Monday, February 04, 2013

proud to be a citizen of free prospering peaceful Sri Lanka

while being proud, we should remember and cherish those who sacrificed and contributed to make sri lanka free, peaceful, and prospering.

we should also keep our eyes open for those who tried to keep sri lanka enslaved, violent, and stagnant, for 30 years; local and foreign racists, and especially ngo slave scum funded by hypocritical west

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Anonymous said...

"those who tried to keep sri lanka enslaved, violent, and stagnant"

Yep, those are the buggers in charge.

sittingnut said...

lol @ anon slave above unwilling to face reality and remove fetters from his own mind.

such comments as above is proof that ngo scum (who tried their best, with western help, to prevent the defeat of tiger killers of our children) exist and are still trying.

LANKA1ST said...

Buggers in charge have a proven record serving Sri Lanka. That is why we elect them again and again.
What do you have?

sittingnut said...

thanks. excellent reply.

Anonymous said...

Serving SL? Serving themselves more likely.

Wait and see my friend. You will all see the light.

sittingnut said...

i don't know what lanka1st will say, but we had others in charge of sri lanka for 25 years and we stagnated, got killed every other day.

those in power now, stopped that in less than 5 years and we are at peace and prospering.

that is serving sl.
do you deny facts?

i generally predict things right in this blog(read old posts) and lasted out others who made opposite claims from mine.
so unless you have a similar track record don't try to teach me what it 'light' and right for sri lanka.

lok @ idiot anon@2/05/2013 4:55 pm

Anonymous said...

Yes, I will listen to the ostrich.

sittingnut said...

lol@ slave anon's absurd name calling

real ostrich are ngo scum like anon, who deny even the obvious facts; such as the great service those currently in power did for sri lanka, by providing leadership to defeat tigers who were killing our children every other day for 25 years .

as long as such slaves deny facts they will always turn out wrong and fail, while we, who do not ignore facts, turn out correct again and again (this blog's history is proof enough of that)

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