Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 sri lankan holiday calendar

below i give the sri lankan holidays for year 2009 according to the calendar published by department of government printing.

if you want the holidays in ical, csv, or html, formats you can download the files from this drop.

i blogged about what think about the number of sri lankan holidays sometime ago (basically imo holidays are good for economy as long as they encourage people to spend. so i want less poyaday holidays and more secular holidays and long weekends)

btw check out the 6 day long weekend in april 2009.

january 10 saturday – duruthu full moon poya day*†
january 14 wednesday – tamil thai pongal day*†‡
february 04 wednesday – national day*†‡
february 09 monday – navam full moon poya day*†
february 23 monday – maha sivarathri day*†
march 10 tuesday – medin full moon poya day*†
march 10 tuesday – milad-un-nabi (holy prophet’s birthday) *†‡
april 09 thursday – bak full moon poya day*†
april 10 friday – good friday*†
april 13 monday – day prior to sinhala and tamil new year day*†‡
april 14 tuesday – sinhala and tamil new year day*†‡
may 01 friday – may day*†‡
may 08 friday – wesak full moon poya day*†
may 09 saturday – day following wesak full moon poya day*†‡
june 07 sunday – poson full moon poya day*†
july 06 monday – esala full moon poya day*†
august 05 wednesday – nikini full moon poya day*†
september 04 friday – binara full moon poya day*†
september 21 monday – id-ul-fitr (ramazan festival day)*†
october 03 saturday – vap full moon poya day*†
october 17 saturday – deepavali festival day*†
november 02 monday – il full moon poya day*†
november 28 saturday – id-ul-alha (hadji festival day)*†
december 01 tuesday – unduvap full moon poya day*†
december 25 friday – christmas day*†‡
december 31 thursday – duruthu full moon poya day*†

* public holiday
† bank holiday
‡ mercantile holiday


Serendib_Isle said...

Thanks, very helpful since the Apple site does not have downloadable iCal Sri Lankan Holidays yet.
But, going by the symbols, shouldn’t every Poya day be a Mercantile Holiday too..?

sittingnut said...

serendib_isle :
you are welcome. i had a hard time finding a correct ical calender last year so decided i will do this this year.
"shouldn’t every Poya day be a Mercantile Holiday too..? "
yes. practically that is what happens
but official calender does not mark them as such. i am following that.

Anonymous said...

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BWRU Siriwardhane said...

Thank you very much,, this is very usefull to everyone..