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wikileaks on sri lanka update - david miliband interfered in sri lanka to get uk tamil votes

of the leaked 251,287 american diplomatic "cables " only 553 have been published so far. of that only 4 were on sri lanka (even though there are reportedly 3,225 on sri lanka in total.) i have posted some thoughts on first 2 published earlier.

this will be on 3rd and i will cover the 4th in another post after this .

this leak made happy reading for me bc it confirms what i ( and others of like mind) have said all along; certain leftish british politicians (esp from labour party then in power) desired to stop and impede sri lanka's fight against terrorist murderers bc they wanted votes of tamil diaspora in uk and they thought pandering to vocal tamil tiger terrorist supporting racists is the way go. (here is just one instance among many where i said this was happening)

the leaked memo is dated 05/07/2009 [new link to same from new wikileak site](11 days before end of tamil tigers) and reports on a meeting american diplomats from us london embassy had with british foreign office sri lanka team leader tim waite and desk officer sharon diaz on same day.

i will quote to the most interesting part first
"8. (C/NF) Waite said that much of HMG and ministerial attention to Sri Lanka is due to the “very vocal” Tamil Diaspora in the UK, numbering over 300,000 and who have been protesting in front of Parliament since April 6. He said that with UK elections on the horizon and many Tamils living in Labour constituencies with slim majorities, the Government is paying particular attention to Sri Lanka, with Miliband recently remarking to Waite that he was spending 60 percent of his time at the moment on Sri Lanka"
i think i don't have to elaborate on this.

remember miliband was uk foregn minister and he was spending 60% of his time on sri lanka. and this was may 2009, and uk elections were held on may 06, 2010, one year later(though they were initially expected earlier).

btw (C/NF) means confidential /no foreigners a level of secrecy higher than (C)-confidential . significantly only this part (8) of the memo and and summary which contain part of this are marked (C/NF) . other sections are marked (C) or lower.


"the civilians caught in the conflict zone remain the UK’s primary concern in Sri Lanka, followed by humanitarian access and addressing IDP needs."
this is pure spin for wider consumption. note how baser motives were not referred to in this less secret section. and btw sri lanka hardly got any kind of aid from uk then or now. they pledge, never disburse.

"Waite described Miliband and French Foreign Secretary Kouchner’s April 29 visit as “good,”"
here they were not being honest, and amercans clearly knew that, hence the quotation marks on "good". they and others wanted sri lanka to declare a ceasefire and stop military operations. visit failed.

the 5 public demands made by these politicians from what remains of genocidal british empire indicate their still colonial racist mindset
  • "visas to be issued swiftly to international humanitarian staff" [sure we should stop everything and issue visas to westerners so they can come here and judge and control us as they want],
  • "travel permits" [ditto],
  • "full access to IDPs as soon as they have crossed the front line and the monitoring of all stages of screening" [oh boy they wanted to run their own civil service here to supervise us 'natives', including how we separate those who were killing us and our children from innocent tamils. i have been reluctant to believe that uk directly helped the terrorist murderers but this demand to control screening for terrorists may indicate that they wanted to guard some of their own employees ],
  • "commitment to have 80 percent of IDPs resettled by the year’s end" [we and they don't even know how many ppl were displaced at that point and the condition of their homes and infrastructure but our royal master miliband order us to promise him NOW! in fact we did settle 80-90% of those idps(300,000+) within 1 year with the help of real foreign friends with genuine goodwill for our and idp welfare].
  • "allow the distribution of sufficient food and medicine to meet the needs of civilians" [ yes these racist scumbags assume that we intentionally starve ppl. in fact for years on end sri lanka sent food and medicine to areas controlled by tigers, most of it was kept by the facist ltte. we paid the teachers and doctors too. and nobody died of starvation, no epidemics took place. we did that without orders from miliband or his majesty vulgar queen ]

"The UK also supports a special Human Rights Council session on Sri Lanka"
we know how that turned out, uk got soundly defeated and sri lanka was commended by human rights council for defeating terrorism and conducting a humanitarian operation to rescue civilians from ltte. fact.

"HMT has decided to support the USG position on delaying Sri Lanka’s proposed Stand-By Arrangement with the IMF"
so much for IMF's economic only conditions and no political interference in its decisions. we got the thing after dealy but no crisis resulted from delay due to prudent management.

anyway that is enough we now know what kind of monsters were dealing such obsessively with sri lanka and with what motives; petty uk politics and ingrained colonial racism.

racist idiot miliband and his party lost the election deservedly. though i suspect he and others in uk will continue to play with lives and blood of innocent sri lankans (to racist like him we are not human) for petty political gains. how many lives were lost while blood suckers like miliband and gordon brown his prime minister spend their time and resources elongating murderous tigers' bloody carnage. how many dead children are cursing miliband the racist now?

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