Thursday, August 24, 2006

some details about terrorist arrests in u.s.

here are some details i was able to collect regarding the people and events leading up to the arrests made in united states during last few days.

people involved.
ci-1 - confidential informant 1, of sri lankan tamil origin living in staten island, new york. he had previously agreed to co-operate with the government after a drug trafficking conviction a decade ago and, in return for immigration status in america. he is the same person designated as ci-1 in both complaints.
uc -1 and uc -2 in first compliant - undercover fbi agents pretending to be state department officials.
uc -1 and uc -2 in second complaint - undercover fbi agents pretending to be an arms dealer and an arms expert respectively ( i will refer to the later two as uc -1b and uc- 2b to avoid confusion.

sathajhan sarachandran, - “satha”- dob: 10/31/79

sahilal sabaratnam, - “sahil” - dob: 2/8/79
"financial guy"
class of 1998 - east york collegiate institute, ontario, canada
director, communications, canadian tamil congress, toronto, tel: (416) 662-6372, e-mail:
a statement issued by him on behalf of ctc after the dharmaratnam sivaram (former tamilnet editor) murder was carried by "northeastern herald", now defunct (?) online publication given space in tamil original page there is not available but google cache is .

thiruthanikan thanigasalam, - “thani” - dob: 6/11/68

nadarasa yograrasa, - “yoga” - dob: 10/8/54

murugesu vinayagamoorthy, -“dr. moorthy”- “vinayagamoorthy murugesu” - dob: 4/24/49
a doctor based in london. uk. (not to be confused with another murugesu vinayagamoorthy, an engineer living in sacramento, usa). wife - dr. pushpam vinayagamoorthy.
lrcps 1978 glasg, lrcp 1978 edin, lrcs 1978 edin.
the green practice, forest road health centre, 2a forest road,edmonton, london, N9 8RZ
tel: 020-8805-8180, 020-8443-3937
attorney joseph kilada: "i could quantify him as a political activist"

natchimuttu socrates - dob: 11/20/51
16, heartstone drive harford , connecticut. 06070 USA
engineer of south indian origin.
owner of "ew granites & marbles",
1547 new britain avenue , farmington, connecticut 06032
tel: 860-674-0853/800-966-8460
fax: 860-676-2861/860-678-9543
son aristotle socrates : "he's a well-educated community oriented father," "charges are absurd", "they've made a gross miscalculation"
daughter thernal socrates: "we think he’s innocent and that all the charges will be dropped”, “i think this seems to be the new trend these days”, “i don’t know where this is coming from."
attorney gerald del piano: "we plan to fully and vigorously contest the charges". "outstanding member of the community who looks forward to resolving these issues as soon as possible"

vijayshanthar patpanathan, - “chandru” - dob: 4/5/62

thirukumaran sivasubramaniam - dob: 6/20/79
(former?) computer science student of university of waterloo, waterloo, ontario, canada .
sometime president of waterloo tamil students’ association (watsa)

suresh sriskandarajah - age 26
arrested separately in ontario, canada. see below for possible explanation.
personal website including photos by him.
founder , web design company
founder vanni innovation group( - which sends volunteers to vanni to help in 'various projects' in conjunction with tamil rehabilitation organization(tro) and other ngos
(former?) electrical engineering student of university of waterloo, waterloo, ontario, canada .
sometime president (?)of waterloo tamil students’ association (watsa)
former student westview centennial secondary school


throughout the time involved authorities seem to have tracked e-mails, telephone conversations, bank accounts (including those used to launder and fund ltte activities, through ltte fronts like tamil rehabilitation organization (tro) and world tamil coordinating committee, which are mentioned by name). complaints also say these fronts also sent goods and material to ltte in sri lanka.

murugesu vinayagamoorthy and natchimuttu socrates meet uc -1 and uc -2 through ci -1 and offer a bribe with up front payment of us$ 1 million to remove ltte from state department’s foreign terrorist organization list. vinayagamoorthy claims he traveled to states for the express purpose of meeting uc -1 and uc-2 under instructions from "senior ltte leadership in sri lanka". discussions continue.

