Wednesday, September 29, 2010

will be back soon :-)

almost 2 months without blogging here. :-(

will be posting soon..

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magerata said...

Yep, what is going on! come back already!

Anonymous said...

wooo hooo!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Racists at the Independent keep censoring anti-LTTE comments which expose their lies (as well as lie of Western media) but allow Tamil racists to post their filth.

Anonymous said...

Your comment has gone again/

Anonymous said...

At the Independent i can only psot 3-4 times on one topic (no matter the length of the reply). However a terrorist supporting Tamil racist who spills hatred and lies against Sinhalese and Buddhism is allowed to spam the site with multiple retarded hate filled posts. Most interestingly he uses a Sinhala name.

I have seen this clown at The Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, DailyMail and The Economist spewing out his hate.

What i found intriguing espically with the Times was how racists like him and other's vile hate filled racist anti-Sinhala defamatory comments were publish endlessly in article after article however comments by me (which we kind, polite, but made the "crime" of defending Sri Lanka and pointing out the BS in their articles) were never published, no matter how soft i tried to be. So much so for "free media" and "freedom" from the freedom champions huh?

දේශපාලුවා said...

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