Friday, January 09, 2009

lasantha wickramatunga- a dirty politician pretending to be a journalist, murdered

lasantha wickramatunga was murdered yesterday.

did he deserve to die? of course not.

nor did countless innocents, military personnel, politicians, and others that were killed by ltte terrorist pussies deserve to die.

(btw it is too early to jump to conclusions as to who killed wickramatunga as some ppl are doing according to one absurd conspiracy theory or other)

but all the anti government/peacenik/terrorist parroting blogs (these blogs do not necessarily fall into all the categories mentioned, but some do and in most cases differences between them are academic) are in a hysterical mood as if a great man has died. (for instance just look at posts and comments at run by the same corrupt individual who also ran padahow.wordpress).
in contrast, these blogs hardly make a move in response to the latest terrorist atrocity . and if they do, express flippant (with such literary devices like puns, expletives, etc ) posts expressing merest token sympathy (for instance again look at posts and comments at ...).

anyway was wickramatunga a great man? hmmmmm ... i will just say that late minister lakshman kadirgamar was a great man.

hysterical ones may object "wickramatunga was a journalist! journalists are sacred and protectors of our freedoms!"
hmmmmm ...

but let us forget for a moment dubious validity of this statement about journalists (esp when applied to a certain type of journalist peculiar to sri lankan english language newspapers catering to colombo's cocooned pseudo elite; who are, for instance, deeply concerned about their right to travel on roads unhindered by road blocks)

was wickramatunga a journalist?
he did publish some newspapers, and edited them, and wrote in them.
but he was more than that. he was political player. he was close friend and collaborator of politicians (esp of ranil wickremasinghe though not exclusively. btw i cannot confirm the widespread rumor that he was once a lover of ranil). he engineered (or tried to engineer) political coups.

he did not hesitate to use blackmail to achieve his ends. does anyone forget the incident involving rauf hakeem and certain lady. while hakeem again became a political friend of wickramatunga, fate of lady concerned who has outlived her usefulness to both hakeem and wickramatunga was terrible). newspapers were just one of wickramatunga's instruments of political manipulation nothing more.

he was in other words, a politician, of the worst kind (only difference was that he did not ask for the vote directly)
( i repeat, all that does not mean he deserved to get killed, i am just stating the facts )

anyway this is how i am feeling at his death; a dirty politician was killed. nothing more.
maybe even less. some of the murdered politicians like jeyaraj fernandopulle after all did some good (while benefiting from corruption of course) while this person has nothing at all to show.

do you feel more ? too bad.

hysterical peaceniki readers who may want to comment on my attitude, may want to remember how they reacted to's post after jeyaraj' fernandopulle's murder or ravana's post after d.m. dassanayaka's murder to take two examples.


Anonymous said...

To each, his due.

Anonymous said...

i hope you feel at peace now... after all, slandering a dead person is surely the true mark of a 'patriot'.

Anonymous said...

what a libertarian. Trying hard to justify a murder while not saying exactly. Disgusting, a terrorist in the making.

sittingnut said...

to anons above:

you obviously not read he post
say which one is not a fact and which is slander ? qoute

and as i say, read the posts i mentioned and linked, are they not insulting to the dead person ? what did you do then ?

i do not much invoke patriotism. you have obviously been reading the wrong blog.

where have i said anything against libertarianism ? quote if you dare :-)

where in the above post have i ever justified murder? again quote?

btw where was your disgust and voice when innocents were killed by terrorists?

and where were you when peaceniks were justifying terrorism and etc were insulting the dead?

licking something?

why not link back to your blogs and comments, instead of being anons? afraid of what i will find there on days when a innocents were killed?

read and think before writing, if you are capable of that. if not, continue to be stupid.

SK said...

I totally agree with your views. Everybody who cries 'fowl' when something like this happens never utter a squeak when mass loads of innocent civilians are targeted. hypocrites. In the name of 'media freedom' these people think that a journalist will be above the law and can get away with anything.

sittingnut said...

some people may want to read this post by limp dic.. sorry benevolent dictator in response to this post . he of course deliberately avoided linking back to this post for the obvious reason that his excretions due to hurt feelings carefully ignores the substance of this post while concentrating on the style ( even there in a superficial exaggerated way ) .

i want my readers to judge for themselves, so my blog is open and transparent , and i allow all opinions. when i disagree i do so through written word not by closing links, or censorship ( like peacenisk and do) . judge for yourself whether benevolent dictator's blog is dictatorial ( like indi's) closing readers from sources of information and opposing points of view ?

