Friday, September 08, 2006

return of the muttur refugees - what the peaceniks didn't want to happen

by all accounts thousands of (mostly muslim) refugees who fled the ltte's attack on muttur have started to return to their homes voluntarily during last few days. this is natural given that the main source of insecurity in the area, terrorist camps at sampur, were captured by the sri lankan military.

pussies had several aims when they attacked muttur. immediate aim was to relieve their then beleaguered forces at mavilaru who were holding water hostage. another aim was to have a better position to attack trinco. but perhaps the main reason was to ethnically cleanse the area. though tigers were chased away from muttur (in spite of several peaceniks efforts to prevent that) refugees were reluctant to return with terrorists, who have shown their intentions clearly, so close to their homes. as i pointed out one of the aims of that sampur operation was to get rid of that source of insecurity. by last monday military achieved their aims more or less.

as usual paikiasothy saravanamuttu, jehan perera, jayadeva uyangoda, sunanda deshapriya, sunila abeysekera, kumar rupasinghe and other assorted peaceniks did their best to prevent that by calling for an immediate halt to hostilities. apart from their usual preference for all out appeasement of terrorists, in this case there was probably more immediate and concrete reasons for this: they know they and their ilk will benefit as long as refugees remain refugees because lot of refugee aid passes through their and related ngos.

there maybe some naive mollycoddled young people and even some foreigners in colombo, who because they are either unable to face reality or even think for themselves, accept what their peers or families say without questioning and end up believing all violence is bad and peace is worth any cost. most people who go to fake peace protests and hold placards fall into this category. on the other hand peaceniks i mentioned are intelligent enough to know the facts. still they chose to back a course of action that would have made the sufferings of refugees and terrorist's attempted ethnic cleansing permanent. that they did this while proclaiming they care for the refugees makes this just the latest example of their hypocrisy comparable to their acceptance of ltte's sole representative status while claiming they are human right activists.

people are course free to be selfish. it is only that most leading individual peacniks' self interests coincide with terrorists'. they try their best to hide this with hypocrisy. it is in the other sri lankans' (in this case muttur refugees' for instance) self interest to expose that hypocrisy. more they are exposed for what they really are, even less will they matter.


sach said...

For me this is a complex equation. While I don't condone some civilians having to suffer more for the security of others, I don't approve of peace at any cost either. And I don't think it is possible, under present circumstances, to reach an equation that would be fair to all.

Let me break it down even more. At 2.17am I'm comfortably sitting in front of my pc, the fan is one, I'm comfortable in the knowledge that I can get a good night's sleep afterwards. And then there's another 20 year old girl in Muttur, not able to sleep because she is scared that what happened before will happen again. Because she doesn't know who to trust. Then there's another in an IDP camp, maybe wearing a blouse that I donated for IDP's two weeks back. My dog has better living conditions than those in a muddy camp. At which point will the equation be balanced?

I went a bit off the topic but this is my idea of reality. And I don't know where the solution lies.

Sam said...

There are no deference between warcoholics & peacecoholics.
They both are extremists.
They both conceder other humans are puppets.
They both gain by death – not by life.
They both are professionals in it.
They both does not affected by their action (or their children.)
They both depend on propaganda as their main tactics.
They both answer to no one or respect no one where they activate.
They both try to sit above the government.
They both cater to market need.
They both have no warrantee for the product they market.
They both depend on each other – one sell the table and other sell the chair.

There is a big deferent between peacecoholics and a peace lover. Bob Marley is a peace lover ~ Kumar Rupesinghe is not. John Lennon is a peace lover ~ Sunila Abeysekera is not.
Just like JVP need poverty for them to survive – peacniks need refugees.

All I can say is..

When the broken hearted people
Living in the world agree,
There will be an answer, let it be.

For though they may be parted
There is still a chance that they will see
There will be an answer, let it be.

Let it be, let it be.
Let it be, let it be
Yeah there will be an answer, let it be.

Keshi said...

as usual self-interests.


Komisiripala said...

the problem is as keshi says - self interests.


they know nothing but violence - they live to fight/bomb. if there is peace there is no use for them. if there is afederal solution they will have to join the regular army or disband altogether. the sense of purpose that unites them will be gone - they will become what everybody in the 'peaceful' regions of SL or non-warring countries in the world are; people who are more concerned with their day to day lives than any ideal. they will become obsolete and hated - if they fail in governing their own. if they claim legitimacy they cannot hand out the kind of punishment they hand out right now. they have to bear the criticism with a stoicism they have not displayed since their inception.


war means refugees which gives their claims for more funding/fundraisers legitimacy. NGO's are not transparent enough in their accounting practices imo. if they were there would percious few around. say a million dollars come in - who know how much goes out? who accounts for the 'overhead'? who approves their practices? the poor, the hungry, the miserable - these are all cash cows to every NGO.

weapons dealers

every army needs guns, bombs and all the hardware that goes with it. it is a distasteful job, but there are many who would kill their mothers to get into it. this being the most lucrative business in SL, no one wants to lose out. as long as there is war, there will be purchases of arms and munitions. if there is no war, a country like SL is not going to be making annual purchases like US/UK etc does. we wouldn't need to. basics will suffice and so the weapons dealing will become less lucrative. since these are the people with big money and access to powerful ears and pockets they try to play god with the country just to make some money. condemn the poor, condemn the brave sons and daughters dedicated to the security of the country for a few bucks. a million, a billion. does it really matter? is life really that cheap? every religion preaches how precious and invaluable life is - but someone somewhere decides 1 million rupees is worth it.

i abhor war. i want peace. i believe though that peace doesn't happen when dealing with terrorists. when it comes to them, we need o fight for our right - our freedom, our peace. our right to live happily without fear. war is but a necessary evil - it is not the end, rather it is a means to an end. an end everybody desires (except those above).

i am just happy that we now have a general who doesn't give two hoots what the politicos want him to do. who doesn't give a shit if a weapons dealer pays him or not. and who has the balls to carry through an operation. it is a mark of a general that even in the face of losing his own men - through that grief he is still able to visualize an objective and follow through till it is attained. the general who abandons it because of the number who died, fails all those who died. either it shouldn't have taken place in the first place or it should have been taken to the end.

to hell with the peaceniks and pussies. to hell with the warmongering bastards who try to make a buck. all hail the heroes of Sampoor. these are indeed 'nomiyena minisun' - our immortals.

Keshi said...

rightly analysed Komisiripala. everyone wants their daily bread.


Anonymous said...

IMHO - there is just one remedy to all this - well two but one of them we don't even want to think about! Bomb the entire peninsula - leave absolutely no area unmarked! Then round up the survivors, and shoot them! Also dispose of anybody within the country who opposes and/or otherwise deterr the efforts. Would actually be acceptable had we been a bootlicking nation who paid homage to the self-purported homeland of modern freedom/democracy!

ashanthi said...

politicizing the plight of refugees muslim or otherwise is as low as you can get...

the muslims of Sri lanka have suffered at the hands of many ethnic predjudices - time to set them free and stop using them, the Indian Tamil, the Eastern Tamil, the Colombo Tamil - what do you say s/nut.

PS - to the anon nutter above - what the world needs now is love love love - not mass murder you pathetic excuse for a human being

Komisiripala said...

hey - you alright? long time no noise. hope your ok.