Wednesday, January 02, 2008

government to withdraw from cfa

sri lankan cabinet decided to withdraw from the ceasefire agreement (cfa) with ltte, just few minutes ago


cfa became a license for murder to terrorists, almost from the moment it was signed, with the impotent and biased sri lanka monitoring mission (slmm) doing nothing to stop the intentional ceasefire violations by ltte pussies (several fold greater in quantity and "quality" than unintentional violations by sl military). this in spite of slmm not counting several bombs and assassinations as ceasefire violations, while counting sl police entering so called ltte territory to arrest a pedophile as a ceasefire violation. btw by the example of slmm, we can have a fairly good idea why the peacenik promoted (and as usual with ideas promoted by them, unrealistic) un monitoring mission will fail and should be opposed, .

in light of events, it soon became clear that cfa was useful to sri lankan democracy only as a spin to gain moral high ground or as a tactical device in the road to defeating of ltte

but cfa's usefulness as such began to wane when ltte started attacking the sl military and civilians unprovoked in december 2005. in spite of that sl military only engaged in limited retaliation after april 06 when there was an attempt to assassinate the army commander. gosl began to engage in focused military operations after mavil aru, even later

all that time certain slmm heads acted in a biased and criminal manner ( it goes without saying that terrorist parroting peacenik ngos and criminals as usual sucked up to ltte and were blind to ltte atrocities.)

anyway it became evident to anyone who is not blind to sri lankan reality and ltte's continuing murderousness that cfa's usefulness to gain moral high ground against ltte was no longer needed. even a buffalo fighting ltte will have a higher moral standing than ltte pussies or their paecenik suckers.

in any case given the fact that government is duty bound to provide security and to protect the human rights of all sri lankans and that requires fighting ltte, and cfa is no longer useful in that fight it is time to withdraw.

ltte ban?
what is more, if this withdrawal is accompanied by banning of ltte, certain activities of some helpers of terrorists (especially peaceniks' ) can become legally liable for prosecution. similarly certain foreigners will not be able to lend support (moral or otherwise) to, or to deal directly with ltte. (if peaceniks continue with certain things mevin silva won't be the only peacenik who will get their just deserts)

so i hope this will be followed by a ban on ltte.

am busy. so was unable to reply to comments in earlier threads but will do so soon, within the week hopefully.


The Benevolent Dictator said...

A meaningless, symbolic gesture. This govt is more stupid than I thought. Pulling our or 'annulling' the CFA only plays into the LTTE's hand because they can now tell the rest of the world that the govt pulled out first. It is a meaningless gesture because the CFA didn't stop either side from resuming hostilities. In case people didn't realise, we're at war now...

And Sittingnut, banning the LTTE wouldn't allow the govt to do anything more than they can do now. Have you forgotten the PTA? Well it's in force now and under that the govt can do all those things you mentioned above, even harassing/arresting your beloved 'peaceniks'!

Anonymous said...

Better late than never.

sittingnut said...

the benevolent dictator:
you don't read blog post before replying do you ? who said we are not engaged in fighting? another fantasy of yours?
anyway it is good that you have an active fantasy life bc you will need it when you get proved wrong again and again.

cfa or banning of ltte is meaningless as to actual fighting, but it is not meaningless as to law, or opinion making.

"even harassing/arresting your beloved 'peaceniks'! " who? care to enlighten us with the details of your fantasy please . or are you referring to peacenik mervin silva?

on the other hand banning ltte will allow some peacenisk to be charged if they continue to help and parrot ltte, and will stop some ngos from dealing with ltte. are you saying that is not happening ? that ngos are not dealing (legally now )with ltte?


Sam said...

That means, no more free SLT phones to LTTE offices, or no free electricity. No more AP calling LTTE “spoke person”. No more tea and sandwiches with foreign delegates. No more collecting taxes entering to “controlled” area. So it is time to play the hardball again..

The Benevolent Dictator said...


Absolutely correct there...I didn't read your post. It would have contained the same drivel.