2005 july
socrates asks whether they "could stop the united states government from sending arms to the sri lankan government" and "provide intelligence about this issue".

2005 september 29
in staten island, vinayagamoorthy when asked about whether ltte will continue to use suicide bombers, says "i feel i have to mention … in the event of war happening, i think it is inevitable that suicide bombing will be used."

sometime during this time an interim payment of $5500 is made to agents by natchimuttu socrates. however the scheme is put on hold ( not clear when) due to prevailing situation in sri lanka.

2005 december
natchimuttu socrates meets uc -1 and ci -1 in order to purchase a classified intelligence document with details of the investigation by u.s. and another foreign government into the tamil rehabilitation organization (tro). he pays uc -1 us$ 1000 to review it (fbi use a specially created fake document for the purpose), and then passes on the information to vinayagamoorthy.

2006 april
canada names ltte as a terrorist organization.
canadian authorities raid the toronto and montreal offices of the world tamil movement(wtm)

2006 july
nadarasa yograrasa(yoga) calls ci -1 to request that ci -1 put him in contact with a black market arms dealer. call recorded.

2006 july 31
ci-1 , yoga, and sathajhan sarachandran(satha), meet in queens, new york and discuss the required weapons with specific reference to surface-to-air missiles to bring down sri lankan government's kfir fighter aircraft. satha says he is under directions from pottu amman (ltte's intelligence chief). he says there is a 'big guy ' in canada who is the pottu amman's direct contact (name of this person is still classified, not known whether he was one of those arrested ). conversation recoded.

later emails are exchanged between satha and ci -1 (under fbi direction). some extracts below.
same day from ci- 1 to satha : "met you today, thanks for meeting. i will contact my guy to see what he has, if it is ok. do you want me to send you pictures of the merchandise?"

2006 august 1
from satha to ci-1: " i am waiting for your merchandise pictures."
from ci -1 to satha: "here are photos of what my guy has available. sa-18 russian made shoulder fired. let me know if your guys are interested. give me a list of what they want and i will ask him what he can get" . two photographs of an sa-18 surface-to-air missile were attached to this email
satha forwards these emails to sri lanka quoting prices: "sa18 $75,000 us 1 reusable and 1 needle and 1 needle $50,000 us". according to fbi "needle" is code for a missile.

2006 august 7
ci -1 and yoga meet again to discuss weapons including AK-47s and truck-mounted missile systems.

2006 august 14
uc -1b calls satha posing as the arms dealer known to ci-1.
satha: "the deal is urgent. unfortunately, we need to meet fast, uh, asap"

2006 august 18
sahilal sabaratnam (sahil) , thiruthanikan thanigasalam (thani), and satha, all three of them canadians, travel to u.s by car from canada telling u.s customs they are going to a bachelor party in buffalo. another person traveling with them (suresh sriskandarajah?) was not allowed to enter u.s by customs agents because of past criminal record and travels back by taxi.

2006 august 19
sahil, thani, and satha, meet ci-1 in queens and travel to long island to meet uc-1b and uc-2b. a sa -18 surface-to-air missile along with firing tube and trigger mechanism (in a wooden crate), and two ak-47 s were brought to the room.
conversation recorded . some extracts.

thani: "we need something for kfir"
uc-1b: "You want to shoot this airplane down?"
thani: "yes"

one of the three defendants: "sometimes getting five or 10 needles is not worth it. it has to be obtained in bulk. at our rate, if we fire 10 at least two will hit."

uc - 1b: (observing the crate )" it looks like a casket".
uc- 2b : "it would put quite a few people in caskets"
defendants say "yes" and laugh.
they also discuss weapons to destroy 'boats', unmanned aerial vehicles for jamming radio transmissions and radar, submarine design software, flight lessons, cell towers, radio controller equipment, global positioning system equipment, short wavelength radio equipment, radio and satellite equipment, air traffic equipment, cameras, computers, and a host of other items
after discussions they agree to pay $900,000-937,500 for 10 missiles (with possibility of buying 50 to 100 later)and 500 ak-47s. uc-2b is to provide training on the use of missiles in sri lanka. cargo to be delivered ship to ship in indian ocean. payment to be made using bank accounts in switzerland, st. croix, or other offshore locations

