Friday, August 11, 2006

jayadeva uyangoda - terrorist boot licker

if anybody needed any proof that peacenik jayadeva uyangoda was a well trained terrorist boot licker read his latest post on water blockade at focus lanka. his own words prove how slavish and how blind these peaceniks have become.

they are so well trained by the ltte that even outsiders like me can predict their behavior with complete accuracy. on july 27 i asked whether after deliberately staying silent during the time government did not do anything , "will they come out of their cocoons to denounce government and excuse terrorists as usual" now that the violence has started ? (i asked the same here too in a dedicated post). lo and behold. they have done exactly that.

i can hear big pussy saying, "good dog!"

i left a comment there which is yet to appear; i left the same comment with minor editing in the moju post dealing with this. you may read it there.

while people are rightfully making a big issue of killing of the 17 aid workers in muttur by unknown persons (however giving credence to allegations of relatives who were not there is taking it too far) . there is not much action taken about the muslim civilians held or killed by the ltte as alleged by other muslim refugees. ltte is also reportedly holding some tamil refugees from moving into government areas. reportedly they are being used as human shields to protect their increasingly untenable artillery positions.

hmmm. does that mean we can make another prediction? will peaceniks denounce government if these civilians are killed when government attacks those positions?


Keshi said...

so now there r bootlickers within so-called peace-keeping authorities? YUIKKKKS!


sach said...

Hehe I have a photograph from tuesday's protest that would complement your entry so well. Lol.

Voice_in_Colombo said...

While, agreeing to some extent your arguement Prof Uyangoda is a LTTE boot licker, I'd like to make few remarks here.
Problem is not purely that they are trained or paid by LTTE. Their personal political ideology, which clash with the present administration is the problem. They see Mahinda as a bigger enemy than Prabhakaran, because their political philosophy doesn't match with Mahinda's. So, they'll link up with any shit head (like prabhakaran) to attack Mahinda. This is the same case with our Sunday Leader editor. And this is the greatest curse for our country! Party politics first, before country.

Why can't they look at things "objectively" rather than "subjectively" ?

Why they always think, we should hurt the political opponent as much as possible, even by taking the side of LTTE?

These type of people in both sides are the ones who screwed CBK's peace attempt, and Ranils attempts. Now, they try to do the same with Mahinda's attempt. Every one want to take the credit that "we solve the problem" so others trying to screw the whole thing.

In conclusion, I'd rank Prof Uyangoda more an "anti Mahinda" extremist, than a "pure LTTE bootlicker"

Sam said...

Old Generation! Have fun with our future using our tax money!

Just Mal said...

I don't think voice_in_colombo is correct.

Prof Uyangoda et al are not particularly anti-Mahinda. In fact, if Mahinda starts supporting the same agenda that he does, he would gladly side with Mahinda.

The issue is that people like Uyangoda are funded by the same forces that provide moral and financial support to the LTTE. Therefore, while it's true that they are not actually trained or paid by the LTTE, they are in fact trained and paid by the same people who train and pay the LTTE.

Unlike Uyangoda, whose problems with Mahinda are mainly ideological, the Sunday Leader editor's issues are mostly those of personal nature. Partisan politics and religious agendas do play a role in his thinking as well.

sittingnut said...

keshi :
no they are not peace keeping authorities . thank god!
just some ppl who think peace is worth any cost, even handing over of ppl to ltte to do as they wish.

hope someone will publish it.

voice_in_colombo :
you may be right he has a anti mahinda as well as pro ltte. his article certainly indicates both .
however one can be anti mahinda and not be pro ltte. lot of ppl are .
some may say it is time every body unite against ltte behind government and some may think government is doing a bad job of handling terror. both those views have a place in a democratic society and should exist .
what does not have a place in such a society is justifying terrorism.. i am not saying ppl who spout out rubbish like that should be banned rather they should be exposed for what they are.

oh, its not just the old generation.

just mal :
problem with your theory about others who fund and train ltte and uyangoda etc. is that we need more evidence for that. on other hand we have uyangaoda's writings and ltte's doings. very hard evidence.

imo there is nothing wrong with partisan politics as long as they do not justify or help terrorists.