Monday, September 04, 2006

sampur in military hands?

reuters and afp quoting government officials report that, military has moved in to sampur (or sampoor) without much resistance today, after a week of fighting. so does bbc (hardly the most reliable source on sri lanka). nothing yet on mod, national security, or tamilnet.
if confirmed and after consolidation, this is a great development for the sri lankan military. it certainly took less time than i estimated. maybe tigers are even weaker than we think.


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sach said...

Around 4 I heard that the LTTE was still fighting in Sampur's suburbs with mortars and small arms. Haven't followed the story since. What's the latest? And interestingly, at the time the story broke Tamilnet had nothing to say about it so I'm guessing the situation is tipped to our favour.

Keshi said...

tigers get old too.


Lion5Den said...

good news! tigers have now admitted they have withdrawn from sampoor. there is talk that their heavy artillery has been moved to safer places - if so these should be pinned down by satellite imagery and bombed.