Monday, August 21, 2006

well done!

mayumi raheem - swimming - women’s 100m breast stroke.
chinthana vidanage - weight lifting - 62 kg category.
andrew abeysinghe - swimming - men’s 200m back stroke.
they are the first three sri lankan gold medalists at the ongoing tenth south asian games. hopefully more will follow.

for more details about the games see following two web sites (they are however only occasionally updated)

athletes of south asia showed what they are made of in deciding to participate in these games in spite of security concerns, unlike the flowery chickenboks of south africa.

of course south african cricketers are free chicken out if they wanted to. however, imo if international cricket council (icc) does not cancel a cricket tour and a team leaves anyway for whatever reason, opposing team should be awarded wins for the scheduled matches and icc team rankings and player statistics should changed accordingly. this should be done in addition to fines and damages awarded to sponsors and organizers.

update :
three more gold medals for sri lanka on 21st:

sriyalatha wickremasinghe
- cycling - women's 20km time trial.

meemanage perera
- cycling - men's 40km time trial.

andrew abeysinghe
(his second) - swimming - men’s 100m back stroke.


ddm said...

good point on wins being awarded to the teams that did stay back. Specially given that pakistan had to forfeit to england for the 40mins or so protest at yesterday's oval test.

SpectralCentroid said...

Those were first and the only three golds so far! Damn. Is it me or did we seem to do better at the last games in Colombo? Well, we did have a few close calls like in table tennis but unfortunatly 'how close' is not reflected in the medals tally. Hopefully with track and field and boxing we'd get some more. Its indeed frickin boring with India racing away.

Keshi said...

Well-done indeed!

:) sweet kids.


sittingnut said...

i posted a comment here (see below) at 8/21/2006 06:52:39 am it was at the top.
but did not make it clear that it was from 'SAG' who sent me an email with the comment saying he could not post here bc of some blogger error .
i have now deleted it bc it was posted as from 'sittingnut' see below for the comment.
SAG said
With India winning most of the events games are boring.

sittingnut said...

thanks for alerting me about the blogger error. and yes, it can be boring at times.

agree with you completely on that. saw your post.

yes we still have time and opportunity to get some more.
and table tennis women's team gold was really close .

keshi :
yes they look very sweet :-)

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