Wednesday, May 31, 2006

another false peacenik ngo argument

last month i showed the fallacy of two common arguments advanced by peacenik ngos and the inherent ltte bias contained therein. statements coming from them after eu listed ltte as a terrorist organization contain another argument whose fallacy is obvious to anyone who is not blind.

soon after the eu ban paikiasothy saravanamuttu,of centre for policy alternatives (yes, the one with plagiarized and biased reports) said to reuters "i can't see any way out of ... moving towards large-scale hostilities." today jehan perera of national peace council said to mtv(that is maharaja tv in sl) that this ban would politically isolate ltte and it might decide as a result to embark on military 'adventures'. he told bloomberg that “unless the government is able to take some very positive initiatives with respect to the peace process, a strong ltte military reaction may be anticipated". others of same ilk have been making similar noises

one has to ask, where have these gentlemen been for the last six months? wasn't ltte already doing its best to provoke government into a war by almost daily attacks on the military and civilians? what would have been the consequences if navy escorts were unable to prevent the suicide attack on ferry carrying 700+ military on 11th may? in fact it is government's restraint that prevented a full scale war up to now.

in other words, ltte was 'moving towards large-scale hostilities' before the ban, it was taking 'military action' before the ban, and if there is going to be a 'reaction' on the part of ltte to the eu ban, it will not be noticeable from what went before.

all the while ltte had another way open to them, they just have to say the word to restart peace talks. government is already sitting on the other side, with international community putting pressure on ltte (and this ban is just that, nothing more practically speaking) to sit too. so what is preventing them from sitting down for talks? their own decision to go to war apparent since presidential election? on that these peaceniks are silent. are they buying the ltte line there too ?

if they say similar nonsense again, please ask them ,
  • whether they did not notice all those ltte attacks before the ban?
  • or are they merely towing the ltte's line as usual to excuse any further ltte atrocities ?
because either they are blind idiots, or they are blatantly biased towards ltte. it has to be one or the other.
same goes to everyone else who advance this false argument.


Keshi said...

it seems that many ppl r permanently blind now...even the so-called 'peace' seekers seem to be immune to all the bloodshed and just existing w.o really doing anything abt it..


Anonymous said...

It is very unfortunate that the govt and LTTE have decided to continue the shadow war with heavy civilian casualty. At the end of the day both parties dont seem to have any respect for civilian life but just furthering their own case for survival.

Darren said...

These peacenik NGO's need to be told in no uncertain terms to fuck off. Seriously. They stuff cash into their fat pockets, dine and wine, live in the security of the South and then bitch and whine and do everything they can to help legitimise the LTTE.


Jack Point said...

I think the ban is positive and may help to bring the LTTE back to the table.

However, there is always a danger of further escalation,(which I think is what Jehan Perera was trying to say) in the event the LTTE decides to show the world that they don't care.

What I expect, in the event the LTTE goes for "major escalation" is something on the lines of

a) a major onslaught to drive the army out of Palay and Jaffna, perhaps even the East.
b) Large scale attacks on prime targets in the Capital such as the parliament, or economic targets like the port, airport, etc

sittingnut said...

yes. most ppl are blind here.
and the particular brand of peaceniks i refer to give 'peace' a bad name .

anon at 5/31/2006 8:30 am
ppl always act on selfish motives even peaceniks. unless we recognize that and assess the reality as is, we will not have real 'peace'

let them spout rubbish . that's their right. but rubbish will always be rubbish. if they try to conceal that fact one just have to shine daylight on it . that will be enough .
anyway these ppl have lost(if they had any in first place) all credibility in sl.

jack point
yes let us hope that the ban will bring ltte to the table.

as i said they have two options; table or start war on their own responsibility . the probable escalations you refer to will mean full scale war. in the short term though they will probably keep on trying to provoke the military in order to share the blame as they have been doing for the last few months. that is why we should keep on doing what we do now.

Keshi said...

I agree...