Thursday, December 27, 2007

peacenik thug mervin silva assaults rupavahini news director

peacenik mervin silva, renowned for his and his family's thuggery and his friendship and following among peaceniks (they invite him and his ilk to speak at their pro appeasement rallies thereby getting a semblance of a crowd, which without such thugs and their henchmen number less than a score of ppl usually), today assaulted the state run rupavhini tv channel's news director. the thug is presently blockaded inside the rupavahini building by the journalists there .

that a corrupt peacenik like him should feel hostility to anti terrorist rupavahini news is to be expected. peaceniks who advocate appeasement of murderous terrorists and want to buy peace at any cost, even at the cost of democracy (btw this thug was not elected but appointed by cbk), freedom, justice, and human rights, by definition do not have any moral sense.

as such it is not surprising that peaceniks invariably tend to hang on and follow the politicians with reputations of being the most corrupt (and shamelessly corrupt), in sri lanka; if not mervin it is rajitha senaratne, or mano ganeshan, or ravi karunanayake, or mangala samarasinghe, or rauf hakeem, or some body else of that ilk (almost all of these ppl attended that peacenik rally last year that was attended by by mervin silva and all the peaceniks)

btw which of the political thugs would indi.padashow ( who marched like a lovesick groupie behind mervin silva in last year's pro appeasement peacenik rally) and other clueless bloggers, who follow their peacenik superiors blindly, attach their hopes on next? whichever it is they will be as bad as mervin the peacenik thug and these clueless idiots will have to live a life of continual denial. ( for instance indi.padashow was reduced to saying he merely marched with mervin silva and did not listen to him last year. expect more of that.)


Hakim said...

I think it is high time (actually past the time) that this A.Hole is kicked out by MR. He is a pest who should be eradicated. LOL!

sittingnut said...

totally agree with you hakim. it is past high time to get rid of the thug

for updates and photos check the posts at "a voice in colombo" blog

The Benevolent Dictator said...

unbelievable! you've even managed to twist Mervin's antics into a diatribe about 'peaceniks'!

sittingnut said...

the benevolent dictator:
well i have always called mervin silva a peacenik all along ( with good reason.) not just here. i do that to other ppl as well (sanjana hattotuwa for instance. )

he attends and is invited to speak at their rallies ( and he even beat up monks who interrupted him in such rally and some of the leading peaceniks were at his side at the moment, a fact i did not write about in the post )

he in fact fits the pattern of peacenik supported politician (as i said in the post if you care to read )

after all that why shouldn't i call him a peacenik ? :-)

i will continue to call others, "peaceniks" too when they, as expected, act like the criminals they are. bc only criminals with no sense of morality will advocate handing over innocents to terrorists in the name of peace don't you agree?

Theena said...

That Mervyn is a pest that Sri Lanka needs to get rid of is stating the obvious. To say that those peace protestors who requested Mervyn deliver a speech during their rally a couple of years back were misguided (to put it lightly), once again, goes without saying.

But, pray tell, what does it say about Mahinda for not sacking Mervin after so many offences? What does it say about the political direction that our country is heading in when the President lets one of his ministers run riot like this? And what does it say about Mahinda for appointing a “peacenik” like Marvin for a ministerial position then? For Mahinda is, after all, a president who is supposedly safe-guarding the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka, is it not? What is a “peacenik” - “criminals” hell-bent on “handing over innocents to terrorists in the name of peace” - doing in the cabinet of this country’s great savior? To me, those are the questions that you should be asking and attempting to answer.

