Sunday, October 14, 2007

what if peacenik fantasy of u.n. intervention becomes true? more violence?


peaceniks, parroting terrorists pussies as usual, have been and are lobbying for foreign intervention ( with an un monitoring team as the tip of the wedge). however imo( indeed as i have been saying for sometime) their chances of success are very limited.

unlike corrupt or idiotic ( its either one or the other) peaceniks , decision makers that matter in foreign countries can see the clear difference between closed terrorist ltte and open democratically elected sri lankan government even if they don't like gosl for other reasons.

to anyone who evaluates the situation here from a pragmatic point of view as well as moral point of view, without prejudices (esp. racist ones like, "ltte is fighting for tamils", "tamils support terrorists"- positions all peaceniks adopt and when questioned try to avoid commenting on - ask them and see how they run from them ) there shouldn't be any doubt. foreign government who want to do 'the right thing' or act in their own own (rather limited as far as sl in concerned) interests, or both, will either support gosl, or stay out, or support gosl and pretend to stay out ( as is the case with indian one due domestic politics there).

but peacniks will day dream on and continue to live in their fantasy world.

all that is rather old, but here is something new. (for those who want to think about these things just in case.)

if this daydream ever comes true and foreigners coerce the gosl to accept a foreign intervention disregarding the democratic rights and will of sri lankans, or failing that engage in further acts of coercion such as sanctions to make gosl submit, resistance to that both passive and active (even violent), on the part of all sri lankans whether individually or collectively, is completely justified. and imo that resistance (even violent ones) should also justifiably target those who advocated and then in all probability will also collaborate with that intervention and coercion.

i will write on that in more detail later when i have the time. after all there is no hurry. bc imo this intervention is just another unrealistic daydream of the peaceniks. and everyone is free to day dream and even lobby . this argument will really matter only if it become reality.

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