Tuesday, August 22, 2006

ltte bans bearing fruit?

while tigers were baned in united states, britian, india, canada, and eu, until recently those bans seem to be of mere symbolic importance (except in india). however during the last few months some foreign governments have started to act on them (as well on general anti terrorist legislation in some countries that do not specifically ban ltte), most notably in canada, australia, and thailand.

few hours ago two unsealed complaints in united states district court in brooklyn against eight recently arrested suspects revealed that fbi had been conducting extensive investigations and undercover operations against ltte. details as revealed in complaints makes for interesting reading.

suspects were accused of trying to raise funds ( through ngo fronts like tamil rehabilitation organization(tro) and world tamil coordinating committee), obtain weapons including surface-to-air missiles (with training ), bribe u.s. officials to take ltte off the list of banned terrorist organizations, and obtain an intelligence document on u.s. and other investigations into tro.

let's hope the suspects - murugesu vinayahamoorthy, nachimuthu socrates, nadarasa yogarasa, sathajhan sarachandran, sahilal sabaratnam, thiruthanikan thanigasalam among others - get the justice they deserve. and let's wish all the best to the investigations.

reuters, usnewswire.

meanwhile in sri lankan peacenik hangouts like moju, one is sure to be at the receiving end of an unending stream of venom if one so much as breathes a word against tro. kumar rupasinghe the main organizer behind the recent so called 'peace' march which resulted in violence is in record defending tro. let's see how long they will maintain that head in sand attitude.


Keshi said...

**that fbi had been conducting extensive investigations and undercover operations against ltte.

thats great! every little bit counts.

**suspects were accused of trying to raise funds

here too we have few Tamils raising funds for the LTTE. It's a wrong thing to do - I mean raising funds for terrorism!


Sri Lankan said...

At last!

sach said...

It's a good start but it's not enough is it? But on a more optimistic note, if the US of A is doing something like this, then many other countries can be expected to follow suit and that would be really great.

Sam said...

I catch at the end of the news something about some Tamil Canadians arrested when trying to perchance some missiles. It is hardworking Tamil People’s money at the end of the day.

Out of the topic ~ I’m not really sure does Kumar Rupesinghe really want to support LTTE ~ I think may be he is not. I know he was behind the first MOI and I personally admire the way it arranges until MOI passed in to step-mother’s control. Also Kumar is very close friend of Mahinda for long time. But end of the day ~ full scale war or full scale peace does not help any peace NGO.

ivap said...

Can someone give me the 101 on Kumar Rupesinghe?

shimmi said...

ha, i totally misunderstood the heading of your post, i thought you meant the ltte was banning the carrying of fruit.

thanks for your comment on my blog, glad you like the pic.

Chandare said...
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Chandare said...


Chandare said...

Kumar Rupasinghe 101:Once the leader of leftist Janvegaya group during 70-77 era.Was married to Sunethra Bandaranayake ,Now divorced.Academic,businessman and NGO activist.



Just Mal said...

Some dirt on Kumar...

Was accused by the Sierra Leone government of being involved in illegal diamond mining and smuggling while he was the chairman of the International Alert which shut down its operation in SL after it was going to be investigated for complicity with terrorist groups. Got kicked out of that country.

IA was also investigated by the British government at that time.

Was vigorously anti-Tamil, anti-Indian while he was part of the Janavegaya.

Is incredibly wealthy, and alleged to have millions of dollars in overseas accounts and investments.

Many critics consider him to be one of the most corrupt NGO bosses in Sri Lanka.

Happens to be very close to the leadership of both SLFP and UNP.

Sam said...

I have no clue about his activity with International Alert. I heard it is very corrupted. But I know he was JVP sympathizer at that time (80s).

After international alert, he moved to Norway. Become the chairman of Software company call QMSI. Also he was actively involved in .com business. Make a deal with MobileMedia in UK and brings a development center to Sri Lanka. Eventually both companies’ bankrupts because of .com crash and then he move back to old politicos. Also he gives a good try to bring Ericsson development to Sri Lanka.

Married to Marit Haug ~ Norwegian Lady ~ Helpful wife ~ good cook like most of the Norwegians.

Unbelievably well connected in international diplomatic circle. Example: he was the commissioner of the ‘State of the World Forum’ when board including Sonia Gandhi, James Baker, Mikhail Gorbachev, Ted Turner, Desmond Tutu, Colin Powell, and lot more.

Up to my knowledge start of this peace process is brainchild of Kuma’s (I may be half wrong here). Originally he wanted to be the mediator of the peace process ~ but since he is a Sri Lankan he had to take a backseat and invited Eric. There was a rumor he was looking at the Nobel peace price ~ but I do not personally think so. Related to Bandaranayaka and batchmate and long time friend of Mahinda. Adviser to Ranil when peace process was implemented, if I remember correctly.

I have no clue about his bank accounts. He have a house in Norway and he rented one in London since his children was studding there. At least he does not live luxury life. Let me put it this way, I have seen lot more rich people in Sri Lanka than Kumar. But he is a saver ~ not a spender when it comes to finance.

He is not the person who he used to be when he was at Janvegaya. Very ambition; thinks like businessmen, money motivate him. NGO is another business. I personally thinks he is a good assets if use correctly, not like his brother.

Even though his views change time to time ~ last time he thought LTTE should govern North for some time without Taxation and Military rights.

But at the end of the day I don’t think even Kumar knows 101 about Kumar Rupesinghe.

Komisiripala said...

can you believe that the guy socrates named his son, aristotle? Full name of son; Aristotle Socrates.

a 6 year investigation hints at real commitment to deal with the ltte.

face it, terrorists are terrorists. it doesn't matter if they are tamil tigers, al qaeda, maoists rebels, shining path etc. all these bastards just want to kill.

hang em from the nearest streetlamp i say.

Just Mal said...

"hang em from the nearest street lamp i say."

there aren't enough street lamps in the north to hang all the terrorists.

hypothetically speaking, if you take out the ltte factor, all these little terrorists will transform back to the farmers and tradesmen or whatever nature intended them to be.

where did all the jvp terrorists of the 80s go? crush the head, and the body will fade away.