Wednesday, August 26, 2009

some quick points and questions about the channel 4's alleged "execution video"

british channel 4 tv has broadcast a video showing execution of naked, blindfolded, and bound men. they claim it shows tamils being killed by sri lankan military.
video is available on the web. here is a rapidshare link (h/t bailaman). (viewer warning - disturbing graphic content )

here are few things to keep in mind when looking at video and before drawing any conclusions from it.

clearly it is a horrible crime, if real. and those responsible should be brought to justice.

however in order to take this seriously or any kind of action to be taken, we need clarity concerning several things ( esp given the well documented and exposed doctoring of pictures and video by ltte terrorist propaganda.) .

[let us not forget channel 4 along with some other british media cater to a large tamil diaspora in uk (that includes lot of organized racists that sympathize with and financed the ltte murderers of us, sri lankans.) channel 4 in particular has failed to cover or expose this murderous financing and those involved. so much for its investigative abilities or objectivity]

first who provided the video? the video was allegedly provided by a group called "journalists for democracy in sri lanka (jds)" which has a german address. no names or interviews with anyone from this group were provided by channel 4. why? even though this group allegedly consists of exiled sri lankan journalists.

as they confess, channel 4 has clearly not independently verified the video. also it is wrong to claim it "cannot" be verified. i have nothing against their broadcasting a video of an alleged crime. however the claims they make (see below) cannot be justified if they have not verified it.

it is not clear where it was made and when. channel 4 claims jds claimed it was made in january 2009. but these are mere claims only, with nothing to back them up. sri lanka has a long history of conflict against terrorists, in north against racists and in south against marxists. lot of other criminal/vigilante/splinter groups too involved in these conflicts. so if this took place anywhere in sri lanka, it could have happened anytime during last few decades.

channel 4 claimed that killers speak a "country boy sinhalese accent" (!?!), in a "casual" tone.
indeed, a few words are heard in sinhalese in the background.
words as far as i can hear can be translated-
"as if can see... looked away "
"that is a real..."
"strike? strike (repeated)" (i translated "gahamu" and similar as "strike", may be "hit" is better?)
"take turns like ...(comparison indistinct) ..."
"coming like ...(no comparison)"
"me (or i was) requested (by) this thing(or one- "oka")"
"telling stay and look? ...what? "
"sssstriiiike (sic). ours, its government property ... let's strike"
however it is not clear that killers in video speak at all, we do not see their mouths. and those killed are silent; no screams or moaning heard .

lot more gun shots are heard than those used for alleged killings in video, which are carried out by shooting one by one in single bursts of fire. where are the other shots coming from? in spite those shots, those recording and taking part in killing in the video, do not seem to feel threatened, even though they seem to be in an open field. camera for instance is steady and does not respond to shots heard, considering it is hand held.

it is quite possible that sound in the video was added later from a separate video/sound footage of fighting. this is just a theory but not outlandish given the doctoring of pictures and videos by ltte terrorist propaganda.

and the video was allegedly made from a mobile phone by a soldier (again channel 4 does not provide any basis for these claims). to a completely inexperienced person on the subject (like me) it seems to be made from a better quality camera. also there is no date or other identification marks on video footage.

killers do wear uniforms that show some vague similarity to sl military uniforms, but they are certainly not distinct enough for claims to be made that they are sl army uniforms.

there is no basis whatsoever in video to claim that those killed were tamils.

ethics and motives of claims, comparisons, and conclusions
in addition to those questions, there is also the ethics and motives of equalizing and identifying of various others with alleged killers (esp by "media").

even if this video is authentic. what does it prove? some (usual suspects the ngo peaceniks etc.) have already tried to make out that sri lankan armed forces are "guilty" and "same as ltte terrorists". others say that sri lanka should prove its innocence with a "neutral inquiry".

those conclusions are unwarranted even if the video is authentic.

how are sri lankans as a whole a guilty of this crime? or even sl military as a whole? at worst, it is a case of indiscipline by few criminal idiots in military. to slander thousands and millions of others who have no involvement is unwarranted and despicable .

