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biggest problem facing sri lanka - sms spam

it seems that kottu cocoon has decided that biggest problem facing sri lanka is sms spam (mobile phone texting spam). not just any sms spam, but 1 sms new year wish by president mahinda rajapaksa.

this lack of proportion is understandable. after all in the fantasy world of the cloud entombed cocoon where these bloggers insist on living, even a sms (at best a bit of earthly reality at third hand) has more substance than everything else.

as usual they are incoherent in their objections. so here are some questions and answers to clarify things.

are unsolicited texting spam annoying?
certainly. though perhaps less so if they appear as a mere wish, and not a solicitation.

does the receiving party pay for the sms?
not in sri lanka.

is it new?
no. objecting bloggers would have some credibility if same bloggers (almost to a man pro terrorist appeasement/peacenik bloggers) were not silent about all the other spam we got during the years. esp political spam from certain politicians then in united national party and active in appeasement 'peace' talks.

is it illegal?
it is legal to send a sms new year wish.
and it is legal to send political msgs, both text and voice. they are part of political campaigns in other countries, esp in the west.

is this a violation of right to privacy?
depends on what you mean by privacy. probably not
your phone number was used. if you think that is a violation, yes

is there an unsubscribe option?
no. it would be useful to have an unsubscribe option or a more general blocking option. we can then block specific source of messages. it is up to phone companies to provide that.

how much did it cost?
if they were sent to everyone with mobile phone in sl, they must have cost between 10-20 million rupees (however it is clear that some have not received, with few annoyed at not receiving). compared to money spent on other media, that amount is small.

who paid for them?
phone companies ( if they were sent for free ) , or government, or campaign of mahinda rajapaksa.

is such payment legal?
probably. depends.

phone companies are probably doing nothing illegal if they were carrying new year wishes of president.
they also have a right to be partisan, if they want.

legality is most uncertain if government paid for it. while it is a mere new year wish, there is no doubt that, mahinda buffalo is blurring the line between his office and his candidacy to his advantage. if not in this instance, in others. however every sri lankan election was conducted in the same manner by those in power. is that good? no. but it would be impossible to prosecute anyone due to technicalities. nor is this problem (use of benefits of office to conduct partisan politics) confined to sri lanka.

a question about legality of payment would/should not arise if campaign paid for it.

is any of this a big national issue?

should it be?

will it change election results?
as i said before, mahinda rajapaksa is going to win by a big margin anyway. even if any sustained sms campaign (not just 1 new year wish) was launched i don't expect we will be able to notice anything.

some after publication changes to this post made before 5.40pm 1/2/2010.

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Anonymous said...

Ado Stinging Nut Ponaya Denaganin Ape General Is Winning Election. Capitalist Ponayas Like You Will Be Chased Out.

Liberal Lanka said...

//mahinda rajapaksa is going to win by a big margin anyway

Do you still trust your predictions?

You were banking on Ranil to win 2005. Did not happen.

You predicted Mahinda will make a complete mockery and his government would not last very much. Did not happen.

You said Fonseka would not enter politics, it is just a fantasy of UNP to scare Mahinda. He did.

You said Ranil will definitely run for presidency. That Fonseka is just used to split votes. He did not.

Good that you chose something very predictable this time around. But I don't think the win would be a landslide win. Let's see.

sittingnut said...

ref anon comment @1/02/2010 6:14 pm:

always funny when these sheltered idiots try to ape what they think are 'lower class'/'native' expressions, esp to insult.

they probably think this pretense gives them some kind of authenticity.

otoh probably my english has the same effect on those who use english as their first language but i don't pretend to be one of them.

so whoever is trying to insult me, stick to your english.

Nalaka said...

Dear Annon (1/02/2010 6:14),

Your language shows your pathetic state of mind. You are reflection of Sarth Fonseka's campaign theme. HATRED !!!!

sittingnut said...

ref liberal lanka comment:

liar liberal lanka is back to make a fool of himself

as always liberal lanka says things he alleges i have said, but fails to give actual quotes and source
bc he made them up or leaving material parts of what i said

most of my predictions come true .
even in rare occasions when they don't, you will always find that i have already given specific conditions and reasons that can result in failure at the time i made the predictions.


"You were banking on Ranil to win 2005. Did not happen."
yes but i said that will happen under certain conditions explicitly stated (such as certain percentage of voters in north and east voting )
see my pre 2005 election posts

"You predicted Mahinda will make a complete mockery and his government would not last very much. Did not happen."

i did not say that

soon after election i said ( with low expectations) what he should do if he is sensible to avoid lameness.
["...if he really does most of these things, he may even last more than one year with real power..."]
and what do you know! he did most of what i thought sensible in that post :-)
as i wrote in march 2006 after 100 days of him
[..."on balance buffalo has been sensible ... surprisingly enough. will he continue?"... ]
and he did continue with most of that

"You said Fonseka would not enter politics, it is just a fantasy of UNP to scare Mahinda. He did."

never said that . where ?
for what i wrote, see the post on november 8 2009.[linked in main post under words 'as i said before']
obviously liberal lank has a reading problem,

"You said Ranil will definitely run for presidency. That Fonseka is just used to split votes. He did not."

in fact i said the complete opposite, that ranil will NOT run for president in a comment in vic's blog, on his november 13 post
["i don't think ranil will contest . ranil knows he will lose, what is more he will probably lose the party too .
so how does he stay in control of party for 6 more years ? get fonseka to lose election..."]

said the same here before that on november 8 post referred before.

lol@ confused fool liberal lanka 's lies

how will liberal lanka explain these lies? will the fool try? lol

sittingnut said...

right you are !

