Thursday, April 27, 2006

an update: cpa report on trincomalee

as you may know if you have been reading this blog. i have advanced evidence to show the bias of statement issued by centre for policy alternatives(cpa) on 21st. I have also advanced evidence to show that it was in fact a partial plagiarism from one of dbs jeyaraj's blog posts. so far i am yet to see any evidence to the contrary here or at moju where this is discussed.

it has since emerged that cpa has published (on 26th or later, a fact not mentioned in website, though it is dated 21st)a report purporting to be the report on which earlier statement was based. this new report while answering my questions regarding the availability of the actual report of the so called 'fact finding' and clarity regarding whether the all signatories of earlier statement actually took part in the 'fact finding'(they did not), fail completely to answer other questions raised.

all the other questions i raised regarding representativeness, the transparency , and methods, used in that 'fact finding mission' still remain valid for this report as well. they are yet be answered for earlier statment.

evidence i put forward showing bias of earlier statement with regard to content and recommendations is still valid for that statement and this newly published report.

to be fair, this new report does use the word 'unconfirmed' more often before putting forward allegations and it states that 'Most of the people we spoke to in the town , who were mostly tamil or non Sri Lankan'.

however that only raises the question as to why was that uncertainty almost completely dropped when cpa issued the earlier statement if that was based on this as it was implied? is this more evidence for bias and selective fact finding when releasing that earlier statement?

in this connection it is of importance to note that earlier statement was used by tamilnet and others as propaganda almost immediately after its publication.

in the same way plagiarism charge is still valid for earlier statement. in fact earlier statement has more in common with the jeyaraj's post than this report except for the recommendation part.

for instance in case of hatton national bank this new report details an attempt to attack the teller machine but earlier statement was shown to have plagiarized the paragraph containing the reference to hatton national bank from from jeyaraj word to word.

given that no significant effort has been made so far to disprove the charges of bias and plagiarism,
and given that almost all questions raised regarding the earlier statement are valid with regard to new report as well,
we are left with no other option but to doubt the bona fide of cpa and its motivation.


Keshi said...

hey Sittingnut I dunno much abt this case but how's SL after all the bombings etc?


Morquendi said...

ado, attention grabber. no one is litening to you anymore. so pick another fight. everyone knows this baseless argument of yours has been carried on for too long. it's not even funny anymore.

have you written to DBS to ask him what he thinks? He's in canada isn't he. can't have done much fact finding himself. or perhaps you're his local handler plagiarising on his behalf.

so when're you joining the army? the LTTE is shitting their pants!

ashanthi said...

Morq - will you stop it please. Keshi can you tell these 2 to cut it out. Bloody men.

s/nut - can we have an article about how many civilians have been killed. Truly - why don't you investigate that. You know how the western press is always regurgitating the line "60,000 have been killed in a war that has spanned 2 decades"

Well - let's add up how many have died since we got independence from the Poms. I'd say we'd be looking at at least half a million and essentially Sri Lanka has been at war with itself since independence.

No wonder Sri Lankans can't exist without killings - fabricated or otherwise. Civilians, soldiers, journalists, children, anyone, everyone. If you want to die - just be born a Sri Lankan.

Morons. You 2 will one day be pushing your weight around in Sri Lanka no doubt. You'll have you're own set of thugs going around bashing up each other.

Ahhh - peace, who needs it when we can just have more of the same bloody crap.

sittingnut said...

others have written posts confirming the validity of questions raised regarding this cpa statement.




sittingnut said...

its all checks and searches at the moment . we will see what happens.

everyone knows this baseless argument of yours has been carried on for too long. it's not even funny anymore.
see above
cpa or the signatories wont get away that easy :-)

have you written to DBS to ask him what he thinks?
who said anything about jeyaraj finding facts? who said he had facts?
cpa only copied from his post however he got it. evidence proves it .
if you want to disprove it disprove the evidence if you can. at least get someone else to do as you obviously can't due to you know what.

so when're you joining the army?
why should i ? :-)
did i advocate war?

ashanthi :
s/nut - can we have an article about how many civilians have been killed
where ? tell me what yo are referring to and i will give the substantiated figures if i can.

peace, who needs it when we can just have more of the same bloody crap
ltte just has to stop the attacks. all others flow from it at the moment.

Keshi said...

oh ok, thanks! And u take care ok...


Undo said...

Sittingnut, here are some pictures that will PISS OFF Morquendi:

ashanthi said...

S/nut - you know where...

