Monday, July 31, 2006

where the f**k were ngo peaceniks hiding?

as i wrote earlier, for the last 10 days ltte was holding water hostage. government which cannot and should not give in to ransom demands started air raids last week to give cover to ground troops, which were expected to launch an operation to open the sluice-gates of mawilaru anicut. that ground operation seems to have started yesterday (rather belatedly imo) though it is expected to move slowly given the anticipated booby traps and mines. with ltte promising to retaliate this could very well escalate to full scale war.

during whole of this time peaceniks were conspicuously silent on the issue. these are people who usually start issuing statements to the media at the drop of a hat.

if they really want peace that benefits the ordinary people in north east, and want to been seen as impartial, this was a time when they could have done something tangible. they could have pointed out to ltte that they are committing a war crime and tried to persuade them to release the water thus preventing a potential escalation of violence. failing that, they could have condemned ltte action. instead they chose to stay silent.

they do not stay silent when it comes to anything that can potentially adversely affect ltte, for example with regard to e.u. ban when they embraced the ltte line. they do not stay silent when it comes to any incident that can be blamed on the sri lankan military based on flimsiest (if that) evidence. however they chose to stay silent when thousands of people were deprived of water, leaving the government with no other choice but to use force.

question is, will they start condemning the military once civilians die accidentally as a result of this military operation (almost inevitable given that ltte is reportedly forcing civilians to gather around their positions to act as human shields). if they do, ask where the fuck were they hiding during the last 10 days?

deliberate silence of the peaceniks when it came to condemning this terrorist act, also allowed jhu warmongers to appear as champions of ordinary people in northeast deprived of water with some credibility. as everyone saw jhu organized marches in the area, aimed at getting the government to hurry up with the operation, were attended by thousands of people of all communities (sinhalese, muslims, and tamils) and some of the meetings were held in buildings and grounds belonging to hindu kovils with priests attending.


Komisiripala said...

For once eveybody held hands and were united in presenting exactly what they want from the government - to protect their fundamental human right of access to palatable water. In defense of its citizens the GOSL has launched actions that it feels as necessary due to the reticence of the rebels to negotiate on the issue. Adding into the mix is veiled threats to EU members of the SLMM which has effectively guaranteed the rebels free reign over their propaganda machine.

The peace loving NGO's are for the most part always for the underdogs, pity the fools as they don't realize that they are being used in every possible way by the LTTE. They feed the lines every NGO loves to hear - anti Government sentiment, thats what most NGO's need to beat the war drums in order to fill their own coffers by begging the international donors saying god knows what.

No one cares when LTTE or any terrorist org uses civillians as human shields, but the minute a nation state kills ONE civillian because of the human shield scene, all hell breaks loose. F**k.

Voice_in_Colombo said...

Yes sittingnut. Co incidently I raised the same question on this post.

"With all these happenings, my disgust towards tiger terrorists, and the media/bloggers who keep quiet about brutality of tiger terrorism and keep chanting the mantra of "peace / enough state violence against Tamils of north" is ever increasing.

With their silence in this water conflict, we can clearly understand their double standard of definition of valiance & brutality."

And, Komisiripala, tell you the truth, for the date I haven't heard about a real "peace loving NGO" in this country. NGO's are nothing less than another profit making scams by appearing as "good" against some known evil, like theAnti Nigerian Scam.

They come as saviors against some known evil. But, their own objective is also to earn few bucks. You can realize it by the number of Tsunami villages we see in south coast, limited only to name boards.

Pls correct me if I'm wrong. Are there really, "true peace loving NGO's," even as underdogs?

Yes, sittingnut, JHU, and Rathana Thero in particular managed to score few runs on this issue. But, atleast we should thankful for them for coming to the front on behalf of poor villagers. (Knowing that every action by any political party of this country is with a hidden agenda, it's pointless to argue about what JHU's hidden agenda is in this occassion). Even the UNP issued a "late press release" last evening, condemning the tigers act. I think they have learned a lesson now :-)

Keshi said...

All I can say is every group in SL is selfish and r trying to harvest from such situations..the victims r always the poor ppl.


Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,

We have created an online petition to be handed over to the relevant
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CBNSat subscribers who have invested in a legitimate service.

Please visit the following URL and sign with your details.

Send this to all your contacts !

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"CBNSat Subscriber Unite"

Voice_in_Colombo said...

Mr.Anonymous, Now, how this f***ing CBN sat, relate to the Mavil Aru conflict? People are dieing without drinking water, in the same country we live. And you buggers are dieing to get back the f***ing dish on top of your roof.

Anonymous said...

And what happened to "Ashanthi" ?

Sam said...

What is the last disease doctors cured? Polio. After Polio doctors did not cure any other disease. They realize the mistake they were doing.
Now they control disease – they don’t cure them.
Why there is no cure for Aids but only controlling medicines? Why there is no cure for Athletic Foot but controlling medicines?
There is no money in Cure.
Think about JVP projects – Pot making project for villages they started before (Guru Peheyen ~ Ran Peheyata) – do they trying to make the villages rich by making pots? No! They want them to survive as poor – because they need poor people for them to survive.

Same with the peacemaking NGOs too – they need war – without war there is no peace making. They need war to survive.

We can’t depend on any None Government Organizations – that is why we have government organizations :-) Only way to eliminate those ridicules None Government Organizations bullshit is make the government organizations stronger.

sittingnut said...

agree with you .
f**k indeed.

voice_in_colombo :
read your post
i use the word peacenik to ppl who are willing to pay anything( justice, freedom, human rights, democracy, etc. ) just so they can have 'peace' even though it may deliver millions of ppl to tiger control and oppression.
there are ngos who advocate that more or less, even though they will deny it.
there is nothing wrong with political parties having agendas of their own. we just have to be aware of them.

keshi :
you are right.
but sometimes one has to take sides.

anon at 7/31/2006 12:09 pm:
your comment is irrelevant here
what you are doing is spamming. you better stop.

anon at 8/01/2006 12:56 am :
no idea. hope she is ok

sam :
i am not sure making government organizations stronger will make any difference.( making them more efficient might bt governments are by definition inefficient)
as for ngos. some do good work ( not the normally loud mouthed peacenik ones) . so what should be done is to make them more transparent. so pl will know what they are for and can understand their motives. that way everyone can decide how to deal with them.

Komisiripala said...

Goddamn a**holes making bids for attention to restore F**king TV? Man, if they had the guts they would show a name or website. Take no mind, its thanks to these dumbasses the country is struggling to move forward - they who have it flaunt it with no care for others who does not have a hundredth of that.

P.S: Sittingnut, apparently I was taken of the kottu blog roll... I was quiet for a while. Any idea how to get back in?

sittingnut said...

i hate spam. see my next post.

as for kottu you can contact them through their contact form.
or contact indi at
i do not know them personally.

anyway i left a comment about your blog and another blog today there, but you may want to do that yourself.

krandor said...

While the spamming regarding the CBNSat issue is uncalled for, I would think given the reasons it was shut down, the matter should not be regarded as trivial.

It's about a successful business, which made sattelite TV accessible to the masses, being victimized by those with political influence, with the race of the owners being a factor. We've then had the judicial system being made a mockery of and run based on the connected individuals agenda. Plus this goes all the way to the inner circle of the President.

I would have thought all those are as relevant to the state of the nation as anything else - especially with the racial angle being played. Again however, the comment spam is not good at all.

sittingnut said...

aren't you making unsubstantiated allegations. if you have any proof of them pl put them forward.