Tuesday, August 03, 2010

evidence of racist pro terrorist bias in the associated press(ap) 'reporter' bharatha mallwarachchi's latest hack job

in sri lanka's there are certain paid western and/or pro tamil tiger terrorist tools. esp so in ngo and so called journalistic community writing in english. some of them are so deeply committed to their racist and slavish agenda, that they go so far are as to deliberately forget standard professional practices and ethics in order to parrot and exaggerate unsubstantiated terrorist propaganda, and try their best to slander sri lanka, sri lankans and its institutions (ranging from government to buddhism).

bharatha mallwarachchi currently working for associated press is one such. in this post i will examine his latest hack job for its racist pro terrorist bias.

following image is a screen-shot of the ap report authored by this tool (click to enlarge). it was published within last 24 hours.

first there is the title "sri lanka evicts some war refugees from villages".
really ?
note that title is not enclosed in quotation marks.

this 'eviction' turns out to be a mere allegation by tamil national alliance (tna aka itak), in particular tna mp suresh premachandran. so far reporter has not produced any other evidence to back this beyond tna statement. he has not verified this from independent sources.

maybe tna and mr premachandran are independent sources? only a totally sloppy reporter who has not done his homework, or a deliberately biased one, would think that. tna was tamil tiger terrorists' proxy political party when they were still undefeated. they obtained 90%+ of votes in areas under the murderous terrorists then, while other political parties were completely suppressed. party has not regretted this association and still indulges in most racist rhetoric possible. all of this and more about tna is easily verifiable.

but for bharatha mallwarachchi all that does not matter. to him, if tna said something, that is no longer a mere statement but a fact.

btw i am not saying he should not report on tna statement; he should do it like professionals do reporting it as a mere statement by tna (providing tna's background).

contrast his treatment of tna statement with his treatment of governments' (old) statements about refugees. "The government said ...", "government says... ", "Officials say ..."etc., ; in every (note every) sentence referring to them the fact that government's statements were not verified were emphasized. that is right, if reporter cannot verify them. but he fails to make similar qualifications to that degree with tna statements in the report and title.

now why doesn't mallwarachchi verify any of these statements before writing?

for instance camps housing 'refugees' are funded and run to a great degree by united nation's agencies. why was this reporter unable to find the truth(or not) of government statistics from those u.n. agencies? it should be easy for a real reporter looking for truth.

then why doesn't he? pro terrorist propagandists were implying from the 1st moment of their existence that the camps were there for a sinister purpose (concentration camps perhaps?). reporting the easily verifiable fact that u.n. is funding and helping to run the camps certainly destroys any such conspiracy theory. now guess the reasons of mallwarachchi's studied total silence on easily verifiable u.n. presence!

that is not all .

he does not seems to have asked for a government response to tna statement as any professional reporter would have done before writing.

instead he quotes "the party sought government clarification, but there has been no response". but that is again a mere tna statement about alleged government non response to tna statement. a real reporter would have tried to contact government directly and have reported the results directly instead of relying solely on tna's word .

he also resorts to distortion and unwarranted speculation. he selectively quotes from remarks 'government spokesman' (actually cabinet spokesman, and minister) keheliya rambukwella made before these allegations from tna, during a press conference last week, as if his statements about landmines were a reply to them when they may not be. is mallwarachchi preemptively speculating and creating government response before government has even said a word? that is not his job! but such a hack probably does not know the meaning of professional ethics.

there is still more,
it seems mallwarachchi's politically correct wording is not correct at all and totally one sided.
"The Tamil rebels fought for a separate state, claiming decades of discrimination by the Sinhalese majority."

they certainly claimed to be acting for tamils but were they? this is an important distinction.
tigers are not equal to tamils (only racists equalize them). making the tiger murderers representative of tamils as they claimed to be (and enforced by killing and terrorizing all other tamil leaders) is a mark of a racist pro terrorist.

mallwarachchi takes their claims as as pure truth.
unbiased person would have said "tamil tigers claimed to be ..."

and were they "fighting' (implying fighting against military only)? a real reporter would have referred to their actual methods (deliberate targeting of civilians even children and places of religious worship etc, use of suicide bombers etc ) and consequences (their inclusion in lists of terrorist organizations including those in usa, eu, etc) even if he does not prefer to not use the word 'terrorist' directly to them. all these are well documented.

unbiased person would have said "tamil tigers (listed as a terrorist organization by several countries due to their actions) claimed to be fighting for a separate state on behalf of tamils, alleging decades of discrimination ....etc ".

but for mallwarachchi they are 'tamil rebels' merely 'fighting'.