To take today’s farce and mould it to fit your Bushesque if-you-are-not-with-us-then-you-are-against-us political philosophy is silly. Mervin is a disease that transcends political beliefs. The sooner we get rid of him and his ilk the better for us all. Peacenik or otherwise.

sittingnut said...

thanks for the comment but what exactly are you objecting to here? i think you have missed the point altogether

anyway first some facts .
the peacenik rally was held last year not "a couple of years back" as you say. (why that phrase? i always thought you for one did not run from facts?) anyway he was in mahinda buffalo's cabinet then as well. (btw he is not the only peacenik there.)

yes i totally agree with you buffalo is wrong to have him( and lot of others ) in cabinet. have i said otherwise anywhere?

did i ever say there are no peaceniks in cabinet ? or did ever say i support the government in every thing?
if you read this blog, you will see i support the governments efforts to defeat the terrorists ( based on an evaluation of government's actual actions on that front )

that does not mean i approve government's economic policy, their having peaceniks in cabinet, or their having jvp/ jhu/ anybody else in cabinet? no. i have written against all of that .i judge government based on facts and actions
unlike peaceniks and clueless fools like indi.padashow, i did not rub shoulders with mervin silva, applauded his words, or engaged in all sorts of others activities with him.

i opposed him then i oppose him now.

since you seems to have lost the point (as your totally false analogy about about my beng "Bushesque etc .. " clearly illustrate) i will explain what i am doing in this post

what i am doing here is pointing out ( and reminding ppl like you in blogosphere ) ,
that peaceniks did support a person with a well known record of thuggery solely by their own free choice ( after all unlike even the buffalo who perforce has to deal with 225 ppl in parliament, peaceniks were never forced to choose from limited options. they can make a purely moral choice ; they could alway hold so called peace rallies with 20 ppl ).

and that should be pointed out ( and reminded) because,
this kind of choice is typical of peaceniks and is not limited to mervin silva. as i pointed out in the post all the politicians peaceniks support invariably have the worst reputations for corruption or thuggery from mano ganeshan to others mentioned above.

peaceniks make the same mistake agan and agiain bc anyone who is willing to hand over millions of fellow sri lankans in mass to terrorist oppression in return for " peace" is not capable of judging morally.

when these choices of peaceniks and peaceniks themselves get into inevitable and very predictable scandals, like mervin silva did today, i will keep on pointing out and reminding that peaceniks are bound to do that. esp when paeceniks try their best to deny that he they have supported these thugs.

if you think that any of your points are still valid please be kind enough to reply.

sittingnut said...

for a photo and links to other blogs dealing with this see the next post

Reggie said...


The peacenik brigade have many thugs among them, and they are ever ready to use violence to push their agenda along. This is besides their rampant censorship (Sanjana) and corruption (NGOs). They're leeches of the worst kind.

Theena said...


I’ve already acknowledged that the peace protesters were plain wrong in asking Mervin to take part in the rally (thank you for reminding me that it was a year back; I tend to flush bullshit from my memory so it’s hard to recollect accurately). I couldn’t fathom why they did so then and am still at a loss to explain now.

Once again, that’s besides the point. As Justmal (above) put it, the issue isn’t his politics - Mervin’s neither here nor there; not peacenik nor a “Mahindian”. This is about him and what he represents. As I said, he transcends political beliefs, and symbolizes everything that is wrong with our political system. If a man of his ilk can get in and run amok like he has for the past few years, what’s going to stop others like him - the ‘Kudu’ Nuwans and the ‘Kudu’ Lals - from doing so in the near future?

You say that you have questioned Mahinda’s economic policy, the jumbo cabinet, among other things. Could you not have used yesterday’s incident to question the political direction of the country as well instead of solely focusing on Mervin’s association with peaceniks? Balance is all I ask for.


PS: Should we continue this debate on your blog or mine? :)

Anonymous said...

Dear all. Don't worry govt is taking action on the matter. They have asked the CID to find out who had assaulted the minister. They also have started an investigation to find out who allowed the event to be telecasted without editing. They are also keen in finding out the culprits who allowed other media institution to come in. Peaceniks within the Govt are in action. Warmongers will not be allowed. They will be punished severely. Long live Mervyn and all patriots (peaceniks and warmongers alike).

Hilal said...

Dear anonymous [above],

I saw you leave that same comment on other Blogs that spoke against Mervyn's actions. Are you forgetting how powerful Mervyn Silva is with his armed and dangerous group of thugs/bodyguards? He was more of a threat to innocent Rupavahini staff that the other way around.
The CID can investigate all they want, what they find is the truth. A minister abusing his power and the people defending themselves and exposing corruption. Cheers thank you for stating the obvious.