Tuesday, May 30, 2006

european union bans ltte

council of ministers of the eu decided to list ltte as a banned terrorist organization about an hour ago.
about time.
not that it will change much.
for all those who had eyes it was clear ltte wanted to provoke a war this year from end of last year. ltte's claim just before the ban that it will have no option but to go to war if they were banned was merely a pathetic blackmail attempt .

as usual paikiasothy saravanamuttu,of centre for policy alternatives seem to have bought ltte line. he is quoted by reuters 'i can't see any way out of ... moving towards large-scale hostilities.' he is wrong. ltte, now as before, have two clear options; restart peace talks or go for full scale war with complete responsibility for it.

eu list of terrorist organizations, as at 21 march 2006 (pdf 43kb)


Keshi said...

whoaaaaaaa excellent news! Thank u Lord! This is one step ahead real peace I hope...

And thanks Sittingnut for ur get-well wishes when I was sick...Im ok today..a little bit better than yday :)


uttara said...

hey which is ur blog .. this one or the other one .. am lost !!!:d

hows ya mate!!

sittingnut said...

heyy mate !

i am so happy you are ' little bit better' . hope you will be completely fit soon :-)

yes this is good news but i don't think it will mean peace. :-(

hello ! :-)
i am so glad to see you here .
you are always welcome. :-)

yes this is my blog, mine alone. other one is a group blog. i post occasionally there. however at the moment the principal blogger there and i are having... a lets say.. a disagreement :-(

Keshi said...

whoaa Uttsy is here too - yeyyyyyyyyyyy! Happy n warm beginnings to new friednships!


Keshi said...

and thanks Sittingut :)

it could be a step towards peace somehow...why not?


sittingnut said...

heyy mate! :-)
it could be a step towards peace somehow...why not?
yes you are right it is a step towards peace .. in the long run.