"rights groups have accused the government and rebel forces of deliberately targeting civilians."
again his desire to follow the pro terrorist propagandist agenda of creating moral equality between government and ltte is clear. yes rights groups have accused the government of targeting civilians, but so far without any proof whatsoever. in contrast what mallwarachchi calls 'rebel forces' have admitted, documented, and convicted, of hundreds of deliberate bombings of civilian buses, trains, airports, banks , places of religious worship etc etc killing thousands. now can he explain why he stops at mere 'accusation' when verifiable facts are available to all?

are his colleagues at ap going to say al-qaeda is merely accused of 9/11? really?

"according to U.N documents, more than 7,000 civilians died in the last five months of the conflict "
as pointed out above mallwarachchi seems to be totally unaware of u.n. agencies working in refugees camps but has no problem finding non existent positive statements from u.n. that 7000 civilians died. in fact there are no such documents with such concrete statements from u.n., only allegations (clearly so indicated) at third hand. a professional (if he/she wants this at all in his report ) would have said." according to u.n. documents, more than 7,000 civilians may have died in the last five months of the conflict though the figure was never verified by u.n. "

does anybody still think bharatha mallwarachchi is a professional reporter? isn't he rather a willing tool of racist pro terrorists? if you think he is not such a tool let me know why below.

it is a pity and a shame that once respected news organizations like the associated press are employing ppl such as this racist with his pro terrorist agenda .

will they employ a committed 9/11 "truther" conspiracy theorist as a reporter? they won't. but we in sri lanka are poor and powerless in world, so maybe ap thinks we would suffer the slanders of this hack without protest.

we wont stay silent. this protest and exposure may not have any effect just now, but as i have said before these things count in the long run. truth and sunlight always triumphs. we should continue to document these despicable biased reporters and expose them to the world and future in detail. we should choose aggressive confrontation over silent suffering in the face of dirt bags like bharatha mallwarachchi.

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Anonymous said...

Just because the statement / allegation has been made by a TNA parliamentarian doesn't make it a falsehood.

Jumping to such conclusions paints you with the same racist paintbrush you've been daubing the journalist with.

Have you verified for yourself the truth or falsity of the statement before writing this post?

sittingnut said...

let me get this, making positive accusations against of sri lanka without any proof but mere statements by what were and are racist pro terrorists ( anyone dispute this ?) is good journalism?
no it isn't to anyone with a brain and can think rationally..

we as sri lankans have a right to protest and point out that slander and other racist bias contained in such reports.

as i said specifically in the post i have no objection to his reporting tna making that allegation and pointing out out it is so far only an allegation and giving background of tna. but to post it as a concrete fact and surround the it with other signs of bias as pointed out is not professional journalism .

can anon please point out where i was racist here or anywhere else?
do quote me. :-)

sorry pointing out and detailing slander and bias of so called journalists does not make me racist .

in contrast to anon's empty accusation, when i say anyone is racist, i point out and quote them as above giving evidence of their being racist. (is anon saying equalizing tamils with terrorists and treating them as tamil representatives (among other things) is not racist on the part of the 'reporter'? )

Anonymous said...

its all about the Benjamin's baby..!

Anonymous said...

It could also be possible bharatha mallwarachchi is following the editorial policies of AP. Either case it does not acquit him as a piece of trash.

Anonymous said...

I see you're trolling electra again. Sad cunt.

Anonymous said...

See the difference between these two reports from the BBC on two the same topic.




BBC Sinhala always far more racist pile of trash. What is really up with that?

Do they think that because the label is "Sinhala" they can unleash their racist editorial policies more openly (aided and abetted by Nurse Priyantha and other leftists type mutts).

TropicalStorm said...

AP has consistently maintained an anti-Sri Lanka stance throughout the years. They had slogan phrases over the same period, most of which were designed to create a perspective of a racist, genocidal progrom at work targeting minorities in Sri Lanka.
Previous reporters for AP in Sri Lanka (some times) confidentially complained that their reports are completely edited to suit this propogandic slant by AP. The present guy may not carry any attractive 'employability' elsewhere and stuck with AP just to eke out a living. But then, I may be completely wrong and the guy is a mutt with no sense of direction.
Nevertheless, it is imperetive to note that AP does carry an active agenda of vilifying Sri Lanka, while dealing with the errent reporter.
BTW, most other respectable and credible media do not consider AP to be a straight organization.