Sunday, June 02, 2013

life vs blog

i have posted very little here recently, even though i desired to reengage with blogging and my mind is full of blog posts and ideas. but life is great and full that one unconsciously delays.

in addition, the fact that sri lanka is at peace and prospering, while terrorists, racists, and western paid ngo slave scum, are either dead or failing, reduce the need for political posts in both reader and writer.

but i will try.

thanks to all who inquired.

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Anonymous said...

The leftists who are clueless and generally uneducated who have been taking our economy down at every possible turn think we are on the path to the Miracle.

The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation which reported a Rs. 9.8 billion profit in 2005 sustained a Rs. 89.6 billion loss in 2012.

The CEB, reported a loss of Rs. 6.8 billion in 2005 which grew to Rs. 61.1 billion in 2012.

The National Carrier, which made a Rs. 834 million profit in 2005, incurred a Rs. 25.9 billion loss in 2012.

Budget carrier Mihin Lanka, which did not exist in 2005, saw losses increase from Rs. 1.9 billion in 2011 to Rs. 2.8 billion in 2012.

The Sri Lanka Transport Board which reported a Rs. 1.1 billion loss in 2005 saw losses increase to Rs. 4.6 billion in 2012.

The Agriculture and Agrarian Insurance Board saw losses increase from Rs. 98 million in 2005 to Rs. 4.8 billion in 2012.

The Janatha Estates Development Board made a loss of Rs. 135 million in 2005 which grew to Rs. 252 million in 2012.

sittingnut said...

notice there is (as usual) no source for numbers in the idiot comment above.

only certain fact is subsidy giving state enterprises where loss making in 2005 as now. in fact current government is actually cutting subsidies(in the face of opposition from fake free market supporters in unp).

if the anon is really in to realistic market based reforms (instead of being irrationally hostile to current pragmatic government) he should point to electable & courageous politicians who are currently advocating selling off these enterprises and removing subsidies, so that we can all support them.

anon knows he can't, because there are none.

in the absence of such we have to support the best we got , current pragmatic government and its slow removal of subsidies and budget deficit , ( btw quite apart from subsidy/state enterprise problem ,current government has overseen impressive economic growth in the country as a whole since 2005, much higher on average than previous periods )