And if you had considered what I had written without hastily resorting to ad hominem attacks, you would have realised my statement was a rhetorical one... Jeez!

If you want to know what the govt can and can't do under the PTA, please find a copy of the gazette notification and read it. And as for the govt not prosecuting those who 'help and parrot' the LTTE as you so eloquently put it, you might want to consider the fact that as unpalatable as these people's actions are (even to me sometimes) they are not doing anything illegal except maybe in your little fantasy world where things are in black and white. Or maybe the govt finds it convenient to have them around.

sittingnut said...

sam :
thanks. rightly said.

the benevolent dictator :
i read your comment. sam and even the anon also seem to have done that, as is clear from their comments
only you are not reading either post or comments before replying. bc you know from experience that if you read you cannot maintain your fantasies.
you are still unable to come with anything concrete only same fantasy and speculations.

get it in to your head, pta, cfa, and ltte ban, three different things legally and pr wise.

not only pta, but we already have laws against crimes that ltte commits. however as long as ltte is not baned and as long as cfa exists ltte helpers can do various things legally to help the murderers pussies at present. only directly helping and ltte to commit crimes is illegal, indirect help is legal.

i said from first here and all along that "helping and parroting" terrorists is not illegal as of now, when ltte is not banned and cfa exits . if you read you would have found that i already said that, and would not have found the need to repeat it as if i said otherwise.

anyway that is why murderous ltte should be banned so as to prevent it illegal to help them, not just crimes committed by them .
as for considering ppl black and white. lol ,

if you read you will see that i don't consider anyone white.
but i do consider some black.
may be you find murderous ltte is not black ? if so says so

may be you find peaceniks willing to hand over millions of innocents to ltte oppression as appeasement not black, as well ? if so says so
why hide? say it clearly

appeal to unverifiable personal anecdotes when asked for fact betrays your lack of concreteness. as i said we already know you live in a fantasy and in that fantasy you meet with all sorts of incidents that never happened in reality. appealing to that wont change anything.

poor you. anyway you are free to live in the fantasy and defend it. and even to comment here, unlike peaceniks i don't censor anyone. i am not afraid to let reader be the judge

The Benevolent Dictator said...

Sittingnut, while I don't read your posts in entirety to maintain my sanity, you obviously don't read the comments properly or don't understand them either . If you had, you wouldn't have attempted your usual tactic of tarring all those who don't agree with your 'with us or against us' belief, as LTTE supporters or peaceniks, on me. In your eagerness to portray yourself as a true patriot, you seem to have failed to notice that I don't agree with the abrogration of the CFA and the possible banning of the LTTE because it helps the LTTE more than it does the govt. Hence my frustration at the govt and stupidity of the emotional decision-making. If you had understood this plus had read any of my previous (admittedly occasional) blog posts and comments, you wouldn't have made the laughable attempt to paint me as a closet LTTE supporter. Then again, I reserve most of the censure for myself for even thinking that you would change your views and become more objective overnight.

Anonymous said...

Looks like bombs are going to go everywhere and Sri lanka is going to be destroyed. Ha Ha Ha Ha. Its shows why the british had to rule you animals. No capability to govern yourself.

Blame LTTE for 1983. Stupid people thing that all will end with the LTTE. JRW screwed the economy and found a scapegoat in the tamils. Sri Lankan politics is always about finding the scapegoat and diversion while the people suffer.

Roger said...

The Benevolent Dictator, do you always have a putrefying dick shoved in your stench filled mouth? What don't you understand, without a ban on the LTTE people can legally work with it. Fags like Jalayath Jayawardana and co can suck LTTE dick and lick its precum without any consequences. With a ban, cocksags like him (and you) won't be able to do that. And that frightens you doesn't it, not being able to have LTTE dick in your mouth.

The Benevolent Dictator said...

Dear Roger,

Once you get your mind off your obession with putrefying dicks and licking cum (obviously you are grappling with your hidden homosexual leanings), can you explain to me why people like Jayalath were not prosecuted when the ban on LTTE was in force? Don't you realise that the govt can do all this even now under the PTA if they wanted to?

