Sunday, August 13, 2006

'sole representative' at work again?

the deputy secretary-general of the sri lankan government's peace secretariat, ketheesh loganathan (who was a former eprlf member) was shot dead few hours ago. with last week's failed attempt on life of a senior epdp member pussies are clearly redoubling their efforts to claim the tamils' sole representative status with violence.

they obviously think that slavish acceptance of that status by ngo peaceniks is not worth much and only physical elimination of tamils who do not accept their version of the truth will do.

when will peaceniks learn that acceptance of ltte as tamils' sole representative merely on a claim backed by terror, amounts to depriving tamils of their rights? can anyone who presumes to stand up for human rights as some peaceniks claim they do, accept this?

it's one thing if government accepts this as a temporary and pragmatic way to get tigers to talks. but everyone who wants human rights, freedom, justice, and democracy, (and thus real peace) to prevail in sri lanka should condemn that acceptance and ltte's insistence on it unambiguously.

meanwhile, dbs jeyaraj whose writings are much admired and indeed plagiarized by peaceniks at cpa, is back with his ltte propaganda.
the only argument (other than those taken from fantasy world of conspiracy theories that is) he can advance in support of his claim that government is supposedly engaged in a 'genocidal' war, is that sl military did not stop the mavil aru operation after the alleged 'unconditional opening' of the sluice gates by terrorists. as i pointed out earlier, until civilian engineers of the irrigation department have unimpeded access to the gates without interference from terrorists, now and in the future, the opening cannot be called unconditional. conditional access to water is a war crime. only ltte propagandists and their naive believers will accept arguments like that.
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link to media release from scopp.


Sri Lankan said...

Peacenikis do not care about Tamils or human rights. Only about their wallets.

sach said...

Did you read this interview by Ulf Henricsson? He seems quite frank and given that he is washing his hands off Sri Lanka, I'm wondering if his true colours are really starting to show. The government issued a statement last night denying the accusations he made in this interview.

Manshark said...

I read that article by Henricsson this morning..and wrote off a very bad (cos I was mad *oops*) blog on it.

But something interesting - at a recent forum here in Melbourne on the SL conflict - a speaker (who claimed that the LTTE is the Tamil peoples best bet to escape the discrimination/ marginalisation by the govt) was questioned re: hypothetically, if the LTTE was to be given/ got a separate state, what do they plan to do with the Muslims in the area. His answer? Well, the Muslims will be able to live there in peace cos the LTTE will not oppress others cos they know what it is to be oppressed and the oppressed will never be the oppressor.

Funny example the LTTE has been/is setting about "tolerance", don't you think?

Rajeev said...

if u had read DBS y\jeyaraj on a continious basis, u would know that he is not pro-LTTE, though he would prefer a weak LTTE to a strong one, it borders on ignorance to call DBS a ltte weakling, clearly shows a lack of trying to understand diffrent issues, it is true that the govt was not only interested in the "water" issue, mahindas govt as any politcal analyst worth his dime, knows that, he has been egging to reduce lttes presence on trincomalee,sampur, since he came to power, what we are seeing therefore is a protracted affair, and LTTe attacked the defence lines in the north only after the govt opened up a "new front" and it wasnt to secure to the water.....

sittingnut said...

sri lankan:
you are right about their not caring about tamils or rights, and certainly their motivation why they are so is hard to explain. so may be your surmise about wallets is right too.

yes i saw that was going to write a post about it then saw this news .
and you are right his true colors are beginning to show, what with his failure last sunday and his imminent departure. government should do well to put some one to, so to speak, cover him and his spouting for the next two weeks.

glad to see you here. :-)

wrote off a very bad (cos I was mad *oops*) blog on it.
that is one reason blogs are there :-)

yes ltte actions speak loudly than its false words.

i know he wasn't pro ltte once, but that was long time ago . before he got beaten up by ltte goons. nowadays he is acting more or less like a ltte mouth piece. his recent posts are a good example. same was true about lot of tna mps. instead of acting bravely and independently like ketheesh loganathan above or staying quiet like most tamils, he has chosen to actively support ltte's cause now.

government did not open any 'new front' they just kept up the artillery bombardment and their consolidation in 'mavil aru '. that is just propaganda justification for ltte's own opening of a new front.
it is ltte who opened the muttur last week and when that failed. they are trying to open up jaffna. it is after all they who are supposed to have breached the fdl not the military . government should make them go to where they started before agreeing to any halt to hostilities.
ltte should be made to realize that they will not gain anything by attacks and threats.

