Monday, September 04, 2006

who will jump to the tro's defense?

assets of the exposed pussy front tamil rehabilitation organisation (tro) were reportedly frozen by central bank of sri lanka. will the assorted peacenks jump to its defense? will consortium of humanitarian agencies (cha), of which tro is a full (not just an associated member as the website says, read their 'annual report') member along with lot of other peacenik non governmental organizations? will the few non peacenik ngos there have the courage to stand up to the peaceniks and stop their being dragged to defend terrorists? how long will it take for the peaceniks to parrot the ltte propagandists call for government to release the ltte front’s assets, so that it can address "the current humanitarian situation in the northeast of sri lanka"? any guesses?


Manshark said...

The FBI said the TRO (in the US) was a front charity org for LTTE funding. Many years too late, but something at least. Now in SL too. Good to hear.

But in Australia?? Oh no, not yet. Cos the LTTE is not a terrorist org down here - merely a group involved in terror activities in its homeland (which apparently is not Oz's problem). See my last post on this very issue.

If there's anything more I hate than racism, it's bloody double standards - "peaceloving" countries which won't "involve" themselves in probs that are 'not theirs' but seem to have no qualms poking their noses in any hole that'll turn up gold (East Timor comes to mind). Aaarrrggghhh.

Sri Lankan said...

How about today!
Not to forget they are asking from the same central bank they bombed.

Lion5Den said...

about time they started cutting off the tiger funds. it is arguably the most important step in winning this war.