Monday, October 15, 2007

four peacenik criminals quit human rights panel, good riddance!

it seems four prominent terrorist parroting peaceniks sunila abeysekera, nimalka fernando, rohan edirisinha and paikiasothy saravanamuttu, have quit a ten member human rights panel bc "their advice was not taken seriously".
these ppl who,
  • believe in the racist notion that ltte terrorists are fighting for tamils/tamils support terrorists,
  • believe that peace is worth any cost (even the cost of democracy, justice, human rights and freedom ),
  • and are willing to perpetuate the culture of impunity here by allowing convicted mass murderers and their cronies more political power( in the process accusing thousands of men and women in the sri lankan armed forces with horrible crimes based on nothing but terrorist propaganda)
had no business in a human rights panel in the first place.

their advice if followed will only lead to more human rights violations not less, as their actions so far have indicated. in fact their actions convict them of being willing apologists for convicted gross violators of human rights of sri lanka.

  • these terrorist arse-lickers or their connected ngos, willingly accepted the terrorist claim to be sole representative of tamils (a claim which violates human rights of tamils especially).
  • they stayed quiet or supported the government while it failed to protect rights of sri lankans which were violated again and again by the terrorists during so called ceasefire.
  • they stayed quiet when military was attacked almost daily from december'05 to april'06 unprovoked and without retaliation.
  • they stayed quiet and failed to stand up for human rights while civilians as well as military were attacked and killed, and war crimes like holding water hostage were committed.
  • they opposed and lobbied against naming of ltte as terrorists organization by eu and other countries.
  • several of them collaborated in an attempt to inflate a small riot in trinco into another '83 (in the process plagiarizing a report by terrorist propaganda sourced dbs jeyaraj, as a result of a non existant fact finding mission to trinco.)
  • they suddenly and predictably became active when military acted after mavil aru and tried (among numerous other such perfidious actions) to make the terrorist ltte's temporary capture and attempted ethnic cleansing of muttur permanent by calling to "stop the siege" at that moment (in fact on the same day that 17 acf workers were killed in muttur).
  • they and their cronies clamored to have terrorist front tro accepted as a member of umbrella ngo organizations to provide it with cover.
  • they continually make false accusations against whole of sri lankans armed forces based on either absurd white van conspiracy theories dreamed up by pussy spin office or actions of a criminal few ( who when there is evidence has been arrested), in an effort create a moral equalization between armed forces of a democracy and a bunch of criminal thugs.
  • they traitorously lobby for foreign intervention in sri lanka thus violating political rights of participants of sri lankan democracy through foreign coercion.
  • they always complain of censorship, when in fact a look at a newsstand full of all sorts of opinions( including terrorists' own), accusations, and mud-throwings, by all sides of the political spectrum, will convince anyone not so blinkered that there isn't and wasn't any censorship(except for a temporary blocking of tamilnet ). on the other hand their own cronies censor anyone who disagrees from places they have under their control .
  • ...
I can go on and on.

after all that these criminals presume to speak for human rights and want their advice followed ? lol (yes only reaction to that can be laughter at them).

anyway thank god they have finally quit. (even tough they will continue with their criminal mischief elsewhere.)


Anonymous said...

Good riddance indeed! I hope that they will be held accountable someday for their behavior during the past few years.

Manoj De Silva said...

way to go man..well said.up to the point and on the ball.
what about the rights of all the people who died on that bus from Kebitigollawa to Anuradhapura?
where were these so called Human Rights activists then?
what did they do when one of their own (or used to be,who understood them well) ,Kethish got assasinated ?
statments , statments thats all they did , issued a collection of words vauge in what they wanted to say..ended up calling for Peace!!!!
none of these people had ever ever ever never said a word against LTTE.
if you ask them why , they would say.."oh, its bad to criticise LTTE, hurts the peace confidance building"..
for LTTE ,violance is the only language they understand , and willing to communicate in...
will there be a space for HR,Democracy and Rule of Law in such a state of mind?

Angel said...

Great post... and kudos to the panel for knowing exactly how to treat the "advice"!

Anonymous said...

Maybe these 4 HR 'Activists' were clinging on to their posts hoping that with the establishment of a UN HR Commission Office in Sri Lanka - following Arbour's visit -they would be offered plum jobs with UN salaries in such an Office to monitor HR 'abuses' by the State.

If they felt that they served no purpose in continuing to be a part of the HR Panel, why did they wait until Arbour's arrival & departure to announce their resignations ?

ravana said...


sittingnut said...

all :
thanks every one for the comments :-)
appreciate them

ravna :
do you call licking mass murdering terrorist backsides ( as their actions so far has amply shown ) "balls"? :-)

well i suppose some ppl may be of the opinion that suicide bombing is ballsy thing to do. they are free to have that opinion. and we and most sri lankans are free to think what we will about those ppl.

Lapa said...

There are three kinds of women:

the pretty ones

the ugly ones

and the blondes...

New literary blog.

Anonymous said...

Human Rights Thiagarajah is being sued by his wife over domestic violence. Ironic?

Sunil said...

Man another awesome right up sitting nut! Please keep on writing, people need to hear your voice. Unfortunately the Sri Lankan blogosphere is dominated by the likes of the people you describe in your post.

SammyBoy said...

sittingnut - good post. These people were hypocrites, I agree.

I would like your opinion on something, you seem to have more info than most people who talk blindly without evidence etc.

There are many rumours of HR violations against the current Govt and/or Armed Forces. Rapes, civilian murders, assassinations, extra-judicial killings, white vans, abductions (for murder/ransom), extortions, aerial bombing/artillery shelling of civilians, torture, killings of aid workers, harassment of journalists, media censorship, forced evictions, warrantless searches of homes and vehicles, support of paramilitary groups that use child-proscription, etc etc etc. (The list written by peaceniks is very long!)

It's very difficult to know what is true and false, as Colombo is isolated and far away from the operational areas, and anyway Colombo runs on gossip and not hard cold facts.

Would you say that all these claims are untrue, as there is very little evidence other than hearsay and conjecture?

Would you say that the Govt has not committed any HR violations at all? Have they committed any HR violations that you are aware of? If so, please let us know as you are much more clued in than most.

The LTTE commits many terrible violations of human rights every day. I hope that the Govt adheres to HR standards and does not lower themselves to the standards of these Wanni pussies!!! That is how we can win this war, I believe.