Monday, December 06, 2010

update: wikileaks on sri lanka -a lashkar-e-tayyiba facilitation team in sri lanka?

of the leaked 251,287 american diplomatic "cables " only 931 have been published so far. of that only 5 were on sri lanka (even though there are are reportedly 3,225 on sri lanka in total.) i have posted some thoughts earlier, on first 4 published.

this is on the 5th.

it is from 'diplomatic security daily' sent from american state department on june 19, 2009.

text relevant to sri lanka -
"¶19. (S//NF) DS/TIA/ITA notes earlier credible tearline suggests Khafa,s network is striving to stand up two teams in southern India that rely on the support of LT members based in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Nepal. Although specific details of planned LT attacks remain unknown, late-May intelligence indicates Khafa,s cells were engaged in surveillance activities of potential targets, likely in southern India. Early-May reporting further suggests Kerala or Tamil Nadu may be used as a base of operations following the establishment of a facilitation team in Sri Lanka, with the estimated time of completion for setting up the facilitation route and camps to be two to three months. (Appendix sources 8-18)

shafiq khafa is a member of "india-based"(?) lashkar-e-tayyiba terrorist group operating mainly from pakistan aiming, it claims, to 'liberate' kashmir and to establish an 'islamic' state in south asia.

rest of the content is self explanatory.

hopefully we will get more info on what happened to this 'operation', since it seems to have zero public results. or is it still dormant?

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Anonymous said...

Only a matter of time before we experience Islamic terrorism. Hope our intel services are tracking these fellows, and that the Americans are fully collaborating with them.

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