Friday, August 14, 2015

backdoor ranil's puppet dictator sirisena tries to steal election

with the 'sacking' of general secretaries of slfp and upfa and prevention of their capacity to discharge their duties just 2 days before election(which upfa under mahinda was on course to win), we see the full anti democratic nature of so called "yaha palanaya" government.  this action basically prevents posting of polling agents from slfp and upfa during election day, and allows unp complete freedom to steal the election.

pederast ranil and his puppet were forced in to this unambiguously dictatorial action because they already knew that upfa was on course to get over 120 seats. if upfa fails to get that or gets lees than 113 it is mainly due to this tyrannical action.  

if, in spite of this, upfa gets more than 80 seats without its national list qouta(who will now be appointed by dictators nominees), that should be clear indication that they would have got over 120 without this attack on free and fair election.

after the election,  any attempt by ranil and his puppet to suppress the will of the people, and remain in power against their will should be resisted with all means available. dictators and their supporters should feel (both morally and physically) just consequences of this violent trampling on people. 

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