2006 august 21
of the defendants mentioned above, six are arrested in new york, two outside new york (natchimuttu socrates in his simsbury, conn., home), one in canada (suresh sriskandarajah by royal canadian mounted police in an undisclosed location in southern ontario). altogether at least 13 were arrested and eight named and seven unnamed people are charged. eight named are the first eight defendants here. no details about others.

some sources
us doj press release, usnewswire,
reuters, new york times (registration free link), washington post, washington times, new york sun, associated press, upi, ny daily news, national post,, courant, cnn, sri lanka peace secteraiat, mod sri lanka, media center for national security, asain tribune, tamilnet, spur on other tro and ltte connections

feel free to point out errors or ask for clarifications.
i wrote most of this yesterday. was so busy with work that i did not have time to finish and publish it. i have the same excuse for my inability to reply to comments here or visit other blogs. hopefully i will get less busy during next day or two.


Sri Lankan said...

Thanks for the details.

Keshi said...

dirty roaches breeding overseas too. I say catch em all and spray Mortein.


Theena said...

Can you give us a source for the information? I am just curious.

Janapathi said...

wonder why non of these guys who got caught took cyanide capsules? Is the cyanide capsule instructions applicable only to the lower rank LTTE officers? I wonder! Bloody assholes. They should put in jail for the rest of their lives for funding LTTE and for killing innocent people in Sri Lanka while enjoying the benefits from developed countries. These assholes survive and fund their daily lives, families from the money collected from other tamil expats. I hope they will dig in to the bank accounts and establish more links. Waiting to see who else are involved. Hope that no one in the recent peace rally is part of these LTTE proxy NGO’s.

Chaar~Max said...

Great post mate. I've been really busy, therefore couldn't comment, but been reading all of your posts.

Hope you dont mind me adding your link to a Shoutwire Article I posted.

Well Janapathi, if those sorry f$%kers took cyanide, they wold have sealed their fate, and branded as LTTE. I belive they still have hope, that their Big Lawyers (Funded by the LTTE ofcourse) will bail them out of this one. Maybe they still have some more links in the US Justice Dept.

What ever the case, I hope that these guys are prosecuted, and a huge sentenced is passed on to them, their assests be frozen for like 20 yrs.

A clear message has to be sent out to those people who are still continuing/plan to carry out fund raising activities and arms deals for the LTTE.

Praise to the US Govt + FBI and the Canadian Royal Mounted Police, for taking this up, showing that they have acknowledged the Threat of the LTTE. Not only simply banning them, but taking action against them

Hellaya said...

Lanka Libertarian, Please keep up the good work of educating the Canadian public about these LTTE Murderes and butchers. The only place they belong isin Jail for the rest of their natural stinky life. These stinky pigs(LTTE supporters and fundraises)are polluting our society. We should get rid of these animals from the Canadian society.Well done Mate.

Anonymous said...

All their doin is tryin to support LTTE so the tigers can destroy those nasty singalese that call themselves humans after killin innocent tamil children. Stop genocide in Sri Lanka n dun believe in sri lankas shitty lies. Ban Sri Lankan Embassy From Canada..that will teach the sri lankan government a lesson. and by the way, their big lawyers will bail em out..u watch.

Anonymous said...

fuck the sinhalese

they suck balls

claudia said...

dirty roaches?

If death is defined by the value of a life, what makes you believe a sinhala life is worth more than a tamil life? Buddha's teachings obviously has overpassed many of you.

When government forces bomb school children, orphanages, rape and murder teenagers, these "roaches" are the ones standing up for those who can't speak.

instead of spreading ignorance, analyze the situation. don't disgrace all sri-lankans with your stupid comments.

Anonymous said...

to claudia and the other terrorist sympathizers -
do not equate tamils with tiger terrorists. only racists do tah . but then you already are racists

and if you have real proofs of atrocities by government let us see them.
terrorist propaganda sources are not evidence. only foolish racists, supporting terrorists, and trying hard to excuse tiger's well documented atrocities believe them . but then that describes you well .