Friday, July 13, 2007

"tamil tigers vow retaliation"- so what?

some of the western corespondents here are highlighting smiling pussy's aka tamilselvan's statement; "(we will) weaken the military capacity of the government of sri lanka, which will invariably end up hitting economic targets as well". this ap report in washington's post is typical, it starts; "separatist rebels vowed thursday to hit military and economic targets across the country in retaliation for the army's capture of eastern sri lanka, ..." (btw so called 'rebels' may have forgotten that they said only the day before that army did not capture east). meanwhile the racists at afp say "tamil tigers threaten guerrilla warfare after conventional defeat". others of similar ilk also did likewise. peaceniks are parroting ltte spokesman as usual.

it is a pity (and typical) that these so called journalists forgot to ask; what is new in that ? have the terrorist pussies done anything but "hit military and economic targets across the country " before? (militarily speaking of course, that they engage in all kinds of other atrocities goes without saying.)

fact is the people in the east feel much safer now. occasional terrorist attacks on military and civilian targets in east (which will happen and will be unavoidable even when ltte is reduced to a handful) is not perfect, but that is certainly better than living under terrorist oppression or imminent threat of terrorist invasion or artillery attack. anyone who belittles recent military victories in east should ask themselves why they considered colombo and its suburbs with their own occasional terrorist attacks safer than east and north.

as i have said before "victory in this war will not be determined by the attacks carried out by terrorists but rather how many or how few people will be forced live and act in terror day in and day out."

don't they want the people in the east to be free of ltte's direct oppression or threat of direct oppression?

and don't they want people in the north to be likewise? or do they want an unsustainable 'peace' in colombo at any cost (at the cost of human rights, justice, freedom and democracy. especially of the people in north and east provinces of sri lanka)?

did not blog recently. same old story; was busy and traveling, including to trinco. but will be relatively free soon .


Anonymous said...

Do u think that just because the GOSL is in control of the East now, the people in the East can be called free. Things will be no better for them.

I wonder how much the witless Mahinda paid the other witless Prabakaran to move out of the East.

BTW how much is Mahinda paying you for carrying out his propaganda campaign.

sittingnut said...

anon at 7/13/2007 10:22 am
so you consider conditions under ltte as same as as under democratic government of sl ? are you living there ? why not? why is it that ppl always flee to government areas?

pl explain why you consider ppl under gosl are not free with more details and evidence. mere dislike of mahinda is not a valid argument to all except rabid peaceniks with insecurity complexes. this being a free country you are of course free to be one.

fact is mihinda is the the democratically elected leader of sl and big pussy is a criminal mass murderer, nothing more. if you think otherwise pl give your reasons. feel free to do so. :-) you have complete freedom to write anything here unlike in some peacenik blogs.

it is the his and the rest of sl democracy's ( including the opposition's) duty to bring all sri lankans into democratic fold and defeat and bring to justice all those who have been violating their human rights with impunity for so long starting with ltte leader ( who is already convicted ) . don't you think so ? why not? please explain with details.

if you think ( without giving any valid reason fot doing so ) advocating government to do its democratic duty is propaganda, may be it is your mind that is warped by terrorist propaganda, either directly or via their paecenik parrots. may be you should try to think for yourself before writing again :-).though you are free to be stupid if you want .

Chaar~Max said...

Dont bother abt the peace-niks... It's not like the LTTE haven't tried to bring Colombo and other economic target to it's knees. They tried all through out.. the peace process and during this cold war period...

The 1000kg Suicide Trucks are evidence for that. Unless some pussly~lover is going to say, the pussy's felt that they should disown these plastic explosives, and were transporting it to dump it into the Sea.

Upto to now our Intelligence and the Forces have managed to avert all these attacks. A big role played by the True Peace loving public who tipped the relevant authorities of suspicious activity.

The loss of Thoppigala will prompt them to try harder, but not like they never stopped trying.

Unless ofcourse, the new theory (Mahinda-Prabha deal) of this is all a game, you know like WWF, everybody is paid off, and both the parties know who's gonna win the this game, and who's gonna win the next game. How many hits each person is going to get.

Just something to think about. :)

Sam said...

haha. like that is something new. isnt that what they trying to do for last 10 years and more?

poojitha said...

Capturing Thoppigala is better than not capturing it,Its a good strategy in war,it demoralize LTTE and provides ground for election which is a greater achievement because it shows LTTE is not Tamils only representative.And for your information,most of the LTTE areas are Jungles so inthe future also we will be capturing jungles

Anonymous said...

See the truth

Anonymous said...


Whiny pussies became tigers only because previous governments didn't make the effort to put theser miserable mongrels in their place; the dog house. The main reason for that was that war was good business, and killing tamils was great sport.

At least the present guy doesn't mix his words and he means business. He's clearly understood that the tamils need to be liberated from the asinine pussy whiners calling themselves tigers and he's making a good job of it.

Anonymous said...

The truth at!!!!


Good shit dude. Like you got our attention now. Whoa. The truth and nothing but the truth.

Way cool. Like some shit's down with Sittingnut too, given you know his nuts and them shit go together.

You go girl!