Saturday, October 06, 2007

susanthika to get an olympic silver?

marion jones winner of sydney olympics 200m sprint has pleaded guilty (just a hour or two ago) to steroid use in 2000. she is likely to lose her gold medal for that event along with her other 2 gold medals and 2 bronze medals. our own susanthika jayasinghe won the bronze medal in 2000. so her medal is likely to get upgraded to silver.


as always past catches up with frauds and hypocrites.


Dilina A.K.A. Dili said...

And everyone was putting her on this super high pedestal making her look like the patron god of athletics or something.. >:|

Every worm has to come out into the sunlight someday..

Sam said...

Olympic told her to return her gold as soon as possible

illegalarchitect said...


Cheers to Susanthika!

Down with the Cheats!!

Ashanthi said...

i wasn't drugs are rampant everywhere. You haven't checked your facts either s/n - the person who came second has had drug issues too. In my opinion the sri lankan should get the gold.