Kautilya said...

DBS Jeyaraj is not an LTTEer in the sense that he supports each and every action of LTTE. However, if you study the past articles of DBS you can see a clear pattern emerging - everytime LTTE gets in to cornor and makes a strategic blunder, he is there to "offer advise" and play the usual tune of "humanitarian crisis" and "genocide against tamils" etc.

We must not forget, of course, that he too have been at the receiving end of the LTTE violence.

Interestinly, he was convieniently away during the initial days of the Mavil Aru closure and he did not have the "difficult task" of writing about how LTTE carries out its humanitarian work by cutting off water supply and murdering innocent Muslims/holding them as human shields. Apparently, according to a post on Transcurrents, he was a on a research and hence unavailable.

The start truth that DBS is grappling with is that DBS is techincally okay with a separate state sans LTTE. The LTTE that all these intellectual helped grow and nurtured over the years have turned the guns. It is a bad dream.

The current strategy of the government, in addition to breaking the back of the LTTE, is also addressing a more fundamantel question, that of "traditional homeland". If the LTTE is driven out of the East or suffers a heavy setback, and the people who left the East at the height of the LTTE terrorism returns - scores of Muslimes , Sinhalease as well as Tamils fled LTTE violence from mid 80's to today - then one of the Pillars of the separatism, the myth of a traditional homeland gets seriously diluted.

Agaist as he may be for LTTE's methods and violence, on a higher level the DBS sees the value of having LTTE in place, only if he can get LTTE to use violence bit sparingly, only if it can be directed at identified military targets, only if had they not assasinated Rajiv Ghandi - lets not forget that after the May fiasco of trying to target the troop carrier off Trinco, DBS offered "advice" to LTTE, that it should make peace with India - whatever the cost.

The GOSL is battling many an enemy in its struggle to safegaurd the national security and soveriegnity. Terrorist and its direct and indirector supporters are priority number one. Then come the separatists, who is now at a lost at the brutal tactics deployed by the LTTE agaists the very community it proffess to protect.

The first group has to be neutralized, the second has to be won over, if we are to have a lasting peace.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it ironic that Ketesh himself used to be a director at the "peacenik" CPA?

These people just work for money. He was all for peace when he was at CPA, and then when he was getting paid by the government, he didn't have any problems endorsing military attacks against Tamils.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the LTTE killed him. It must have been a young Tamil civilian angry at his hypocrisy. Perhaps he lost his family to the bombs Ketesh supported. The Liberation Tigers have nothing to gain from his death.

Hugo Denis said...


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Keshi said...

when will ppl really do some actual work for the country and humans without thinking abt their own selfish needs? If and when they start doing that, we will have peace for sure.


Sam said...

May be Anonymous is correct. May be just any other 'young Tamil civilian' killed him. Is 'young Tamil civilian' in Colombo capable of doing things like that?
But since today I never thought 'young Tamil civilian' are common murderous. I thought they are like you and me too and only Tamil Tigers are violent kind.
Was I thinking wrong? Should I change my view about ‘young Tamil civilians' in Colombo? Is my ‘young Tamil civilian' friend capable of killing me if they want to?

jm said...

How typically naive of you keshi darl

Anonymous said...

Sam, my assumption was that he may have been a Tamil youth from the Northeast who was angry at his family getting killed by SLA bombs.

sittingnut said...

agree with you about the two groups

as for dbs jeyaraj, as i said to rajeev, judging by his recent posts now he has become nothing but ltte mouth piece.
lets hope he changes back .

anon at 8/15/2006 4:28 am
i think there were disagreements within cpa.. at least he had the sense to leave it
ppl of course act selfishly that in itself is not bad. it is the consequences of that action that is bad.

he didn't have any problems endorsing military attacks against Tamils.
i don't think government attacks 'tamils' . it attacks ltte . they are not the same.
ketheesh loganathan new that, may be its time you learn it

anon 8/15/2006 4:35 am
you would go any length to excuse the ltte do you ?

hugo denis
thanks but what you are doing is spamming . don't do it.

generally speaking i think ppl should be really selfish. then they will not try to sacrifice on behalf of some silly cause .

that anon was a ltte apologist. ltte and tamils are separate . that is why ltte killed ketheesh loganathan.

get a life

anon 8/15/2006 8:27 am
so you are definite it is not ltte, huh ? why ? care to explain. may be you think ltte does no wrong and is alway reasonable..

Keshi said...

and JM u think ur a super-genius? lol!