I'd like stats for all villages that have taken retalitary strikes by the army on how many people were killed & how many have been displaced. I'd also like this broken down into civilian vs ltte vs army vs paramilitary.

One of the reasons I ask this, is that whilst we continue to have the all glorious reporters from the western press continuing to repeat like a stuck record "more than 60,000 people have been killed in the war that has spanned 2 decades" - we are not getting a message across to the world that killing in S/Lanka is rampant and we need international support to stop it.

The opening line by these news people should be "more than half a million people have been either killed or disappeared since independence excluding those taken by the Tsunami, 1 million continue to be displaced and millions have left Sri Lanka as a result of the war"

It makes it very hard to watch these BBC reports when you know they have only picked up on a few points & don't seem to have all the facts past & present.

So - I turn to the blog - to my mates s/nut & Morq and what happens#!@$#$^@^@#$#$%%$& Some silly little self-proclaimed brat, Electra, starts telling me that I'm obsessed with him.

Until you s/nut started fighting with Morq - I didn't even know he had started Nittewa up again.

They're just far too young over there on schmIndi's blog - I think thats what I get so fed up about. Wasn't Electra involved with a bit blog-spat with Chandrae sometime ago? Still - I think her hearts in the right.

Seriously though, we really need you both to keep giving us the real facts. I understand that your leanings are going to be from vastly different points of view but as I said before I find the 30 second snippets on TV, really annoying.

sittingnut said...

its always good to see you here

thanks. did you create them?
i don't go for that kind of pics but i hope morquendi does :-)

here some links from bbc

and given the bbc's pro ltte bias, as was demonstrated by its exaggeration of displaced numbers due to strikes, even they may be exaggerations.
almost all the hits were on ltte positions.

"more than half a million people have been either killed or disappeared since independence excluding those taken by the Tsunami, 1 million continue to be displaced and millions have left Sri Lanka as a result of the war"
that is an exaggeration. and should not be reported.

i never give figures that were not confirmed elsewhere and with links. morquendi has some plain wrong accounts as always. any report of his must be treated with skepticism.

btw aren't you obsessed with morquendi? i am quite jealous :-)

Keshi said...

Hope u'll have a great day ahead Sittingnut :)


ashanthi said...
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ashanthi said...

S/nut the BBC is not biased towards the ltte - stop being silly. True or not - the ltte are blamed for - murdering an Oxford don, suicide bombing using a pregnant woman, who Jesus I ask myself, what the hell was a Tamil woman doing swaning around Army soldiers - anyway that's for another post... and choosing the Norwegians to broker Peace when we used to be thier colony - hmm I don't really think they give a shit about being biased about in favour of Tamils, yah?

They are however, being given unprecedented access, hence they are doing stories well a certain way.

"btw aren't you obsessed with morquendi? i am quite jealous :-)"

As I've said before s/nut you are so lucky that you live across a few oceans from me - don't you dare tease me about that stupid comment by Electra - if anyone is obsessed with Morq it's indi & his Kottu idiots. As I said before - there are many people reading these blogs - quite a few are not Sri Lankans & Morq is winning the popularity contesst hands down. However, people do appreciate your perspective.

Anyway - I deserve it for spending so much of time on indi's bloody blog and getting into an argument with a child (Electra) who is obviously trying to impress some "boys" she's gotten to know.

Now - why are you blaming Morq for those figures... stop trashing him all the time.

Here's how I get to these figures -
250,000 were killed in the 2 JVP uprisings, 100,000 Tamils have been killed since independence, at least 100,000 Sri Lankans have lost their lives as a result of lack of hospitals and other infrastructre since independence - but you have to attribute this directly to the state of war the country has been in. To this you then need to add at least 50,000 that have disappeared. However, I would say that is conservative. In total at least 500,000.

As for the displaced, the entire north is occupied the consequence of this is 1 million people are displaced.

ALL Sri Lankans that have left Sri Lanka are displaced and they amount to at least 2 million.

Morq isn't the only Sinhalese person who thinks the way he does - you need to bear this in mind.

5/02/2006 4:52 PM

ashanthi said...

