Monday, April 20, 2009

over 35k hostages of terrorist ltte escape + how to recognize pro terrorist propaganda in news about civilians and "safe zone"

post updated with video, see below.

it is clear from variety of sources that during past day 35000 or more civilians held as human shields by tamil tiger terrorist pussies in so called safe zone and elsewhere have escaped from them in spite of pussy attempts to deter them, (using shootings and suicide bombers, 3 such bombers have killed at least 17 innocents so far ) and natural obstacles like lagoon ( some ppl have waded through chest high in water). ppl have been escaping at the rate of about 500 on average daily, some days more, some days less, from january.

as i said before plight of tamil civilians have only reinforced the truth so obvious to everyone but the pro terrorist peaceniks; "ltte does not care for tamils and is only using them as human shields both literally and in propaganda. ...civilians will never be safe as long as they are under the ltte, ceasefire or no ceasefire, safe zone or no safe zone.anyone under ltte will be used either as a shield or a weapon."

i asked then whether peaceniks will acknowledge the truth now? and predicted that they will not, that they already know it and except for literal idiots among them, they are acting so by deliberate choice. as such they should suffer the same fate as nazi collaborators in europe bc the crimes are similar. (for specifics as to who i mean by peaceniks pl read the linked post or ps below )

during past few months these ngo peaceniks and their pro terrorist tamil diaspora backers have tried to influence foreign governments and un to force a ceasefire ( as if we did not have enough of murderous ceasefires ) on sri lankan government and let ltte mass murderers breathing space to crawl out of the hole. for this purpose they have used selective and biased reports about the so called safe zone, camps where escapees from terrorists temporarily settle, and demonstrations in foreign cities.

here are some points that distinguish ltte (and terrorist parroting peacenik ) propaganda about these things from factual reporting.

terrorist propaganda,
  • ignore the fact that government set up the safe zone in the first place.
  • are full of unsubstantiated reports that government is attacking civilians in safe zone.
  • ignores the ltte military build up in the safe zone in spite of clear proofs ( including visual ).
  • ignore the fact that governmet has been supplying food and medicines to safe zone ( and the fact that ltte commandeers most of these)
  • ignore the fact that ltte has held not only innocent civilians and used them for its military purposes, but that it has held un and ngo workers for the same purposes as well.
  • make unwarranted comparisons between nazi concentration camps and camps where civilians escapees are temporarily settled to which un, red cross and some other ngos have access.
  • repeat the unsubstantiated 100,000 as the number of civilians trapped in ltte control. it was "100,000" in january it is "100,000" now, in spite of 500 average daily escapees who populate the camps mentioned above.
  • imply that any military action to finish off ltte will be the death of the "100,000", in spite of the remarkable fact ( for which sri lankan military should receive more recognition) that civilian deaths in military actions from 2006 to now, has been minimal compared to other such wars .
  • use demonstrations in foreign cities to push the racist agenda that ltte = tamils and the laughable claim that ltte is fighting for tamil rights, when vast majority of tamils in sri lanka and lot of tamils in diaspora do not support terrorist tigers, and ltte has been the number one cause of tamil suffering.
  • ignore the fact that these foreign demonstrations are organized by terrorist fronts
  • do not mention that in past month terrorist front groups in norway attacked the sri lanka embassy there, violating a law that even ancient barbarians respected and that pro ltte norwegian government has yet to arrest the perpetrators in spite of video evidence. it is not by coincidence that lot of pro terrorist ngos like center for policy alternatives (cpa) , free media movement(fmm) , inform , and other ngos have norway or groups in norway as principal donors.
  • neglect to mention the fact that most of noise coming from foreign governments come from places (like india , britain, and norway ) where there is a tamil population (with attendant and intimidating pro terrorist criminal groups) and where elections are underway or soon expected. noise is mostly confined to parties or individuals politicians who will be affected by tamil voting. in other words these are despicable attempts at pandering to racism to score political points locally. thankfully most of the grown up responsible politicians in those countries ( perhaps well aware of their countries less than stellar historical record) are staying well away .

i can probably make some more points but will stop for now.

now if you see any "news" report that does any of the above please protest any way you can (write/email to editors and news organizations, comment on blogs, use social media like facebook and twitter etc) . feel free to use the points i make above .