SL1st said...

Great article. Lasatha was scum and his friends still are.
Just ignore the carping of his friends. They are out of touch and don't matter.

Sam said...

someone thought he is more than, nothing at all, worst kind, just another dirty politician. isn't it?
if he is just only all that, they wont go through all that trouble of killing him. do they?

the worst thing about killing a person is, you can not kill him again.

sittingnut said...

you mean there are no reasons to kill "only just a" dirty politician, (aka "worst kind of politician" ), even if there is "nothing more"? really? so you think there are no ppl who want to kill say others like him ? say indi's former idol meryn silva?
there will always be ppl who want to kill dirty politicians.
if the woman involved in blackmail incident wanted set fire to herself, wouldn't another person want to kill one of the perpetrators for other similar incidents?
aren't there other dirty politicians but enemies ?

none of that is of course a valid justification or excuse for crime. but few perverted idiots and weak willed ppl will resort to that .

Anonymous said...

Journalist! My foot!
He was no Journalist.
He was no Politician.
He was just a Gossipmonger.

Ranjith Malagala said...

Lasantha was a good man. Sunday leader was an excellent news paper, showing exemplary journalism.

But our Sinhala Buddhist idiots do not understand the queens language. So they hate what they don't understand. Poor sods. God have mercy on them.

These idiots deserve to be robbed from every angle as they get now. They deserve tyhe government they have.

Anyway they end up in hell.

sittingnut said...

black mailing is good? dirty political manipulation is good? or are you saying all those facts mere figments of imagination? which coocon did you crawl out of ?

sri lankans ( not just sinhala buddhist, which i for one am not one) are quite capable of of recognizing the dirty from pure . yes they do tolerate the dirty as in other countries bc that is part of politics. but that does not mean we should eulogize the dirty( for that go to blog he does that all the time for whatever corrupt politican he is in love with)

Anonymous said...

One of Ravi K.'s underlings arrested for the Sirasa attack.

sittingnut said...

to all:
i have some words about this post and limp dic's critique of it(referred above) in my next post . you may want to check that .

Anonymous said...

Not a comment on the content of this post, but a comment on the blog - I remember reading this years ago, maybe 2005/2006, and your voice was entirely different then. You were more moderate, you posted intelligently with reasoned wrote in greater this blog is something else entirely, as if someone else entirely is writing it. It's too bad. I hope you return to your earlier form eventually.

sittingnut said...

problem with your comment is its lack of specifics
for instance when you say "You were more moderate" that being a subjective judgment, depends on what you mean by moderate. isn't it?
in order to be useful you have to say what you think moderate postions are, and what my alleged extreme are.

similarly when you say "you posted intelligently with reasoned arguments" you do not point to any irrational argument by me to illustrate this. nor do i see anything of the sort here.
so your comment becomes a mere unsupported insult.

in contrast, being a rational creature, i always quote or point to what i find irrational and stupid before i call someone idiot or irrational.


sittingnut said...

mr excremnt thrower has lost it completely . and instead of a bout of diarrhea(see his last post linked above) now has a bout of dementia (new post).
and want some people who commented to join him .
hope they do and be a great comfort to him. and please, all indi cronies better join in before it becomes incurable..
otherwise i will never forgive myself, for any small part in bringing him to this condition. really! :-) that smirk on my face is misleading i tell you ! i am all pity.

Anonymous said...

it was people like you who called Mugabe a "patriot" when he killed or exiled the white farmers... and you will continue to cheer as Sri Lanka becomes the next Zimbabwe... I sincerely hope you starve to death in the near future...!

sittingnut said...

it would take more than your comments to make me "starve to death" or turn sri lanka to zimbabwe. :-)
your ignorance is apparent by your silly analogies .

as i said above, i don't use the word patriot explicitly or by implication in this blog( though i don't oppose the use of it by others) .so obviously you are replying to someone else in your own confused state of mind.

what i said about this dirty corrupt person is factually correct . if you think i am wrong you are welcome to explain that with facts. if you cannot, you are free to make a fool of yourself as you already did :-)

Morq said...

