Sunday, January 11, 2009

sunday post - amazing dance video

via chinese cctv and godtube (surprising combination there too).

if you fail to cry watching this, you are an inhuman moron, like and peaceniks.

btw last part of above sentence and what follows(while true) were especially added, in true sunday spirit, to stoke the rather deficient self worth of excrement throwing limp dic...sorry benevolent dictator. it aims to validate his superficial stylistic critique of my last post (he of course cannot attempt a substantive critique given the factual accuracy and honesty of my post).

my blog is open and uncensored esp to criticism and rely solely on written word to articulate my opinions, unlike benevolent dictator's, and almost all peacenik blogs, which in true dictatorial fashion, try to close off opposing opinions through not providing links to source, not publishing or censoring comments, and variety of dirty tactics.

that is why you find the link to his critique here, while you will not find a link to my post there even though it is the basis of that critique. (warning to those who click on his link: his post stinks due to all the excrement throwing he indulges in. so much so indi (and one or two of his cronies) went sniffing, as usual attracted to the smell . myself forced to defend, had to hold the nose while there).

10 comments: said...

woah good to have an independent country

Anonymous said...

Video not working.

sittingnut said...

it is working in my browser . can you see it in godtube site ?( link to url of this video is in the post)
if not let me know. you can also check their faq page ( see bottom of their website get faq) as to how where you can get latest adobe flash player

LazyOwl said...

It is working alright, here in Toronto.

Wow! A perfect example to the strength of human spirit.Thanks mate.

Speaking of morons, I have seen my fair share here. However, you find a higher percentage of them among Colombo elite.

Theena said...

You come across as a person who likes the sound of his own voice regardless of what actually comes out.

sittingnut said...

doesn't everyone like his own voice? :-) everyone healthy of course.
isn't that a sort of prerequisite for bloggers?
why be a hypocrite? :-)

you may not like what comes out of my mouth or hand and probably like to wallow with excrement throwers referred above . quite understandable given that you made mistakes about politics when you had the courage to link to your blog ( if you are that theena, i will link if you confirm you are).
anyway i on the other hand, certainly do not feel the self loathing, or guilt that you seem to feel.

sittingnut said...

mr excremnt thrower has lost it completely . and instead of a bout of diarrhea(see his last post linked above) now has a bout of dementia (new post).and want theena here to join him .
theena please do and be a great comfort to him. other indi cronies better join in before it becomes incurable..
otherwise i will never forgive myself, for any small part in bringing him to this condition. really! :-) that smirk on my face is misleading i tell you ! i am all pity.

SK said...

Have you notice the likes of always comments about the checkpoints but NEVER comment on the numerous times those very checkpoints prevented innocent civilians dying? Have you notice he always talks of Tamils being harassed by checkpoints but NEVER about the wonderful way our soldiers treat them when they arrive from Vanni seeking protection. Disillusioned arrogant fools!

Morq said...

Hey stingingnuts,

Think about it, when's the last time you got laid?

Your nuts must be the size of melons. Dude go out and get laid quick.

It's not healthy.

sittingnut said...

morq the typical peacenik ( and son and grandson of peaceniks )shows his colors and his primary concerns in life , yet again :-)