Wednesday, May 03, 2006

thanks for the wishes, keshi and friends

i am quite lost for words.

i am having the my best birthday ever in the internet and i am glad it's a day late. i feel like i am having two birthdays in a row :-)

keshi, thank you very much for the post and the music, i am quite touched. huugggzzz!
i will cherish it always.

a big thank you to everyone who wished especially to all the keshi's blog friends. i will always remember them.

i love you all.


sophie said...

i came from keshi
Happy B'day boy
Many more happy returns of the day
God Bless You

Electra said...

happy birthday! :)

hope the day was good, and that the year ahead is too.

Niroshan said...

Happy Birthday man!
Always read your blog with interest because there aren't a lot of Sri Lankan bloggers who are in their thirties, like I am(Sorry for reminding the age,again)!

Horus said...

Wish you all the best dude.

null said...

hey man!!! happy birthday to ya!!

Rock on dude!

ddm said...

Happy b'day, take it easy.

Savi said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Keshi is a simple minded fool.
Is it a genetic mutation that lead to fewer brain cells ?

karmic_jay said...

From Keshi's place.. Happy b'day maan!

ashanthi said...

Hubby says he wants you to have a few Elephant beers and hopes to teach you how to Surf the best waves in world at Aragam bay one day.

Puppy says - he hopes you're getting used to his mother's scoldings by now because he has...

and I say, you deserve all the scoldings you get for being stubborn but it has truly been my pleasure to get to know you.

We wish you the very, very best.


Heres wishing u a B-lated birthday wish, definitely got here via Keshi...You sure have a friend to treaure...:):)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Many happy returns - I hope your day was good.

Dewaker Basnet said...

happy bday dude...god bless ya:)

Jeevan said...

Wish you a Happy Birthday sittingnut:), came through Keshi's blog.

~CC~ said...

happy belated b day man!

ANKIT said...

happy birthday mate...though a belated one..!

archana said...

belated birthday wishes!!!
may all your dreams come true!

came here via keshi's blog

Keshi said...

awwwwwwwwwwww this was such a pleasant surprise for me! :):) hehe thanks mate...

well beautiful minds need to be celebrated...u deserve every bit of the glory...u have always been a 'friend' to me...thats what I cherish...we must cherish the good times even if they wont last forever...and we can cherish those memories forever and ever...even after we r gone from here...

Thanks for being 'you'!


Keshi said...

Sophia, Jay, Scribblez, Dewaker, Jeevan, Ankit, Archana...THANKS GUYS! So sweet of u to come here and wish u guys!

Hey Ashanthi hows u? :)


anuj said...

Happy bday dude.

hav fun .

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...


Happy Birthday once again :D

ashanthi said...

Hey Keshi - i'm ok, pissed off about S/L (in case you hadn't noticed) and missing you... I take it you've been busy - I must visit your blog to find out how you are ...

sittingnut said...

sophia :
god bless you too

thank you very much
yes the day was good and hope the year will be likewise to everyone.

so you are in thirties too . great :-)
i don't mind my age

thank you

hey! thanks

thanks a lot

glad to see you here . thanks

thank you

thank your hubby for me and puppy too. tell him/her its quite ok i like scoldings. :-)
and arugam bay it will be when you come here.
and thank you very much :-)

scribblez to wakeup:
thanks for wishes
and yes i know.

rhythmic diaspora
yes the day was good.

dewaker basnet
thank you
god bless you too.

thank you very much

~cc ~
thanks a lot

thanks. i don't mind the lateness i am still celebrating

thanks you for the wishes

thanks! you have fun too :-)

more the better :-)

sittingnut said...

thanks again
i am certainly going to cherish these memories forever and ever :-)

i think you bring out whatever good is left in me .

Keshi said...

**i think you bring out whatever good is left in me .

if something good is left in ya, that means ur a good person anyways :) Cos if there isnt any good in someone, no amount of any external influences can make that person good anyways...


Just Mal said...

34 now? lol

Mahisha said...

a bit late... belated wishes....

Trigger said...

Hey, I know it is way too late but a very merry Birthday to you for the 2nd of May. May time be more generous with us all!

sittingnut said...

no amount of any external influences can make that person good anyways.
not sure about that, external influences do help.:-)
of course we all have good inside us.

thanks :-)

just mal
yes 34 :-)

thanks a lot :-)

thank you very much :-)
glad to see you here