27 April 2006 email For the information of Foreign Governments, the International Community and the Media THE KILLING OF INNOCENTS IN SRI LANKA (April 2006) This is not an Appeal, nor a Plea – humanitarian or otherwise. It is to apprise foreign Governments, the international media, religious leaders, NGOs, leaders of civic society and people outside Sri Lanka, of what is going on in that country. It is NOT a request for help or intervention. I am merely presenting the facts to the outside world and my sympathy to a devastated people in Trincomalee. 1. On 25 April 2006 a female suicide bomber dressed as a pregnant woman was ‘visiting’ the Sri Lankan Army hospital in the Army Headquarters in Colombo. This is in one of the heavilyguarded and most secured “High Security Zones” in the island. She could not have got to where she was (outside the Army hospital) without “inside help” ie from a member(s) of the Armed Forces (almost 100% Sinhalese). 2. She waited for the Army Commander, Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka, and threw herself in front of his limousine, detonating the explosives strapped on her. Five of his body guards on heavily armed motorcycles were killed, as were three others. Fonseka was injured but survived. 3. I am not going to speculate on the identity of the female suicide bomber. The claim, as always, is that she was from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). If she was, to get to where she stood, she would have needed to have some very ‘close connections’ with the Security Forces, a possible but unlikely scenario. The alternative possibility is that she could equally well have been from a Sinhalese extremist group that has been urging the President Mahinda Rajapakse to take a hard (or harder) line, abandon the Ceasefire, return to ‘war’ and ‘smash’ the LTTE. 4. I will not elaborate on the highly questionable human rights record of Fonseka when he was the Commander of the Sri Lankan ‘Security Forces’ in Jaffna in the Tamil North a decade ago. Hundreds of Tamil civilians held in custody without charge or trial ‘disappeared’ – their tortured bodies later found in mass graves It was one of his own Army soldiers who, under oath, in the Supreme Court in Colombo, showed where the mass graves were located, adding that some were alive when buried. An exhumation with international observers, including Amnesty International, confirmed that the victims had been tortured and killed. I am not accusing Fonseka of killing anyone. However, the victims were in his custody and he is answerable. He could not have been unaware of what was going on. That said, I condemn all killings or attempted killings – deserved or not. 5. Within hours of the explosion in Colombo, the Sri Lankan Armed Forces launched air and artillery attacks in Trincomalee in the East – some 150km away. The speed at which this occurred leaves not the slightest doubt that it was pre-planned. 6. Seven Tamil villages near Trincomalee were indiscriminately bombed and shelled. Israeli-built Kfir war planes made 5 ‘visits’ dropping scores of bombs on civilian targets while the Sri Lankan Navy shelled the area from gun boats which fortuitously ‘happened to be’ off the coast. Between 6.30pm and 8pm on 25 April 2006, some 96 naval shells landed in just one area alone. Air strikes continued the next day.

Lig said...

Ashanthi, the suicide bomber was a fucking pregnant Tamil woman.


ashanthi said...

lig - don't swear, I didn't write the article.

s/nut I'm watching a doco about a woman called Rajani ... oh well, more tears tonite too then...

Anonymous said...

Hey nut,

Heard you can find my IP address. Could u just demonstrate that? I mean, could u tell me what IP was used to post this, please?

Keshi said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY for the 2nd of May Sittingnut!


sittingnut said...

keshi :
thanks :-)

sittingnut said...

your email is nonsense . all the concerns it raises, why a pregnant woman was in in army hq, how the air strikes were launched were detailed with witness accounts in media here and foreign . do read.

btw did you get this from morquendi? :-)

morq's figures are always wrong don't trust anything he says unless confirmed by other sources. anyway do confirm that for all allegations not just his, other wise you will get excited for no reason.

bbc reporting of air strikes and the figures for displaced were biased they almost admit it now.

and choosing the Norwegians to broker Peace when we used to be thier colony
huh? their colony? when?

Morq isn't the only Sinhalese person who thinks the way he does - you need to bear this in mind.
that is bc he is a bit you know what.

sittingnut said...

anon 5/03/2006 2:38 am.
why? what would that prove? why is it relevant here ?

that you are using some ipmasking service is evident.

make sure you do it through a legal means there are lot of legal anonymizer services like tor.

about abuses using Layered Technologies, Inc. ip space see
this article and this discussion .

saby said...

heyyyy u sitting nut
happy bday

tell me how does a sweet girl like Keshi find u attractive ?

your posts are as dry
as a woman way post menopause

saby said...

Ashanti is a regular here

i am one too henceforth

uttara said...


belated happy b'day to u :)

have a beautifulll day ... :D

burf said...

belated happy b'day, lotsa wishes

sittingnut said...

saby :
thanks :-)

they are dry on purpose or so i say. :-)

thank you very much !:-D
i hope you had a beautiful day too!

thanks a lot !

Keshi said...

lol Saby is here to annoy ya...goshhh he's everywhere!

thanks Saby, Uttsy and Burfy...u guys rock!


sittingnut said...

keshi :
they rock indeed . so do you :-)