Monday, May 10, 2010

after one month break ...

i took an 1 month long break from almost everything (including blogging).

after new year holidays went on a packaged business cum religious retreat abroad (yes i know!). after that had 2 weeks to myself in an out of the way corner of sri lanka i own.

i wanted to think over and review my life and activities without any interference. i came to certain decisions which i hope to carry out.

(btw while my review included my blogging, i found no reasons to change anything in that regard).

on the whole had a very satisfying month. (so much so even my waistline seems to have increased for the first time in my adult life. lol.)

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Anonymous said...

What a pity you're back, I sincerely hoped you had died and were no longer a burden to our mother Lanka!

sittingnut said...

such irrational hate gladden my heart; i am doing great by sticking to facts and reason.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear.. so this shitty nutty surnga ponaya finally got a life of his own eh? Wow we all missed you Mr.Village Idiot.. BTW welcome back :)

sittingnut said...

as i said such irrational hate towards me ( based on nothing that these haters can ever point or link to) only validates my task as a firmly grounded rational truth teller, in sl blogosphere where most ppl are cocooned idiots living in a fantasy world.

btw note this ! - a blogger post as an anon (with no link to his/her blog ) to call me 'mr. village idiot'. lol . the moron probably did not realize that he is giving lie to his own claim by being a anon; a real villager wont hide to call the village idiot a the village idiot . lol

lol thanks for the compliment.
keep them coming

Anonymous said...

You should check out my friend's blog and join it.

Anonymous said...

This blog reminds me of Sean Hannity in the United States.

A total son of a bitch who is supported by extremist uneducated fundamentalist pricks.

But I read it, just like I watch Sean Hannity, and find myself saying out loud: "What an A-hole!"

But I still read it. Bizzare

sittingnut said...

thanks again for expressing your irrational feelings. irrational since you fail to point out even one uninformed or fundamentalist thing i have said that would justify your feelings . typical bigoted prejudiced way of acting huh? lol

btw many studies ( including by pew research ) have found that hannity and fox audience is in fact much more educated and has higher income than america in general and in comparison to audience of liberal big mouths like maddow , and what is his name ... etc. . the size of fox audience is bigger too beating combined total of all the rest of cable news channels twice+ over.
given that ... thank you for the comparison however silly .

Antiterroristas said...

Almost an year ago, Selvarasa Pathmanathan, alias K.P, then the "provisional" head of the LTTE, announced the formation of what he described as a Provisional Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam. (

KP appointed the then legal advisor to the LTTE, Rudrakumar Viswanathan, to head a committee set up to work out the details of this so called transnational government.

Today, KP is enjoying caviar at the expense of the Sri Lankan government at Visumpaya, which earlier housed the current Minister of External Affairs, G.L.Peiris and before him, the former leader of the opposition and then speaker of the parliament, bon vivant Anura Bandaranaike.

In KP´s absence, Rudrakumaran just got himself elected as the CEO of the re-branded provisional government, now called a "Transnational Constituent Assembly of Tamil Eelam".

The whole sordid saga of this election process, where Rudrakumaran appointed his close friend and business partner, Ramsey Clark to oversee his own election, is reported in detail ( by D.B.S Jeyraj, whose insider information provides illuminating details of the power struggle between Rudrakumaran and other LTTE factions to take control of the pot of gold KP left behind.

What he leaves out are or course the sordid details like how Rudra appointed friends and family to all the country working groups, or how the so called Independent Election Commissioners were all former or current associated of Rudra and his cohorts. While groups opposing Rudra did manage to get at least a handful of their supporters elected, more than 85% of the members of this fake government (for a country that does not exist) are all Rudra faithfuls, simply stuffed in there to give Rudra a semblance of authority and respectability, so he can go with his hand-out to get the hand-outs from friendly governments, NGO´s and of course, the collection from the much pressed Tamil Diaspora.

Young Obi2canibe, a student of the East Anglia University, born in Jaffna and who is proud to identify himself as from Tamil Eelam, has been good enough to give us a detailed list of those who were seeking to be elected to this fake government and those who were finally elected here:

All of these are in one way or another connected to an ruthless terrorist organization banned in many countries around the world. Now that we have these names out in the open, we need to find more details of who these people are and then bring them to notice of the proper authorities.

Please help the people of Sri Lanka and its diaspora around the world to get rid of this scrooge once and all. Go to the wikipedia page, look at the names, if you have any information concerning any one of these, post them here or send us a private email at Lankans Against terro with the details. Please remember to give us any URL´s, and any published documentation which we can attribute so the information is credible and stands inspection.

Join us in publicizing this page, our twitter account ( our user page ( and our anti-terrorism group page ( We will soon start petitions to be sent to governments, letters to major western newspapers and will start a major advertising campaign here in Facebook.

We need every bit of help. Make it count!

Magerata said...

Welcome back. I may not like everything you say but you got your right to be you.
Thx for the China People's Daily link

Anonymous said...

You're an adult?

sittingnut said...

see above comment for good example of some ppl's attempt to cover their lack of any thing to attack me, by using empty insults delivered from round corners.

lol @ anon above.

දේශපාලුවා said...