every single contribution is important bc only relatively few sri lankans have the economic resources to engage in such protest against ltte propaganda through internet etc. it is also important bc most foreign news organizations do not have real news sources in sri lanka and rely on second hand sources that have been tainted by terrorists sympathizers like bbc sri lanka service or ngos like cpa ( which is still sometimes called "independent" in news items when it has repeatedly shown its pro terrorist bias, among other things when it publicly lobbied to stop the eu ban on ltte) .

do not be discouraged by attacks from pro terrorists or censorship. your point ( based on factual truth after all ) will get through eventually, if the news organization has any honest ppl. if news organization is corrupt and false to the core, it will fail or sink into obscurity in the long run.

here is a rupavahini video of civilians escaping from terrorists via youtube channel of lkwebnews. visit lkwebnews for more srilankan news videos .

by peaceniks i mean people who think peace is worth any cost (even cost of human rights, justice, democracy, and freedom ). that is people like paikiasothy saravanamuttu, jehan perera, jayadeva uyangoda, sunila abeysekera, sunanda deshapriya, nimalka fernando, rohan edirisinha, jeevan thiagarajaha, and their ilk (and their underlings like sanjana hattotuwa). and their fellow travelers in the sl blogosphere like hypocrite (son and tool of a corrupt political appointee) and his cronies.

btw sanjana hattotuwa's groundviews blog is an excellent example for the sort of terrorist propaganda pointed out above, you will see that posts there adhere to all or some of distinguishing features of ltte propaganda pointed out above .

some of the indi padashow's suckerboys ( led these days by a certain drummerboy, but others no doubt like to be first with puckered lips) object to my use of words like "pussy" (used by me exclusively for cowardly tiger terrorists, and has no reference to female vagina (really!) which suckerboys hate/envy), "corrupt political appointee" (fact. what else can you call corruption? it is corruption by indi.padashow's own standards, in fact with more evidence ), "peaceniks" ( what to call ppl who value peace above human rights, justice, democracy, and freedom as documented by their won actions and writings, esp with regard to sole representative status of ltte) , etc. btw "padashow" is the name of a blog indi and perhaps others, use to attack ppl while denying authorship.

bc facts and honesty wins out in this blog over cronyism, sorry, i cannot do without those words, boys. in fact i will write more about these suckerboy attacks on me with relevant links soon when i have the time.

meanwhile, i hear that indi padashow is campaigning for his latest squeeze shiral lakthilaka (indi's former idols include mervyn silva, mangala samaraweera etc. all his daddy's potential or former political benefactors),a peacenik underling, who wants to get elected to western provincial council and subsist on taxpayer money while doing nothing, now that ngo peacenik business is turning out to be a dead end.

i cannot confirm this, but indi reportedly tried to perform the same services for duminda silva, (ranil's favorite in last pc election but this time in upfa), before settling on lakthilaka; it seems duminda kicked him out saying he prefers teenage girls to nerdy men. lol. anyway problem with lakthilaka's campaign is that it is run from trinco hotels while electorate is in colombo.

talking about trinco hotels, isn't it ironic how peacniks and friends enjoy the fruits of military and political actions against terrorists (safe eastern province beaches ) while denouncing and misrepresenting them. more hypocrisy anyone?


Anonymous said...

This is good news!

Anonymous said...

Throw these guys out.. i'm tired of them ever since i saw them through the last 20 years whilst growing up my school and college days.. it's always been a gory one with ltte!! Been worse but nothing less!!
Let the innocent ppl be free and live their life!!

padashow said...

hey wanker. how many times have you jerked off to that video of soldiers stripping the dead tiger woman's clothes off?

sittingnut said...

above is a typical comment by wordpress suckerboy clique; irrational, inaccurate, personal attack without anything to back up.
only question is which one is this padashow ? indi ? drummerboy ? jones, ravanna? dictator? pick one! all have done this before, way before i said anything insulting here, (btw what i say is always fully substantiated) .

Go to Sri Lanka said...

Strange as it may be in the modern world, we at last have success story in the war against terror.
The sovereignty of Sri Lanka is complete and rebuilding can begin.
Sri Lanka are you ready?
Go to Sri Lanka, every one!

StandingMutt said...

The racist nut at it again. sucking mahinda's balls and anus deep inside.

sittingnut said...

only racists are ppl who equate tamils with murderous terrorist tigers and say we should have peace with tigers. peaceniks mentioned above all fall in to that category, so does indi .
in contrast nobody can quote one sentence from me that is racist...
that is why racist despicable supporters of indi come here and leave comments like the above .