This is the problem with fuckwits like you. You want meaningless, gungho statements and actions to boost your fragile ego and don't have the mental capacity to accept arguments outside your narrow point of view. Resorting to obscenities borne out of you repressed sexual tendencies won't bolster your point of view you idiot.

Sittingnut - apologies for using filth on your post but I had to reply in a fitting manner.

Roger said...

Dear The Benevolent Dictator, why the fuck would the UNP want to prosecute its fag boy Jayalath Jayawardene? The UNP uses him as a pimp to oil LTTE dick. I mean, fuck, the UNP gifted radio stations, free flights and best hospital treatment to the LTTE.

Currently it is LEGAL to work with the LTTE. It won't be legal if the LTTE is banned. Are you too thick to get that through your LTTE dick-loving skull? You're a dumber cunt than I thought. I suggest you pull your thumb out of your ass and grow a brain.

If you think banning the LTTE is meaningless, I suggest you go to the UK, USA, EU, Australia and Canada and ask them to rescind their bans. You'll be doing Sri Lanka a right favour, asshole. In true UNP fashion.

The Benevolent Dictator said...

Dear Roger,

Two things, one being that JJ was the example you used and which i continued to use, so don't try to twist into a debate about him (I agree he's an LTTE bootlicker, though, of course you use a stronger term in line with your repressed sexuality). The other is that the ban on LTTE was in palce from 1998 while the UNP only came into power in 2001 so prove to me that there were prosecutions between 1998 and 2001 that back your claim that the govt has more powers under the ban than it currently has under the PTA. Actually that will take some doing because the PTA was in effect even then.

Though it may technically be legal to work with the LTTE, the govt can still prosecute anyone who works with the LTTE under the PTA. The fact that such prosecutions rarely take place should tell you something about the govt you so slavishly support you dumb fuckwit!

No wonder the country is this state, with depraved fucks like you cropping up all over the place and having opinions too. I'm beginning to think Sophist's Nazi like ideas of mass culling of fuckwits like you isn't a bad idea.

Roger said...

Dear cocksag aka The Benevolent Dictator, everyone knows fag hags like you love sucking LTTE dick. You're just out here trying to save the jobs of cunts like Jalayath Jayawardena. It's sad really. How much is he paying you? Or is he doing that by pumping your mouth full of his cum?

"Though it may technically be legal to work with the LTTE"

Thanks for fucking agreeing that it is currently LEGAL for anyone to work with the LTTE. Shit, no wonder you don't want them banned, because a lot of UNP cunts would be behind bars then wouldn't they? Why the fuck should the government use some half-baked PTA? Is it so that LTTE dick-lovers like you can continue to rim Prabhakaran day in and day out? ANY FUCKING REASON?

Once again, if the ban on the LTTE is so fucking meaningless as you claim then why don't you get the USA, UK, India, Canda to rescind their bans on the LTTE? Come on fag hag, put your money where your cock sucking mouth is and carry your placard to the Fort Railway Station.

The country is in this state because of cunts like you. I agree with Sophist, LTTE dick suckers like you should be lined up and shot, and that will include every single motherfucker in the UNP.

The Benevolent Dictator said...

You obviously not only have issues with your sexuality but also with the UNP. What happened? You offered yourself to Ranil and he turned you down? Faggy little cunt. Hahaha

At this point I'm going to stop rebutting what you said because you haven't said anything new other than reinforcing your inner gayness. It's ok to be gay but there's no need to have so much pent up anger about it you dipshit. There are lot of books out there than can help you deal with it.

Poor angry little fag.

Roger said...

Dear cocksag aka The Benevolent Dictator, what's the matter diddums? Running away like a typical fag hag are you? Need to rent yourself out to the nearest UNP pimp do you? There there, I'm sure your sugardaddy Ranil will finger your problems away, don't you worry muffin.

If a ban on the LTTE is so meaningless, why the fuck don't you get in rescinded in the USA, Canada, Australia, India, UK? Come on bitch, do it. The UNP would be so proud of you and might even pay ten hairy guys to fuck you good at sirikota. You'd like that wouldn't you, I bet you're salivating for it right now.