UN එකේ බලු පැනල්
මේ පැනල් එක ලංකාවත් එක්ක වෛරයෙන් පලිගන්න , ලංකාව හපාකන්න උසිගන්නපු බලු පැනල් එකක්.

මුලින්ම මෙහෙම පැනල් පත් කරන්න එ.ජා. මහලේකම්ට එ.ජාතීන්ගේ ව්‍යවස්ථාවෙන් කිසිම බලයක් නැහැ. පැනල් පත් කරන්නන්ම, එ.ජා. ආරක්ෂක මන්ඩලයෙන් හරි, එ.ජා. මානව හිමිකම් මන්ඩලයෙන් හරි, වෙනත් මොන බලු මන්ඩලයකින් හරි මහලේකම්ගෙන ඉල්ලීමක් කරන්න ඕන. තමන්ට තනිතීරන ගන්න එ.ජා. මහලේකම් ලෝක ජනාධිපති නෙමෙයි.

මීට අමතරව, ගිය අවුරුද්දේ, එ.ජා. මානව හිමිකම් මන්ඩලයේ සාමාජික රටවල්, ලංකාව පිලිබදව කිසි විමර්ශනයක් අවශ්‍ය නැහැයි කියලා වැඩි චන්දයෙන් පනතකුත් සම්මත කරා.
මේ සේරම මැද මහලේකම් පැනල් පත්කරපු එකෙන් පේනවා, මේක ලංකාව වැරදිකරු කරන්න පූර්ව නිගමනයකින් පත්කරපු බලු පැනල් එකක් බව.

මහලේකම් එ.ජා ව්‍යවස්ථාව උල්ලගනය කරගෙන, එ.ජ. සංගම්යේ මන්ඩල වල නිර්දේශ නොතකා මේ පැනල් පත් කිරීමෙන පෙනවා මෙක කරන්න මහලේකම්ට වෙන සුපිරි බලවතෙක් ගෙන් ප්‍රබල බලකිරීමක් තිබුනු බව.

වෙනත් අදිසි හස්තයක බල පෑම් මත්, එ.ජා සගම්යේ නීති උල්ලගනය කරගෙන පත්කරන නීතිවිරෝධී, අවජාතක බලු පැනල් වලින් අපට අපක්ෂපාතී පරීක්ෂනයක් බලාපොරොත්තුවෙන්න බැහැ.

මීටත් අමතරව මේ බලු පැනල් එකේ ලොක්කා, මීට කලින් ලකාවට ඇවිත් ලකාවේ පරිපාලනයත් එක්ක ගැටුම ඇතිකරගත්ත කෙනෙක්. එ.ජා මහලෙකම්ට ලංකාවට හානියක් කරන්න, මඩ ගහන්න, මීට වඩා හොද ගොය්යෙක් හොයාගන්න බැහැ.

දැන් ලංකාව මේ බලු පැනල් එකට ප්‍රබලව විරුද්ධ වීම නිසා මුං බයවෙලා කියනවා ,හා හා අපි LTTE එකේ මානව හිමිකම් උල්ලගනය කිරීම ගැනත් හොයනවා කියලා.
මේක බලු පැනල් එකක් කියනන තවත් හොද සාක්ෂියක්, LTTE එකේ මානව හිමිකම් උල්ලගනය කිරීම් හොයන්න මුන්ට අවුරුදු 30 කට පස්සෙද ඇස් ඇරුනේ? හොදයි ඕකෙන් ඔප්පුවුනොත් LTTE මානව හිමිකම් උල්ලගනය කලා කියල (මටනම් සැකයි) නඩු දාන්නේ ප්‍රභාකරන්ගේ අම්මටද?

පසුගිය යුද්ද කාලේ එ.ජා සංගමයට අනුබද්ධිත UNICEF වගේ ආයතන වලින් එකට විවිධාකාරයෙන් උදව් කලා කියලා අපි දැක්කා. විමල් වීරවස මන්ත්‍රීතුමා මේවා ගැන පාර්ලිමෙන්තුවේ සතිපතාම පාහේ විශේෂ ප්‍රකාෂ වලින් හෙලි කලා.
මෙවා හෙලිවෙනකොට එකේ ලකා නියෝජිත ජෙනිෆර් ටේලර් (Jennifer Taylor) ලංකාව හැරලා පැනලා ගියා. එ.ජා මහලේකම් මෙවා ගැන හොයන්න පැනල් පත්කරාද?
යුද්ධකාලේ LTTE එකට උදව්කරපු, දැන් තමන්ගෙම ව්‍යවස්ථාව උල්ලගනය කරගෙන නීතිවිරොධීව වැඩකරන එ.ජ. මහලෙකම් බන්කී මූන ගැනවත් මිනිහගේ කිසිම බලු පැනල් එකක් ගැනවත් අපිට කිසි විශ්වාසයක් නැහැ, අපි ඔය බලු පැනල් වල තීරන තඹෙකට ගනන් ගන්නේවත් නැහැ.

SN what do you think about this UN panel?

දේශපාලුවා said...

SN Please join our forum to discuss the possiblity of impeaching Ban Ki-Moon.

Your input will be much appriciated.