Sunday, January 30, 2011

plagiarizing losers still at it

the loser (and indi padashow's suckerboy) who was attacking me last year is still at it, even though i was rather unforgivably inactive here for last few months.

as usual, unable to originate anything or stick to truth (indi padashow used a fake story about flowers, his loverboy used fake photos, etc, etc. ) now they, believe it or not, have gone even lower; they are now actually plagiarizing my old comments after censoring the same comments then. lol.

screenshot of latest attack post syndicated in kottu (tellingly few paras/words/letters/etc were intentionally changed/deleted. and given that original comment had no title, pathetic losers were obviously at a loss. lol)

such hate on their part further vindicates my exposure of paid political propaganda, nepotism, and hypocrisy, on the part of corrupt political appointee's son indi samarajiva/

what next ? banning me from kottu for defending myself, sticking to truth, and laughing at them for their latest idiocy ? lol

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