Thursday, January 22, 2009

international "human rights" ngo peacenik clarence dias arrested for child porn

clarence dias, 65, president of the international center for law in development, whose offices are located at the un, was arrested with child porn at jfk airport in new york while on his way to thailand.

when it comes sri lanka this hypocrite was a typical thorough going peacenik. as such, i (who think that only immoral sleazebags and/or naive idiots can be peaceniks) for one, am not surprised that he was a criminal just like other prominent ngo peaceniks.

he played a part in defeating election of sri lanka to human rights council. among other things, this moron signed an appeal to un members that urged rejection of sri lanka's bid. following slanderous quote is from that appeal.

Don’t vote for Sri Lanka: A vote for Sri Lanka is a vote for disappearances, widespread torture, extra-judicial killings and impunity. It is a vote to undermine the Human Rights Council and therefore a vote against victims of human rights the world over. We who work directly with victims urge you in the strongest possible terms to take this opportunity to show your government’s support for present and potential victims of human rights, as well as support for the Human Rights Council. The rejection of Sri Lanka’s bid would strengthen the Council, shielding it from those that seek to misuse it at the cost of many lives. Local, regional and international NGOs are united in calling on you to resoundingly reject this year’s worst candidate.
Don’t vote for Sri Lanka
of course he and his fellow signatories had no evidence to support his slander against sri lankan government. may be he was too absorbed in researching child porn ( his excuse when arrested) when he visited sri lanka (which he has done) to find the evidence.


Anonymous said...

Prison populations are well known to treat child abusers with kindness. :)

Anonymous said...

wow, what a turn around. Few years ago I remember how you called every patriot a war monger and how you used to insult our national leaders and so on.

Trying to jump the sinking peace ship? Don't think we have forgotten what you used to be, you two tongued liar.

sittingnut said...

anon @1/22/2009 12:20 pm
what did i used to be?
why not be more specific? why don't you link and quote to back up your claims :-)

as for what you say ( without specifics)-
i still regularly call mahinda a buffalo bc he is one (whether it is an insult or a compliment or something in between you and other readers are free to decide )

"you called every patriot a war monger"
did i? :-) care to point the "patriots" you refer to.

anyway if you are so knowledgeable you would know that i did not and do not use patriotism as a justification for defeating terrorists and opposing peaceniks.

my arguments against peace with ltte is different and can be found throughout the blog. esp in the post i linked with word "peaceniks" in the main post which was written on june 01, 2006 (though it is not the first one where i made it ). way before any major military operations. that is hardly "Trying to jump the sinking peace ship?" is it? lol

as you can see, i am not afraid to refer to my old posts. may be you too should link before making claims :-)

Anonymous said...

you have no shame do you? calling the leader of the country a buffalo could be a compliment?

prior to military successes your favorite word was war-monger, now it has been replace by peacenik. Maybe you should delete your older posts, so that you wouldn't be seen as a Bandula type hypocrite.

sittingnut said...

mahinda is a buffalo . i will say it again. if it pleases or annoys you or both lol

you obviously did not read my earlier comment . and still does not quote or link to back your point .

while i have linked to old posts even in the post . ( may be you don't know how to click)

and i have no desire to delete them no matter how i look bc of them. bc i know i am sittingnut then and now. there was no change in my principles .nor will there be.

why don't you link and quote and prove your point? may be you don't have the brains for it? lol

it is always funny to to observe a fool making comments when he doesn't have a point to stand on