this crime should be dealt with using normal judicial procedures relating to murder and military discipline (if video is verifiable and can be admitted as evidence) or if otherwise, sri lankan and other intelligence services dealing with terrorists' propaganda. those interested can follow those procedures and if there is anything wrong with them speak out .

i also don't see how or why this makes sl military same as ltte. ltte deliberately carried out killings of civilians as a policy. on the other hand, there is no proof that sri lankan military or civilian authorities sanctioned anything similar. on the contrary, they ruled out certain weapons and tactics (at the cost of lives for them) bc they can result in civilian deaths when terrorist murderers were holding civilians as human shields.

only a pro terrorist propagandist will claim that this video (even if authentic) proves sri lanka military is same as ltte.

if you feel that i have not covered any point about the video or that i was mistaken in anything feel free to comment. i may cover this later in another post if more details are forthcoming about the video.

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SL1st said...

Good post.
Most of International MSM are not covering this. They are probably not sure about the video.
If they cover it, they are only reporting the report on Channel 4 and denial by Sri Lankan High Commission.

sittingnut said...

yes, you are right abaout coverage so far.

Anonymous said...

well, guess they do NEED something to get the whole Eelam thing going again. Many LTTE money colectors are suffreing [wholesale eke] as their income as dropped considerably. Remember for LTTE terrorism was a career so all these are career building tactics. Just like the NGOs who are now trying to egg their pudding

Lanka Lover said...

Standing nut,

Please go through Rohan Ponnaya Samarajiva's NGO Business Financial Statmenets at

See how the bastard has reduced the assets and got it approved by an unknown unheard of auditor. Day light roberry of donor funds. Please look at it and do a post.

Thank you.
Lanka Lover

Anonymous said...

Channel 4 video: The technical truth
by Siri Hewawitharana, The Island

As a specialist in video coding I decided to look into this video footage and verify the technical features of the video against the claim that it came from a mobile phone. I was a head of R&D in a Major British Broadcasting company and later worked in global companies like Cisco and Cable and Wireless and Ericsson.
Looking at the footage, the first thing I found strange was the high quality of the video and lack of cascading effects and motion blur associated with mobile video coding.
I got hold of an original video that was on Quicktime format and another that was on AVI format and decide to put them through various analysers to see origin of the video from the mobile source.
Looking at the results, I can say this video never came from a mobile phone since the original video is of quite a high standard and motion vectors were of high quality. (That never comes from a mobile phone. I also found that Tamilnet had tried to put this video on 3GPP format associated with mobile phones. This also gives some clues since mobile phones that are older are on 3GPP format, while all the new ones are of H-264 which is mpeg4 part 10.
The original video is from a good quality video camera and later some one has tried to transfer this to 3GPP QT format where we can see some cascading errors.
I was involved with global Broadcast R&G for almost 25 years and Ch-4 used to have good people but it has now gone down to gutter journalism. Any broadcast engineer should have picked the lack of cascading errors on the video since Ch-4 uses Flash format on their web site.

Anonymous said...

Also sittingnuts we appreciate a post on Sanjana Stupid Haththotuwa, the yellow journalist who runs gripeviews. That bugger should be sentenced to death unlike his pal Tissanayagam who got only 20 years RI. Please write and expose these idiots.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

i believe you commented somewhere about SLA personnel not being permitted phones while in the field. Please check this link and let me know how many phones you see

sittingnut said...

anon at 9/01/2009 4:16 pm
i did not make any such comments about sla not being permitted phones.
whatever i said elsewhere is parts of what i basically said in here.

can you link to my alleged comment?

or would you admit to being a liar to defend this probable piece of terrorist propagnada?

or would you run like the filthy cur you are?
lol @ liar anon

sittingnut said...

somebody assuming name sittingnut posted this at 10/15/2009 1:12 pm
"can you lot please get a life. stop living in your mom's house"

he/she linked the name to profile page trying to fool . but as you can see, when the authentic blogger posts, name preceded by automatically included blogger logo links to profile. logo was missing in fake