Liberal Lanka said...


I don't think you get the irony of your prediction style.

1) Whether Ranil won or lost your prediction will be correct

2) Whether the Mahinda's government collapsed or not your prediction is correct

3) Whether Fonseka entered politics or not as the common candidate your prediction is correct

4) Whether Ranils ran or not for the presidency your prediction is correct.

Smart, aren't you? Sorry, I consider only the scenario you state as the most probable, otherwise at the way you predict you will be correct under all scenarios bc that is the only thing you care, been 'correct'.

This time around there are no many predictions under different scenarios isn't it?

BTW I think there is no need for name calling.

sittingnut said...

what do you know the foolish liar (justifiably so called, see below ) liberal lanka is back.

and still no quotes or sources to back his lies about what i allegedly said .

afterall, if i predicted any of that as he says, he would be able to point to or quote me . why can't he?

in contrast i quoted or pointed the posts where i said things that are in fact opposite or different from what he alleges i said

fact is he a complete liar in some cases, or has clearly misread others, ( due to his very apparent limited ability to comprehend written words).

in other words he is a foolish liar . as everyone can see, no name calling here, just stating facts

he refers to 'irony of your prediction style. ' as if i was hedging my bets saying two thing at once .

not so,

"1) Whether Ranil won or lost your prediction will be correct"

i said if more than certain percentage of voter in north and east vote, ranil will win in 2005.
no irony there. prediction is explicit and specific.

"2) Whether the Mahinda's government collapsed or not your prediction is correct"

never predicted his government will collapse .
see my quotes from 2005 & 2006 and posts referred in previous comment ["...if he really does most of these things, he may even last more than one year with real power..."]
no irony there.

"3) Whether Fonseka entered politics or not as the common candidate your prediction is correct"

never said he will not enter politics . quote me doing that .
how can there be irony or ambiguity if i said no such thing.

"4) Whether Ranils ran or not for the presidency your prediction is correct."

i explicitly said ranil will NOT run ( ["i don't think ranil will contest...." .] see the quotation and post referred in previous comment) . one hardly be more explicit and specific than that

"Smart, aren't you? "
really smart .
as these comments demonstrate probably double liberal lanka's iq. lol

i alway gets things right precisely bc i stick to facts and reason. likes of liberal lanka as result are is reduced to foolish lies to prove me wrong . lol

sittingnut said...

at this rate of lies, and alleged irony on my part , liberal lanka will soon say i predicted sarath fonseka's victory in 2009 november by saying mahinda will win.


after all liberal lanka is now saying i said ranil will enter election when i explicitly said he will not enter it.

fact that he foolishly sticks to this lie in spite of zero evidence to back his claims and very concrete evidence for what i actually said, says all we want to know about liberal lanka.

henceforth. liberal lanka will be asked explain and beg my forgiveness for this lie whenever he makes a comment here.

this particular lie ( among many he uttered ) will be used as an example to expose liberal lanka's worthless character for what it is

N B said...

"My predictions always come true"

Mmmm..... Are you an astrologer ? :-)

Why do you call him mahinda bufallo anyway? Why? Is it his shape or intellect?


sittingnut said...

n b:
no astrologer but they do come true.
as i said above "i always gets things right precisely bc i stick to facts and reason."

as for 'buffalo', if you have you seen them and know how they act, you will agree that it is a very good match, both favorably and unfavorably.

thekillromeoproject said...

Very good post, I agree with everything you've said, except of course the part about MR winning by a landslide. But I guess we're all entitled to our own point of view.

sittingnut said...


and agree about everyone being entitled to their pov.

it will remain a pov till results come on jan 27th

Anonymous said...

A must read:

Anonymous said...

SittingNut whats your take on SundayMudSlinger exposes their attempt to impose their will on the nation?

Bardo said...

I think MR should win. I don't know if he will, but he should. I know he's corrupt to some extent, but every politician in Sri Lanka is, and will be. MR has a concrete, sound strategy to develop the country. He has the balls to take a stand against powerful international enemies when required.

Sarath Fonseka is a good soldier. But he has no political or developmental strategy, only a rag-tag group of supporters whose only motivation of seeing MR fall. He's backed by TNA and NGOs. This is what he (supposedly) fought against and was bombed for. As far as I'm concerned, TNA's endorsement of SF leaves no doubt in my mind as to who I should vote for.

