Wednesday, January 21, 2009

word cloud of obambi's inaugural speech

here is the word cloud of the obambi's flowery phrased, but bland in content, platitude ridden, but forcefully delivered (as usual), inaugural speech. created with the help of wordle.

you may also find the so called benevolent dictator ( you know the person who is prone to both diarrhea and dementia and is addicted to throwing excrement ) getting his sorry ass kicked yet again in comment section of my previous post( for previous examples of ass kicking and background on why he justly deserve them, you may follow the links to his own blog in this post)


SL1st said...

Most common word is NATION. Interesting.

Voice in Colombo said...

So Obama is a "Paranoid Nationalist" according to some Sri Lankan bloggerd, who seems to be facinated by Obama's victory? When Americans become nationalists, that's good. When Sri Lankans are nationalists; they are evil! How clever!!!