Friday, July 27, 2012

shame! bloody elizabeth and genocidal britain to defecate on olympics today

shame! shame! shame! on the world! on us!

vulgar scumbag elizabeth II, willing symbol and head of still bloody united kingdom (= remnant of genocidal british empire) and her subject slaves, will stink up the olymics today.

british (every last one of them), are parasitic hypocrites who lecture the rest of the world on human rights, while living off the resources murderously looted from others, then and now.

it is a shame that such a barbarous country is allowed to hold olympics. blood of children and innocents killed/being killed by the british (which will be more than enough to completely fill up olympic stadium several times over) is crying for justice in vain. 
note how western funded racist ngo tools like amnesty international and human right watch are silent on this compared to their very loud protests in 2008.

let us make sure that this is the last time when this most despicable of western countries, is allowed to hold olympics. 

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Don't even talk about western slaves. British, Portugese and Dutch to a lesser extent killed/raped our people for so many centuries but when I walk the streets of Colombo who do I find? Sri Lankans with ugly portugese Surnames and superstitious morons who still faithfully cling to the religion given to their corrupt kin by their western masters. Yes slaves within us helped westerners rob our country and the western masters gave their surnames and their religion to the slaves.

You first come clean 'estrangeiro' without trying to teach us History.

Anonymous said...

LOl...! Like this petty rant of your's is going to make a difference to the Olympic committee's decision on where to host the Olympics! About as effect as a fart in a hurricane! HA HA HA...!