Anonymous said...

Ado Ponaya Shitting nuts your self written comments are very hilarious adoh. Get a life fool

sittingnut said...

anon @ 1/05/2010 3:03 am :

thanks for the link

anon @ 1/05/2010 7:14 am :

may write something one that later on

bardo :

mr will win by a big margin as i said in post .
in contrast to you i am not really a big fan of his or his 'strategy' to develop the country

you are right on fonseka and his supporters

anon @1/07/2010 8:15 pm

thanks for displaying how a silly frustrated loser behave.

btw whose suckerboy are you, indi.padshow's or sanjana hattotuwa's ? either way now run off and get your bone .

Anonymous said...

Look at this fucking liar Alston that piece of shit.

A technical analysis was conducted by that dude Siri Heriwthana which proved the video was filmed not with a mobile (as claimed by Channel 4 and JDS) but with a proper video camera and the sound was not in sync which means it was dubbed in, which explains away the flaws in the video.

And the video was shown in Sri Lanka.

But this liar pretends that the above did not happen (yet in his "rebuttal" he has got his "experts" to counter these aspects of the technical analysis used in the Government response while ignoring that significant and primary part of the Government response when trying to ridicule the Government response to further contribute to the impression the video is real).

As to who filmed the video, and how they got it, why fuck do they not ask JDS? Because then truth will come out.

And what took so fucking long?
This is all being timed with Gonseka and the election.
Furthermore it is part of their desperate bid to set up a base of operations to interfere in Sri Lanka and fully “internationalise” the country.

Its so obvious that the whole goal behind this bogus video is that.


You can read about it here:

UN deems video showing Sri Lankan executions authentic, calls for investigation 2010-01-08 05:32:20 Print

sittingnut said...

anon @ 1/08/2010 4:20 am:

of course there is an agenda. same agenda that wanted sri lanka to stop fighting our murderers.

fact that they cannot even say where the video originated should have stopped anyone from taking it seriously .

their preference for western experts over others is simple racism .

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately Maha Thugaro does not take this seriously enough.

The only one good thing Gonseka has done is give Thugaro a good slap in the face and made him realise he needs to work for the nation again (post war he turned into CBK).

Remember how he spat at the NFF and JHU right after the war thinking he did not need them anymore.

Regardless of what people say about them, they gave him the necessary "moral" backing and people support to counter the Western/Indian attempts to save their pet beast throughout the war period and as we can see right now. Only two groups which have the nation at heart (the most compared to others) in my opinion.

People here worked over time when crap against SL was being spread (of course the free media bigshots, BBC, CNN, Times completely ignored our rebuttals and counters and just published terrorist pro-beast propaganda word for word, so much so for "opposing views" and free media).

When the Channel 4 video hit the screens in August colleagues in London worked hard on countering that crap, but they received ZERO help from the Government or the SL HC there (I had long phone calls with them and they were so frustrated with the SLHC not giving a damn, even ignoring their calls).

The significance of this vile propaganda (3 years running) has not hit Thugaro's head, nor is he interested in assisting those who actually try something.

Furthermore the Government is not pro-active.

Propaganda and self-image is a major failing of this Government. Its why Gonseka/Mangala’s propaganda is working like a charm as the Government does not know how to counter it properly and continually rejects genuine assistance in this field from others.

Only thing that has been saving them is the hollow emptiness of Gonseka and his vengeance resulting in his filthy mouth and devil dealing (TNA/NGOs/Ranil) doing self-damage that has helped Thugaro.

sittingnut said...

i am not sure that mihinda turned in to cbk after war

i do agree that gov needs to be more pro active and aggressive when it comes to countering pro terrorist/anti sl racists of every kind in foreign countries.

however when it comes to voters here, foneska's propaganda is patently not working . results will show that very clearly

anyway why don't you start a blog and write about these things .
i would be happy to hear about what your london colleagues did and more details about how they were not supported by sl gov.

Anonymous said...

Slight correction@: they did not just publish LTTE propaganda themselves word for word, they spread their own bullshit in favour of the LTTE.

Anonymous said...

All I know is that Mahinda should win.
Thanks to him
a) there rae no bomb blasts every week in Colombo in the public transport system.
b)when my parents go to work I know that I don't have to think about IF they make it home.
c)we have no "if a bomb goes off" conversation any more in the house.

He did give th eleadership to defeat the sorst terrorist organization in the world without making a mess of the situation by inviting foreign troops etc.
He will get a second term and by a broad margin.
People in SL are used to corruption anyway. Say cannot be said about a lack of war.
So here is to MR.

Anonymous said...

MR= buffolo

yes. that is a correct ananlogy both favorably and unfavorably.
Very down to earth and hardworking and stubborn and completely lacks the shopistication and handle the complexities of western traps.

Of course compared to MR , SF can only be seen as Lord Sutch of the Monster Raving Looney Party. [There was more chance of Elvis Presley coming back from the dead and crash landing on Mars than Lord Sutch becoming the premier]