The Benevolent Dictator said...

Dear fagshit aka Roger, when you take a moment's rest from your fantasies of anal thunder with Ranil, let me point out to you that you're giving me far more credit than I deserve. Thank you. I express my opinion that I believe that banning the LTTE would me a meaningless act because it wouldn't really change the status quo and your challenge to that is for me to rescind the ban in the US, UK etc? Are you a retard in addition to being a repressed fag who still pines for Ranil? How did you connect me expressing my opinion to my perceived (in your eyes) ability to magically remove the ban on the LTTE you idiot? It must be all that cum you drink when your self-fellate.


Roger said...

Dear cocksag aka The Benevolent Dictator, what happened to "At this point I'm going to stop rebutting what you said" -- can't follow what you spout, fag hag? To be honest, it's not a surprise really since it's blindingly obvious you have shit for brains, or more likely all the UNP fags cummed in a cup and poured it in your ear.

Once again, if a ban on the LTTE is so meaningless, why the fuck don't you get in rescinded in the USA, Canada, Australia, India, UK? Come on bitch, do it. Grab your placard, run along to the Fort Railway Station and scream yourself horse "Unban the LTTE!! Banning is meaningless!!! Let them raise funds!!! Let them buy arms and ammunition!! Come on USA, UK, Canada, India, unban the LTTE!!!"

Sounds like a UNP wet dream. It's no wonder you're a part of it you filthy fuck.

And surprise, surprise you're Tamil. Bet you've contributed to the LTTE and you're shit fucking scared lol.... that's why you're screaming against a ban like a pig getting slaughtered.

The Benevolent Dictator said...

Dear God, you really are stupid aren't you? Banning the LTTE is meaningless in Sri Lanka because of the PTA. Who was talking about the other countries? Or are you just clutching to straws?

And I am Tamil = I am an LTTE supporter, is it? Dumb shit. Like I've said before you obviously don't get the gist of the argument that pulling out of the CFA and banning the LTTE would actually serve the LTTE better than it would the govt, don't you? You are obviously one of these insecure types who feel the need to prove their patriotism by seeing everything in black and white. What gives? Your family sold out the country generations ago is it? Could be, with that name of yours. Can't blame you then for trying so hard to prove your allegiance. hahaha...

Anyway, you are obviously a man of honour (or fag of honour) since you took such strong exception to me breaking my word not to rebut your pathetic arguments. This time I shall keep my word so feel free to continue your lame, obscenity-laced, drivel ad naseum.

Cheers fagboy...

Roger said...

Dear cocksag aka The Benevolent Dictator, why the fuck should the government stick with the PTA when it is currently LEGAL for people like you and Jayalath Jayawardene to suck LTTE dick? How the fuck does that serve the government's interests or the peoples' interests? Are you trying to say that sucking LTTE dick is good for the country? LOL you sound like the typical UNP fag.

It's no surprise that you're Tamil and don't want a ban on the LTTE. I bet you're scared that you or your LTTE-supporting Tamil friends will be locked up in jail. LTTE loving cunts like you are the ones providing lodging to the LTTE in the south and you sure as hell don't want any of that to become illegal. Because then, your filthy pockets won't have any $$ in them would they?

If anyone has sold themselves out, its those Tamil loons living in the south and spitting hatred against all non-Tamils.

Run along now and make your Pongal decorations with a generous dollop of hot sticky cum from the LTTE and the UNP.

Anonymous said...

Another terrorist pussy got fried by the LRRP guys.

Anonymous said...

Banning the LTTE will only shut the door to future negotiation. It really has no meaning other than to re-iterate to the International community that we do not intend to talk to these terrorists anymore.
That could be bad, and provide undue advantage to our enemies.

Abrogating the CFA was necessary to follow up with the assault on the Wanni.

Hence it is necessary NOT to ban the LTTE, but continue with the military assault.

THat's not too difficult to understand.