previous comment . if you think anything i called you is unjustified you are free to make your case, but you run away knowing that i was right.

accurately describing things as they are is the way to face reality.
without facing reality, one cannot achieve success, or even live honestly . but as a coward who runs away you probably don't want to face reality , can only dream of success, and want to live in fantasy.

"How do you suppose to convince others, if you can't convince your own people? "
who do you think my "own ppl" are ? another slip of the pen by racist you?

when i deal with current events here i try to make a principled case rationally and with facts. i expect others who are rational and want to face reality to read them and make their own case if required. and btw lot of ppl do read them and come back for more.
those are my ppl

in addition when someone makes irrational, idiotic arguments here, as you did, i show them up in detail. i do enjoy the process of debunking them. . you are free to call that "temper" . in fact it was fun to spank your stupid racist bottom. and watch you run away .

LazyOwl said...

I’ve being thinking about what you said. Considering the sheer amount of propaganda going on against SL, I think we do need guys like you. I do agree with most of your points, but your approach is not exactly my cup of tea. Having said that, at the end of the day, it is your blog & it is your style.

sittingnut said...

i am on the side of principles of libertarianism, democracy, justice, freedom, and human rights .

while i don't devalue patriotism, bc it is a hard thing to pin down, i don't argue my case from that point of view, but from side of above concepts.

i use rational arguments and facts . i believe truth will triumph eventually, but that we need to confront, false and perverted arguments and apologists supporting terrorism and racism aggressively.

Anonymous said...

You have taken time to call out anonymous users who criticize your views but have not condemned the first commenter who called for the death of an individual. What kind of message are you trying to send here?

sittingnut said...

what a pathetic comment .
you are unable, or don't have, anything coherent to say on the subject of this post so you make silly remark about my not responding to a comment.

in your haste to attack me you also distorts the anon comment . it did not call for "the death of an individual" as you lie. it called for a sentence of death through court, in the same way that prison was sentenced to tissanayagam.

that comment is not a call any kind of illegal violence but for a sentence through a law court.

i would have condemned any calls for illegal violence. bu there wasn't any of that

while i don't think there is any need for a death sentence on sanjana haththotuwa (in spite of his criminal parroting of terrorists ), i don't feel any need to defend him against calls for anything legal, even if i disagree with that call

why ? read on
for one, as described in several posts in this blog sanjana haththotuwa is a racist parrot of terrorist propaganda and slander, and supported appeasement of terrorists (against all principles of human rights, democracy, justice and freedom).

also, as anyone who reads this blog knows he personally engaged in vicious attacks (of various kinds ranging from homophobic to death threats) against me for exposing factual errors, racism, plagiarisms, and terrorist parrotings, in his various blogs.

he and his friends are free to defend him here if they want, i don't censor anyone here. ( in contrast he did not allow me to defend myself when i was attacked in his blogs in most vicious ways possible )

Anonymous said...

You should be ashamed of yourself, sittingnut.

sittingnut said...

for what for speaking the truth ? for depending on facts ? for hating terrorist murderers? and their helpers?

for standing up for justice ,human rights, democracy and freedom?

for being right when some ppl were wrong during the effort to defeat ltte with violence if needs be ? for denouncing and exposing parrots of terrorists, appeasers, and racists, like sanajana etc. ?

no! i am will not be ashamed for doing any of that . :-) i will be proud to continue to do all that

typical of you not to say why i should be ashamed of myself, bc you can't find anything shameful i did .
you are free to try again:-)

Indi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
sittingnut said...

i don't think indi from wrote above comment .

as i have said here before, i don't think he writes such stuff in his own name. but use names like padashow to do that

i have informed him through email. if he confirms, that it is not by him i will delete it with a note of explanation (which may quote the comment in full) .

no one is censored here, but nobody posting here can get away with falsehoods either .

sittingnut said...

at 9/11/2009 5:49 PM some liar linking their name to ""
left the following as comment
"you fucking bastard. Sitting nuts ponnaya"
[that is full comment]
i have confirmed it is not from indi at, as such i have deleted it.

as explained before no one is censored, but liars will be exposed

Anonymous said...

hmmm - well if you do know and remember me you would understand how disappointed I am in you.

This stuff on your blog is just crap really and I'm sorry but I don't know why you court it.

And for the last bloody time ... indi is not padashow. ok - got it - are you bloody listening for a change as opposed to pontificating!


sittingnut said...

i stood by my principles and stuck to facts , so why are you disappointed?
if i did not do any of that please point that out specifically.

as for indi being padashow , evidence ( which i have given several times here and in both padshow and blogs ) is clear enough.