Hey faggot,

Still peeping in on your mom in the loo and jerking off?

Dude 10,000 people came for Lasantha's funeral. 3 people read your blog. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You're the pussy.

Get down on your knees and suck my dick bitch.

sittingnut said...

morq the typical peacenik ( and son and grandson of peaceniks )shows his colors and his primary concerns in life , yet again :-)

as for the crowd what do you expect when ranil's party turned it in to a political rally (as befitting a politician) ? in fact i expected more than the 7000 ( figure according to unp leaning media reports) that showed up. didn't more ppl turn up for dm dassanayake, let alone jeyaraj? what does any of that prove?

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced that Lasantha was murdered by peaceniks=LTTE.

sittingnut said...

could you expand on that?

as of now i personally am not making any judgment as to who killed this sleazebag. it should be investigated. but should it be given priority over other investigations about other killings? no. dirty politician like him should wait their turn .

Anonymous said...

Try to educate yourself about the meaning of the word "libertarian". You will find many of your posts are exactly opposite of the meaning.

sittingnut said...

quote one thing i said that is against libertarian principles.

before you try to educate me, may be you should read the blog first

IndianAmerican said...

I am not a SL-kan & I don't give a shit about your country, but I can say this. You form the majority of the Sinhalese with the Chavinistic attitude against your own Tamil citizens. And Lasantha formed the minority in SL whose hearts and mind actually worked.

Actually after LTTE killed Rajiv Gandhi, I was 100% against LTTE. But now, seeing the way your government functions with total disregard and disrespect to the Tamils in your country, maybe you need LTTE-2nd edition to stop your atrocities.

You are not at the end of the war. You are at the beginning of the next war if you don't stop your HR violations.

I'll be happy if you are shot as Mr.Lasantha was and then you know what it is to die. Only difference is he died for a cause and you died because you don't deserve to live.

sittingnut said...

by making silly and false accusations without a shred of evidence to back them, and equalizing ltte with tamils reveal that you are a racist and fool.

you also seems to think that alleged hr violations (even if real,) justify ltte murder of innocents . what kind of evil fool does that make you? ppl who think like that are the ones who fund our murderers from abroad .

thanks for commenting and unmasking your racism and irrational malevolence for sri lanka

sittingnut said...

as for lasantha wickramatunga as i said in post, point out anything i said about him that is false with evidence. he was a dirty politician.
can you dare to do it ?

IndianAmerican said...

You are a Srilankan, aren't you?
Do you think you can travel to Vanni? Do you think you can sit with Tamils and eat a meal there? No? Why? are they inferior to you?

You are just an arm chair critic sitting in some Sinhalese majority town. CAN YOU CATCH A BUS OR TRAIN OR EVEN DRIVE TO THOSE CAMPS just to see your fellow Tamil brethren? Just for 1 day?
What do you think you will do?

I am not justifying the murder regime of the fucking ltte. But hey, here's prophecy from me:
If more Indians like me see that your government is treating Tamils and Sinhalese differently, then history will repeat itself. WE (INDIA) WILL SUPPLY ARMS to tamils as we did in the mid-80s.

This prophecy will come true ONLY if your current discrimination doesn't end quickly. If you are paranoid abt the revival of any armed group, YOU HAVE TO FUCKING TREAT TAMILS & SINHALESE EQUALLY.
India is a giant. We could just fucking crush you in a matter of hours. Yes, that's the chavinist in me speaking and I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaay proud that I am born in a more inclusive and diverse country and a very powerful country. Just look at the map and compare your tiny ass !

Get it? now, seriously think abt going to Manik Farm. I mean just see their faces outside the fence. It will change your thinking and open your mind to the other world which you chavinists are always in denial.

sittingnut said...

your arguments are idiotic and ignorant. they are also racist and murderous.

