Sunday, September 13, 2009

sunday post: amazing sand "painting" by kseniya simonova

simply amazing.

kseniya simonova won "ukraine's got talent" contest. the "painting" is a sort of a story about german occupation of ukraine during world war II, but see for yourself

i saw this today in gianna jessen's twitter. she is a pretty amazing person too

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Anonymous said...


Not Indi said...

chitrangi is you padashow indi aka sittingnut?

sittingnut said...

Not Indi :
get a life. nobody but idiots are
going to fall for self promotional parodies by groundviews crowd

Padashow said...

sitting Ponnaya nut.

sittingnut said...

indi padashow has no thing but empty insults.

George&Daya said...

Not fair Thambi. You did a post on that terrorist "Tissa", Not a word about us. We are in the same side now, no.

George & Daya Master

sittingnut said...

foreign (according to ip) ngo person pretending to be "george & daya master":

on what "side" is it that "we" are on?

i am on the side of justice and human rights. your irrational and unspecific hate, disguised as bitter sarcasm, indicate you probably aren't on my side.

typical of you not to get in to specifics. but i will ask, what exactly do you object to here?
be specific if you dare.
otherwise you are free to vent your hate against justice too in same typical fashion of a born loser as in your last comment.

George & Daya said...

IP! my a**. NGO person! It's all in your head, Thambi. Yeah,"justice and human rights"; those words were abused & used as escape-goat before, so, you are not the first.

sittingnut said...

its "foreign ngo person."

btw thanks for showing how right i was again; bc you are wrong, you cannot be specific and prefer spouting generalized irrational hate, as all of your type do (eg sanjana hattotuwa).

you can still prove you are not a vile hate monger by saying specifically where i have said anything against principles of "justice and human rights" (or as you say where i have "abused & used""those words as escape-goat").

and/or what you object to exactly here.

but since you are incapable of doing that , you can again spout genral hate and prove me right once again .

lol@hatemongering "George & Daya Master"
will he run like the dog he is, or will he come back for one more spanking?

Padashow said...

Ado Ponnaya catch me if you can you jackass. Why blame Indi? I'm not him.

sittingnut said...

i don't know who you are, but i know the following facts
padashow with the padashow blog is indi .
you are either him or moron trying to assume the fake identity of a fake identity of indi.
you probably don't realize how pathetic that is. but i suppose you are born to do such pathetic things without even realizing it .

lol@ fake/fake of fake

George & Daya said...

We have seen enough Tamil counter parts of yours. Last thing we want now is racist jackals like you wearing the “sheep coat” of Libertarianism.

sittingnut said...

"george & daya master" is typical of ngo type, very sanjana like in his irrational hate . .
he cannot point to or quote one instance of my being hypocritical or being contrary to libertarianism, but repeats the charge like a parrot .

Anti Indi jackass Samarajiva said...

you keep claiming Indi is that sick Padashow. You even say there is evidence on this blog of yours. I tried to look for it but there is no search key on your blog. I too feel this Indi Jackass Samarajiva is the sicko behind Padashow bog. Please let me know the post links on your blog so i can refer them. I am unable to find them. Please let me know why you feel that way so. I have my own reason to believe Indi jackass runs Padashow, but would like to see if my instincts are correct.

Thanks in advance

sittingnut said...

your silly false claim that there is no "search key" here (lol) and your not doing any search ( according to log ) indicate that your are insincere . i i have no idea why you want to make such false statements
i have given the evidence why i identify indi with padashow several times in comments here and in other blogs ( including both and padahow wordpress) all of them have search functions.
search and you can find. but don't lie like a fool

Anti Indi Jackass Samarajiva said...

How to search man ? Seriously how ? I repeat there is NO search on your blog. May be I am unaware of. That's irrlevant anyway. Please let me know the exact links so i can follow them up. I have a feeling Padashow is maintained by a threesome. That is Indi, Asvajit and Subha (Electra).

Anyway please let me know the links. I really want to establish that Indi jackass is indeed Padashow jackass.


sittingnut said...

i don't have any intention to waste my time explaining things to a fool whose iq is so low that he is unable to find the search box here.

if you do not have and cannot find evidence that padashow is indi, don't believe that.
and don't make silly speculations about other ppl if don't know for certain .

can you understand that, fool? lol@fool

Anti Indi Jackass Samarajiva said...

seriously where is your SEARCH key man? Its not on the side bar, not on top, then where is it ? Atleast tell me why you think Indi Jackass is the Padashow. I am serious. Please leave my IQ levels and IT literacy aside. Just think i am dumb. But i need you to tell me why you think padashow is indi. Proof is what i need. Please let me know why you make such claims about Indi jackass Samarajiva ?

I was directed to this site through a Google search, but i need you to tell me more evidence to your claim. Any technical evidence you have sitting nuts? like blog ID, IP etc.. Please help me with this without calling me names and insulting. I need your help.


sittingnut said...

lol. as i said, anyone with your iq (so low that you cannot even find search box here), does not deserve any serious attention.
btw everyone else can find the search easily , and if they want, just as easily discover my reasons for calling indi, padshow.

i will repeat, if your small brain is incapable of finding any evidence for identifying indi with padashow , don't do that. leave that to ppl who have the capacity, go play with dolls or something . google "dolls" if you don't know what a doll is . lol
btw didn't you know or realize until now that i love to insult and mislead fools like you ? of course not! you brain is too small and/or you like to get kicked around. lol

post again fool, if dolls bore you. lol