Friday, January 26, 2007

question – are people in the east better off now than last year?

that is a question that all people who dare to speak or write on the sri lankan terrorist question (especially peaceniks) have to answer.
  • were they better off in a place ruled by the pussies who used them as human shields, used ngo donated food bags as bunker material while complaining there was a food shortage, located artillery in hospital grounds while falsely claiming it was bombed by the army, etc? or would they be better off under the democratically elected government that has been paying for the hospitals, schools, food, etc. all along ?
  • were they better off in a place where there was no freedom, no justice, death to voters, and all rights were suppressed? or would they better-off in a place where people are at liberty (not just to return to their homes but to live), can seek justice under democratically passed laws, can vote, and seek redress for any suppression of rights?
after answering that would anyone try to claim that peace is worth any cost? will peaceniks try to prevent further limited military operations using the same old arguments? is there a 'food shortage' in thoppigala now? is a hospital/school/... there going to be 'bombed' as well?


next posts hopefully ( I hope to be back)
more biased false reporting by bbc (especially on vaharai hospital)
why unp should change its stance on the national question if it wants to remain viable.
why I still believe that a certain person left some anon comments here.
what happened to me during last few months.


Sri Lankan said...

A good question to ask.

S/nut where were you?

Voice_in_Colombo said...

welcome back :-)

I don't think, any of the peaceniks will ever try to answer your questions. As usual, they'll just "by pass" the reality, and keep on chanting the same old mantra.

And, I don't agree what's going on now in the east is "limited military operations". MR seems to be far more advanced than JR, when it's come to being a cunning politician. He's cleverly sweeping the tigers out of their terrotery while being abide by the so called CFA. So no one can blame him!

padashow said...

Give it a rest sittingnut. It's not like life has been good for the people in Ampara etc (areas under govt control) for the last few decades. They have lived in poverty while the Western Province prospers.

Govt's track record is therefore pretty crap on the East coast and other areas. Okay, good that they are free of the Tigers, accepted. But I don't think things will get better for them much.

Peace at any cost? Yes please. It's easy for you to defend military operations, it's not your father/mother or son/daughter or brother/sister who is dying because of this situation (regardless of which side they are on).

Lives are precious, not just the meaningless numbers we read every day (18 dead, etc). Life should be protected at any cost (including soldiers and combatants etc).

That is most important to me. That's why I am a pacifist. No killings please, it sucks.

sittingnut said...

sri lankan:
i was busy will explain later .
why not start a blog ?

thanks :-)
you are right mr is doing pretty well.

padashow :
are you the real padashow?or just another impostor?

don't confuse economic development with freedom from terror. peace will not necessarily bring prosperity. that is another peacenik and other pro peace activist mistake.
when given the chance people have always chosen the government controlled areas. even abandoning their property.

Peace at any cost? Yes please
go tell that to this 12 year old. . if you want to pay that price and many others like that, go right ahead. but be honest about the price.
i and many others will rather prefer that we and others be free to live our lives as we wish, not as big pussy want. and yes that too may involve death of innocents by accident, but you cannot escape death either way as long as ltte exists.

It's easy for you to defend military operations, it's not your father/......
you do not know me enough to assume that (at your level of logic i also can say that it is not you who is forced to live under ltte)

anyway the fact is as long as ltte exists people will die, military operation or not . at least give them a chance to be free, as we are obligated to as fellow citizens. by your logic we will not arrest even murderers bc some innocent may get killed by accident. by the same pacifist logic hitler will still be around killing jews and other undesirable (according to him)races.

this is real world not some fantasy. here and now pacifists can only exist bc they are protected by people who kill terrorists, dictators and criminals. you may bury your head but that is the reality.