"Do you think you can travel to Vanni? Do you think you can sit with Tamils and eat a meal there? No? Why? are they inferior to you?"

how do you know that i have not been to vanni? i have. read the blog, fool.
where have i said or even implied that tamil are inferior? i have not ever . read the blog, fool

i know all about menik farm, you don't . read the blog, fool
menik farm is nothing like what you seem to believe it to be . you read terrorist propaganda and make silly claims without facts to support them .
now if you dare come back with facts

"This prophecy will come true ONLY if your current discrimination doesn't end quickly. If you are paranoid abt the revival of any armed group, YOU HAVE TO FUCKING TREAT TAMILS & SINHALESE EQUALLY."

what is the discrimination you speak of ? you still cannot provide facts to support your claims. we do treat everyone equally . and this blog has criticized individual persons who does otherwise .

btw discrimination (even real discrimination, much less alleged discrimination as here) is no excuse for murder of innocents as you seem to think, (anymore than poverty is an excuse for stealing ) anyone doing that or supporting that is a terrorist murderer (thief ) . such criminals should be forced to face justice for their actions.

"I am not justifying the murder regime of the fucking ltte. "
when you say or imply that ltte is fighting on behalf of tamils, you do just that . that is racist .

"If more Indians like me see that your government is treating Tamils and Sinhalese differently, then history will repeat itself. WE (INDIA) WILL SUPPLY ARMS to tamils as we did in the mid-80s."
in other words you ( not india, YOU ) want to pay terrorists to kill innocents (including children ) bc you heard unsubstantiated terrorist propaganda! thanks for letting the world know your murderous intentions , murderer.

i don't think other indians are like you. they are not racist , they are not foolish, and they are not murderous. they won't support ltte or its like again.

you are in america, do you think your american neighbors and colleagues believe in supporting terrorists to kill innocents( whatever the justification) ? i don't think so. i think they will shun a terrorist supporter like you and fire you if you dare to spout these terrorist supporting thoughts aloud there . if not, why not reaveal where you live and work . inform the fbi too.


india is great country but not bc of foolish racist murderers like you. it will become even greater while ppl like you continue to be sidelined and it acts rationally and with justice .
on the other hand you and your ilk will try to besmirch your country in order to inflate your down trodden egos. i bet you are have a dead end job in america, and gets kicked around a lot for incompetence, ( given the level of iq you display here that is inevitable) . so your injured pride unable to boast about yourself, compensate by borrowing your country to boast here.

india can do without likes of you lowering its profile to your gutter level .

IndianAmerican said...

No point talking talking to one whose mind is shut. I don't want to call you any names. I cannot even reply to any fucking non-sense you made.

The president of the US calls for the release of J.S.Tissainayagam.

Why don't you do it?
If you sons of SL don't have nothing to hide, why not let the independent and foreign media have full access?

sittingnut said...

you call my mind shut? lol

here is what happened . everyone who can read the above exchange, can judge.

you made ignorant unsubstantiated claims about discrimination and menik farms etc. i asked you to provide facts backing your claims . you failed.
you made false assumptions about this blog and me. i asked you to read it before making foolish statments.
you equalized tamils with ltte, i called you a racist as everyone who does that is .
you expressed a willingness to kill innocents (including children ) by funding ltte terrorist murderers . i called you a murderer
you boasted about india, i said you, are as an idiotic, racist, murderer, is not a typical indian and that you drag that great country down to your gutter level by boasting about it.

as i said everyone can read what happened and judge whether that summary is false .

"The president of the US calls for the release of J.S.Tissainayagam."
so you think we should slavishly obey obama ( if he made the call ) and not a court of justice that had all the facts before it? well we are not slaves like you . we obey the law.
btw obama did not call "for the release of J.S.Tissainayagam." you are misrepresenting what he said in passing in generalized fashion along with other names about jailed journalists . and he made even that before tissainayagam was convicted (of terrorist propaganda, of collection of money and info for terrorists, with evidence in court where he was represented. court records, and obama's statments are there, so read. fool )

lets see whether this self styled indianamerican ( though all decent indians and americans will run from him and his evil spoutings ) run like the dog he obviously is . or whether he will return as prove yet again that he is a foolish, racist, murderous, slavish , liar .

lol @ the mutt calling himself "IndianAmerican"