Saturday, August 12, 2006

air attack on palaly - propaganda?

above image of palaly airbase was saved from my google earth. (click on it to enlarge)

late yesterday tigers claimed their 'aircraft' flew over the base and fired rockets (given that pussies have some kind of air capability this is a possibility). military denied that claiming it was 'bogus propaganda'.

in this connection it is interesting that tamilnet posted a pic very similar to the above in their report without giving any credit to google earth ( in fact the pic is named palaly airbase aerial view).

when dealing with tigers, people especially journalists, should be careful that they do not get taken in by the propaganda. as i have already pointed out they are quite capable of using whatever is at hand (in that case the icrc) to add credibility to what in the end are false reports.

as i said before nobody can say how ongoing military operations will end up, who is winning, or even the number of causalities, even if we have eyewitnesses in the area. results should only be judged when the situation stabilizes.

so we can now say military was able to drive terrorists out of muttur, but people who parroted claims by both sides that each was in complete control of the town during the battle itself were giving false information.

when someone gives you specific information about an ongoing operation be very sceptical.

ministry of defense scores a point about this after comparing the time of tamilnet report with reported time of the attack. it seems the tamilnet reported even before the 'attack'.

for air attack on 03/26/07 see this post


Sam said...

Before Tamil Tigers lift an airplane up, they need to buy some shoos for young kids they send to get killed. (I mean not Praba’s son and daughter – other tamil people’s disposable kids)

But it is quite possible for Tamil Tigers to accrue an airplane cheap, because SL army has good habit of leaving equipments behind time to time.
Anyway terrorists having their own airplane are the last thing the world need today :-)

Anonymous said...

sorry you sons of monks still dont want to live in peace

Slim said...

great man awesome analysis Tamilnet lie all the times poor tamil ppl get wrong info they just making them fool by giving wrong information
tamilnet suxs all the times

Just Mal said...

It's quite likely that the LTTE has one or two airplanes. At least one NGO was caught trying to smuggle in a de-assembled aircraft as Tsunami aid. Who knows how many got through. But they are more likely to be small civilian crafts rather than military planes and could only be used for kamikaze style terrorist attacks and not conventional warfare.

Really, it's nothing to worry about. If the LTTE insists that their toy plane dropped stink bombs over the Palaly airstrip, then it's better to agree with them and attack their airstrip in retaliation.

sittingnut said...

you are right. it is the last thing we need. but let us be prepared for it and false propaganda .

anon at 8/12/2006 10:23 am:
thanks for that world shattering insight.

it is about time pl realize how unreliable tamilnet is. some may be believing it bc there are worse pro terrorist websites and it at first glance looks moderate by comparison.

just mal :
you are probably right about ltte's real capability.
and yes government should exploit whatever opportunity they get.

SpectralCentroid said...

Sam, just thought 'disposable kids' is a remarkable term.

Keshi said...

why do the LTTE employ kids? cos of this the land they're fighting for will some day have dying oldies..not young ppl. Stupid idiots.


sittingnut said...

ltte doesn't care for anything but its leader's fantasies .

Keshi said...



sittingnut said...

for details on ltte attack on the katunayake airbase on march 26, 2007 read the post dealing with it

freedom4all said...

If monks in Galle forced you to suck their dicks it doesn't mean we have to see things just from their fascist and narrow view.
Fuck LTTE and fuck buddhist nationalists, they belong in the same time-machine.

sittingnut said...

even this simple post is clearly out of his depth