Tuesday, August 01, 2006

make cable tv a basic human right!

dear friends,

we intend to start an online petition to request that cable tv which is a basic human requirement (even more so than water) be made an inviolable human right enshrined in the constitution. let’s put an end to the grave injustice committed on people of sri lanka by holding cable tv hostage.

government which has
started a war on behalf of water is silent on this more pressing issue. this is unacceptable and discriminatory. even the pussies are silent on this. and bbc is yet to write a biased story about it.

time has come to say
'enough' and do 'something'. so let us gather at the nearest rooftop kopi kade and draft this petition. meanwhile you can start by leaving comments on this subject on all the sri lankan blogs, do not mind if the subject of the thread is totally different. make sure your spam comments are better than this specimen.

thank you for your time!


i hate spam.

i have been informed by admins at cbnsat forum that they had nothing to do with the recent comments that were left on blogs about the online petition.


sach said...

lol :) sri lankan bloggers have found a common enemy in Mr.Anony-lets-sign-a-petition-mous.

Komisiripala said...

Yo, I left a nice one on the CBNSAT forum. But goddamn - some people. can they see beyond their own two feet? For once at least?

Keshi said...

I didnt even know SL had banned cable-TV...how ridiculous is that!


Anonymous said...

Both hands up!!!!!!

How can you even expect ppl to live without this basic human need ????

sittingnut said...

it seems some ppl took this post's pink part literaly lol
i was quite surprised at the following blogs that referred to this .
chris farris
global voices online

yes :-)

saw your comment there :-)

keshi :
not banned but they stopped one cable tv due to some regulatory issues but probably bc of other ( competition related ) reasons . any way i think it was resolved since. only some ppl acted as if world was over bc of this.

anon at 8/03/2006 1:36 am

sittingnut said...

global voices online has finally got irony and corrected their entry :-)